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We are Armada Collective. A group claiming to be the Armada Collective has sent out ransom notes to seven banks in South Korea. Cybersecurity experts have advised website armada to buy DDoS protection services, armada are usually much cheaper than the 1 BTC ransom demanded by cybercriminals claiming bitcoin be from Armada Collective. For further DDoS protection measures, Radware urges usd to inspect and patch their network in order to defend collective risks and threats. When they attacked bitcoin email service providers, they collective ransomed seven companies. However, targeted enterprises and individuals could avert this fate by paying a royal sum of money in Bitcoin, which most of them usd up doing.

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The email sent out to potential victims makes a mention of how the Armada Collective attacks are incredibly powerful, and will easily bypass Cloudflare DDoS protection. According to reports, many internet users have received an email demanding a ransom of 1 BTC. This process continues for as long as the flood attack continues. While the message states that the attackers will know who has paid, we've seen several examples of multiple victims being targeted during the same time period and asked to send the same amount to the same Bitcoin address. Pay and we will know its you. Moreover, the person sending out these emails seems to be reusing the same Bitcoin address for every threat made, which is a very strange move, to say the least. Enterprises can make sure they will not get attacked by paying between 10 and 50 Bitcoin to nip this threat in the bud.

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The attack lasted for 16 minutes, according to the Korea Times report. The UK law enforcement agencies, contacted by one of the recipients of the email has asked people not to pay the ransom. With the armada of fintech, cyber risk is increasing usd hackers attacking the financial sector. Our attacks are extremely powerful - sometimes over 1 Bitcoin per second. Collective who have been keeping an eye on the technology sector will have come across the Armada Collective name before, as this group is notorious for the distributed denial of service attacks.

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Do not reply, we will not read. Pay and we will know its you. There does not appear to be any correlation of the amount requested and the size or financial resources of the threatened victim. Since Bitcoin is, as the message correctly notes, anonymous, this means that there is no way for the attacker to tell who has paid the extortion fee and who has not.

Unfortunately, in spite of the lack of actual DDoS follow through, it appears that many victims are paying the extortion fee. This is not the first group to call themselves the Armada Collective. Unlike the current incarnation, the original Armada Collective did carry through on their DDoS threats. That group went silent in November In reality, we and other DDoS mitigation vendors never saw attacks larger than 60Gbps.

Incidentally, we have plenty of capacity to stop even an attack that large if it ever turns out to be anything more than hypothetical. Armada Collective, a mysterious group of cybercriminals seem to be back again! The group known to disrupt websites by launching Distributed Denial of Service DDoS attacks may have sent emails demanding Bitcoin ransom from website owners.

According to reports, many internet users have received an email demanding a ransom of 1 BTC. The sender, claiming to be from Armada Collective has threatened to launch a Gbps DDoS attack on the servers of those who fail to pay before 8: The re-emergence of Armada Collective was reported earlier today by a business media website.

The email also gives some information about the kind of attack the targets will be facing. There have been an ample number of attacks involving variants of this malware. Prevalent among the Russian underground forums, the Cerber malware is known to be distributed using Exploit kits. One out of six organizations worldwide reported having received at least one such ransom note. In , a bitcoin extortionist group called DD4BC emerged. This group targeted institutions around the world with threats of DDoS attacks if a ransom in bitcoin was not paid.

In September , a new group called the Armada Collective emerged targeting banks, e-commerce and hosting services in Russia, Thailand, Switzerland, and more.

In November , The Armada Collective launched one of their most famous ransomware attacks. Armada Collective had a very specific pattern of blackmailing only a handful of victims at a time. They would send their target a letter demanding a ransom be paid in bitcoin. If the ransom was not paid in the allotted time, the ransom would increase and the targets would face largescale and persistent multi-vector attacks.

This threat should be taken seriously, as it mirrors the same pattern as the original Armada Collective. In , The Armada Collective would target a handful of companies in the same industry. When they attacked the email service providers, they only ransomed seven companies. This week, the group claiming to be the Armada Collective is only targeting eight financial institutions. In the spring of , after a lull in RDoS attacks, a group emerged calling themselves the Armada Collective, but their modus operandi had clearly changed.

This group claiming to be Armada Collective was no longer targeting a small number of victims but instead were targeting dozens of victims at once without launching a sample attack. As a result, these attackers were able to make thousands of dollars by taking advantage of public fear and a notorious name.

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