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Wemineltc serves two main purposes:. What you pool to do is you want to maybe create a new one for your mining pool. By default wemineltc has number — the wemineltc of pool attached by default is the number of processors you have but you can modify that as well by, you know, putting T like if I want like one thread then Wemineltc just dash T space one and so on. Want exclusive preview access? Now you have a Litecoin wallet, and you can receive pool If you exchange your currency into cryptocurrency then it becomes extremely easy to pool diversify and trade other forms of cryptocurrency. And you basically extract.

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Really sorry about that. And yeah, basically how you do that is down here you just type like GPU 2 and add password, whatever. There is already a tool for flashing modified video BIOS files available, so now the only thing we need figured out is how to modify the TDP limits in BIOS and other settings such as frequencies and voltages in order to be able to squeeze some additional extra performance over the stock clock capabilities of the Founders Edition cards and even more from the non-reference designs that are already starting to become available on the market. This differs from gold, silver and other commodities, which often see mining companies mine at faster rates if price increases. What you want to do is you want to maybe create a new one for your mining pool. You can use one of the many litecoin mining calculators to determine the potential profitability of hardware. Have a look at the official forum thread on Bitcointalk.

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The hash rate is a little higher now. We are reworking the guide for LiteCoinPool. Now if you have the suffixes here so that you wemineltc see them, you can edit that and just rename pool BAT. Finding the easiest way to buy Litecoin, minding the nature of cryptocurrencies and methods of converting them. Here are the two links for AMD wemineltc. Get a Litecoin wallet. Configure pool notifications new.

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Wemineltc pool

So it goes fairly quickly. The first thing that we want to do is click on receive. So click on new address. Now this is the easiest software to use. Anyone can use it. So we can download GUIMiner-scrypt from guiminer. This is the original website to download the program. You might need to go into your settings and configure them to allow you to download this program. Have a look at the official forum thread on Bitcointalk.

If we click on that link there, that will bring us to the official thread and we can download the program from here. So that will work as well to download GUIMiner-scrypt. Go ahead and download that program. And it should pop up after launching the program. Here is the program, but I have no idea what to put in any of these text boxes. So the first thing that we need to do is we need to find a host. But if we check out this website here, Litecoinpool.

Also, I want to point out this other resource that I found: And we can compare all of the pools. And this would just kind of give us a little bit more information, especially on the fees for that pool and we can just kind of do our homework on the pool.

So I definitely recommend checking out the pool that you plan out joining before you join it. So put in my four-digit pin that I created when I created my account. And that will change our payment address. And so that means every time we mine one Litecoin, it will automatically send that Litecoin to this address, which is the address in my wallet.

Now we need to create a worker, and so we can add a new worker down here at the bottom and we can really put in anything we want here. This is just a name for our worker. Right on the main page, we can see the servers here. But you can see there are a number of servers in the United States, in Asia. And the very first thing that we need is they host. And if we hover over this text box, we see a little hint there.

It says host addresses or host address without the http prefix. It should look very similar. But the port is three, three, three, four. So make sure that the port here three, three, three, four. Now the user name is going to be our worker that we just created. My password was very simple, just one, two, three.

Now my device is going to be my graphics card, which is this one here. You can see my processor, my CPU is available.

And I could select that. Here are the two links for AMD drivers. Just go to these links and download the latest drivers for your graphics card and install them. GPU Thread, the default value was one. Work size, default is two fifty-six.

Now the intensity, this is really where — this is — this number here is going to make the biggest difference in your kilohertz per second or your megahertz per second speeds. So intensity, twenty is really high; ten is really low. I think fifteen is good. We want to make sure stratum is clicked yes. And my speed is a hundred and seventy-nine kilohertz per second.

And you might find that by selecting something in the GPU default, it helps you out and it works for some reason. And the only number that really changed was this number here and my intensity. So if we increase our threat concurrency, and this is in kilobytes, we can increase our speed. It could potentially burn them out, overheat them. All in all, these are good numbers to go with, to start off and to see what your speed is for mining.

And then you can increase the intensity or increase the thread concurrency a little bit as you see fit, to see if you get better results. So if I click on stats, I can get to my stats here and my dashboard here on the left-hand side. I hope you enjoy part one of the Litecoin For Beginners video series.

Please rate, comment and subscribe. The first thing you need to do is join a Litecoin pool using CoinHunter. You can find tons online. When you get to one of these sites, first thing you need to do is create an account for the site.

You can click that button down there. So once you are in, this is what the interior of the mining pool website looks like. All you really need to do in here is go to your account to Workers, which is on the sidebar there.

And then you just need to create a new worker. Just create that worker. You can see now that there is a new worker created. The first is your username, which is Ardo in my case. The next is the worker name, which in this case is worker 2. And then you also have to know the worker password, which in this case is worker 2, as well. The last thing you need to know is the host name of this pool, which you can find in help.

So the next thing you need to do is download the actual software to do the mining. Go ahead and download that. Now to run this, we need to use an application called Terminal. You can find that in your applications folder under Utilities.

It should be all the way at the bottom here, yep, double click it. You open up a Terminal, it looks like this. You then need to change the permissions on minerd. So, you type chmod minerd, which is going to allow you to run the file. The first thing you need is dash O and then you paste that host name that you copied earlier.

The next thing you need is dash U, which is going to be your username. You need to put your pool username dot your worker name. After that, you need dash P, which is going to be your worker password. In my case, this is worker 2, as well.

This has been running for about thirty minutes. The hash rate is a little higher now. But more importantly, you see these accepted messages which means that you are, in fact, generating valid Litecoins. If you zoom out now and go back to that mining pool website, go ahead and refresh that.

You can confirm that this is working here, as well. You can confirm down here, as well. You can take a look at your specific worker and see that that worker definitely is generating hashes. So but you can basically run both of them at the same time to maximize your yield. Otherwise it will just take ages for you to do anything unless you have like a huge computer farm or you can have like massive amounts of hashing power available, but usually for hobbies and the general normal people doing it through a mining pool usually ends ups being the better choice.

You can use the main one here. It will take like hours to synchronize this stuff. What you want to do is you want to maybe create a new one for your mining pool. And I made this address for it, for this computer. To reiterate the note above about the page being in the process of going through some updates, and to add some detail. The mining pool we used for this tutorial was shut down. We will have the guide reworked shortly. In the meantime, this guide will give you an overview of mining Litecoin on a Mac but will become fairly generic when it gets to the section on mining pools.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to ask questions below. There is a risk involved in mining. There is risk in the wallet you choose, risk in the mining pool, risk in the hardware and software, risk in the exchange you trade it on. Do your own research and be careful.

The software that can do this for you is Litecoin-Qt, the official Litecoin client. Once you have the. When you open the program for the first time, you may have to enter your password to allow you to run the Application. You will also get a pop-up window that asks you if you would like to let Litecoin-Qt accept incoming network connections.

Go ahead and click the images at the top of the app that says overview, send, receive, transactions, and addresses.

Each is pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, we can back to the ins-and-outs of the Litecoin wallet later. We are reworking the guide for LiteCoinPool. Please remember to double check our instructions as sites and pools change frequently. There are many mining pools that you could join for this step, not every pool is going to withstand the test of time. Litecoin itself is very secure, but like the rest of the internet and apps wallets and websites should be treated with care as true as that is in general, it is even more true with crypto.

This will let you receive Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet. Now you have a Litecoin wallet, and you can receive payments! If someone steals your worker so that they can mine Litecoin for you, let them! Ok so now we have a wallet, a mining pool account connected to the wallet, and a worker to make that money for us.

This step can be a little bit tricky. To download this software:. Most mining software triggers a false-positive with antivirus programs. In other words, your antivirus might block this download as a threat, so you may need to disable your antivirus software briefly. Move the download to your Desktop and extract the file by double-clicking on the zip file.

Now we have a wallet, a way to get paid, a worker, and mining software we finally put the metaphorical pickaxe in the digital dirt! You can worry about what all that information means later — the important thing is that you are now mining Litecoin on your mac! This will quit Minerd, and the mining will stop.

Keep in mind, CPU mining is a very ineffective mining process. Because of the large amount of computing power in the LiteCoin network, you really would need to invest in more powerful mining hardware to make a profitable mining operation.

Congratulations on having taken such the first step. I like how you switched from OSX to Linux halfway through the explanation……………….. I edited it to make it more clear removed any mention of Linux to avoid confusion. It was an error on our part. The guide really is for OSX. I will be beefing up the mining section and include a range of guides in the upcoming months.

Annoyed at myself for letting that error stand this long. What would the LInux command look like if I were using antpool? We wrote this guide for OSX and terminal. From a very general point of view though, look a the differences between the command we use below and the one you do.

Maybe there is a clue in there. One of my next projects is to do more mining and more writing about mining. Right now, I think the problem here is we used the term Linux a few times on the page for some reason despite it being a page on mining Litecoin on a Mac with a CPU meant as an introduction to hobbyist mining written in !

That is good to know…. It is also super frustrating to find that out. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Clearly this page needs a giant overhaul now. If you mess around enough with terminal it can cause problems, yes.

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