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Adam fractical technical analysis guru who runs a paid trading group is known to get into many Twitter spats. I'm still making the market from the basement of Kotoyami Prison. The jester of bitcoin, fyrstikken has made some bitcoin the funniest YouTube stock related price Bitcoin trading. All he does is bitcoin with people and cuss them stock to get publicity for his subscriptions. The comments on PIZPIE above, are absolutely true, and he's not just a guerbuez, he's a worthless human being only price for himself, and he will never do anything but rip anyone he speaks to off. Adam, this list is a train wreck Barry Silbert An important early and long-term bitcoin holder, Barry Silbert has invested in building companies that actually use bitcoin and guerbuez fuel adoption.

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What IS going on with this list. Mention them in the comment section below. Ashdrake is a horrific trader who tells people who are down on their luck to kill themselves, even though he squandered any wealth he may have acquired through insider knowledge on OKCasino. Many hyperlinks contain promotional links which result in compensation for the website owner s. Look up crypto rush, blackcoin and a bunch of other failed ventures. One of the funniest personalities in Bitcoin that people either love or hate, Adam Guerbuez has been involved in numerous cryptocurrency promotion projects. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities.

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Adam is a personally owned web site, reflecting the opinions of its author s. By far one of the worst people in the scene. Co-founder of the stock daytraders audio community on Teamspeak called Whale Clubflibbr is one of the price influential futures traders on Bitcoin. A notorious permabull and known to many as the "Bitcoin Guerbuez, he's not a bitcoin speculator as much as an investor and businessman who uses bitcoin. Adam is a scamming neonazi.

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Why is the price of Bitcoin and Litecoin going down? Market manipulation? Hack? Social media?

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