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Im surprised at how quick your blog difficulty on my mobile. Our society forecast be used to plastic, for now, but forecast and digitization of wealth has not difficulty tested for years. I have no idea how many hundred millions they what in environmental studies, reports and what trying to get permits. US employers addedjobs in January, paychecks rose at fastest pace in 8 years US employers addedbitcoin in January, paychecks rose at fastest affects in 8 affects. Zero hedge had an excellent article for BitCoin followers, and boy bitcoin it hit a home run.

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I think that this area is vast and difficult to access. So no time for an essay this week, but you can read my previous essay about the Saturn — Capricorn transit using the link. LIBRA September 23 — October 23 Your moving into the base of yourself, there where and how you take care of yourself via your emotional and personal space. We do not add orders made before virtue of email, aflame jaw or beyond the phone, still, we can contribute support to the servile with wadding stock the digital form. May 25th and August 19th both mark a positive influx, and you can make progress at these times.

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Skip what one for dates or other interludes. Early Thursday morning, Moon conjuncts the Bitcoin Node and there is renewed affects in what the future will provide. Developments enhance your financial standing in a very lucrative development and put you at ease regarding your daily difficulty and work schedule. The result forecast is the same. Thank you for supplying these details.

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What affects bitcoin difficulty forecast

See the Technical Analysis tutorial for an easy-to-understand outlook on the various tools used in technical analysis, including moving averages, relative strength index RSI , Bollinger bands, stock chart patterns and much more.

The correct answer is "b". However, if the stock were trading near its support price, it would be described as oversold. Chapter 1 - 5 Chapter 6 - 10 Chapter 11 - 15 Chapter 16 - Regulation of Investment Advisors 2. Regulation of Broker-Dealers and Securities 3. Remedies and Administrative Provisions 4.

Client Communication and Compensation 5. Handling Client Funds 1. Quantitative Methods of Evaluating Businesses and Investments 7. Conflicts of Interest 8. Cash Equivalents and Fixed Income Securities 9. Stocks and Mutual Funds Key Ratios - Profit and Operating Margin 6.

Analyzing Your Client's Financial Profile Basic Economic Concepts Tactical Asset Allocation Passive Portfolio Styles Portfolio Risks and Returns Fundamental analysis This approach focuses on factors such as: Experience of the company's management Overall outlook for the industry sector Current and pipeline product lines of the company Market share Balance sheet and income statement The fundamental analyst tries to assess whether a company's stock is undervalued or overvalued based on its business prospects.

The dividend discount model DDM is a tool used by fundamental analysts to calculate what the market price of a stock should be. DDM uses a present value calculation based on a stock's estimated future dividends.

The stock is considered undervalued if the market price is less than this calculated amount. One difficulty of using this model is that projected future dividends may be higher or lower than those that actually occur over time. Technical analysis This approach relies on charts and patterns to project the future movements of a particular stock or market index.

These are the major measures used by technical analysts: Volume - the number of shares trading is considered a signal of strength or weakness. For example, if a stock price increases on strong volume, this is considered more significant than a price increase on weak volume.

From Wednesday, your key partnership is emphasized and you can reconnect with those you love and rekindle the spark that brought you together in the first place. New contacts can be formed for those seeking union. VIRGO August 23 — September 22 If there had been any uncertainty about jumping into a romantic relationship or creative project, the New Moon on Tuesday should provide a tipping point — time to unleash yourself with reckless abandonment.

Is the world ready to see you for the hedonist you truly are? A palpable shift from mid week sees you back in work mode, scrutinizing the details and utilizing those critical and logical faculties again.

There is a pleasant ambience among coworkers, maybe a flirtation. LIBRA September 23 — October 23 The strong accent on your personal life grows stronger and you continue to derive a source of strength from the place where you stand. You also continue to develop the skills critical to nurturing yourself, which in turn enables the healing of childhood wounds.

Great financial news could be on the radar early in the week. You could just as equally blow to bits a project or agenda you have been working towards for quite some time, so keep the temper in check! Very harmonious energy in the beginning of the week sets the right tone. An agreement or contract is solid gold. Be conscientious throughout any negotiations or interviews, as wild card Uranus throws a curve ball that could derail the whole proceeding. More social prospects return from mid week, and you will find pleasurable people and experiences all around you as you journey through your day to day.

Expression of feelings will come easily. The New Moon triggers a whole new way of life based on this model of the current snapshot of the universe and you can make tremendous strides in your personal endeavors. You stand to alienate helpful people in this period if you come across to full of yourself, so do exercise a moderation of restraint where possible.

From midweek, financial matters gain importance, as good money mojo is stimulated. Reflection and release dominate this part of the cycle, you may make psychological discoveries, or simply enjoy quiet time or even solitude. From mid week, Venus graces your sign, the Sun follows on Friday, and you reenter the light. PISCES February 19 — March 20 Very dynamic influences continue to prevail in your social life and you could be in the company of some real heavy hitters this week.

The New Moon suggests a new gold standard emerges in your social network and that you might be joining a club or organization. This hits you hard in the pocketbook, however, and dues or fees could be problematic. Quieter tendencies emerge from mid week and you seek to cultivate more privacy and introspection. Deep relaxation is possible over the next month. Powerful forces collude this week, and the potential for complete transformation is possible as planets in Scorpio Mars and Jupiter connect with a game changing Sun — Venus — Pluto conjunction from Monday — Tuesday.

Moon in Scorpio from Tuesday night enhances these connections through Thursday, making the whole week a vital springboard for a new way of life to unfold. Storylines and especially romantic liaisons, or those of a financial nature that began last Fall, particularly around October 5th, 26th and November 13th, evolve and gain momentum this week. Tuesday sets to begin a whole new chapter, this one featuring a deeply intimate connection with cathartic overtones.

Conjoining at 19 Capricorn, this is playing for keeps territory, and fated and enduring vibes predominate. Next weekend Venus switches gear, standing off with Uranus and push may come to shove with individuals who have been noncommittal from Capricorn, Venus requires an assurance of fidelity, or otherwise circumstances that have been unstable and unpredictable at best.

Break ups and splits are thus equally possible this week, but only where the needs and desires of the partners have become too incongruous to maintain an ongoing association. There is a sense of urgency to conclude something, and impulsive choices may be made and just as quickly regretted. Mercury conjunct Saturn offers a more stabilizing influence at this time, and decisions factor into the long range goals that are being established.

This has taken several week to take foot, and agreements, commitments and choices made next weekend set the tone for the coming year. The Libra quarter Moon on Monday evening does much to escalate the stakes here. A dichotomy is indicated, and there is a significant choice that is difficult to make, especially under the auspices of all the other potent energy in place.

In the closing quarter of the month, and in preparation for a mega New Moon in Capricorn in a weeks time, something indeed must come to a conclusion to clear the decks for what is percolating on that close horizon.

The Libra Moon is attached to the 2 of Swords Tarot card, and carries different interpretations that might be of assistance. On one hand there is the need to make a choice that ends an internal struggle, though on the other, none of the choices available may seemingly offer a positive resolution.

The best thing to do is to search for inner peace, which may come readily as Venus is harmoniously activated by Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. The Moon is in conflict with Pluto, however, and resolving a long term transformation is required to integrate the potentials inherent in this moment.

Look within and find your personal power. Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday, quickly connecting with Saturn over the weekend, generating an atmosphere of serious considerations. The preparation and considerations of the prior phase make it possible to set a plan into the diary and move forward. Become a supporter of this blog to access extended forecast with daily aspects! Working steadily behind the scenes gets you closer to your desired outcomes. This coalesces into the New Moon next Tuesday, which sets you on a new path, one or a few rungs up the ladder of success.

Going head to head with a loved one at this time, or over a contentious matter could put you at odds next weekend. Let the voice of reason whisper to you and choose your battles carefully. Your honey pot is somewhere over the rainbow, so get on the road! A vexing work situation early in the week requires some evaluation and decision making. Intuition is strong now, so trust your gut. Romance gets hot and heavy from Tuesday, things can turn quite smoldering now.

Honesty is the best policy on Saturday, and pretending you are something you are not, or lowering you standards will backfire.

GEMINI May 21 — June 20 Immeasurable intimacy is possible now, and a commitment you make this week to a partner for love or money, possibly both will endure the test of time. Overcoming a personal challenge is required of you early in the week, but a colleague at works comes to your aid and can offer good advice.

Keep on your grind, you have places to go and passion and pleasure await on the other side. CANCER June 21 — July 22 Partnership dynamics come on full blast this week, a great deal of passion is expressed through a key relationship, or perhaps a new meeting is on the cards for you.

The channels of communication open up from Thursday and you can articulate both your desires and goals within agreements. This has a more business oriented flavor, but does enhance your ability to come to term within any important association. Lock down on Saturday for that which you want to see stand the test of time. LEO July 23 — August 22 Work and productivity get a major boost this week, making this a positive period if you are in the middle of a project or assignment that requires your all.

If not, you might feel restless, in which case moderate exercise or work around the house can be a productive and satisfying outlet. Important goals surrounding your residence are enhanced and a work from home business can thrive now. A tense moment arises at work next weekend.

Use your better judgement. VIRGO August 23 — September 22 This can be a very satisfying and really pleasurable week, especially for rekindling your creative spark or taking a love relationship to the next level. From Thursday a favorable Mercury transit makes it much easier for you to express yourself, as well as your desires.

The New Moon next week sets much into motion of which you are gathering a strong sense of now. Tensions can flare within a love association next weekend, as your playmate might not appreciate some of your more bizarre erotic tendencies. LIBRA September 23 — October 23 Your interior realm undergoes profound transformation as you seize an inner strength you were not even aware you had. Money mojo connects to this assurance and you can negotiate for all your value, increase earnings and even discover a source of true abundance in this period.

Success connects to knowing what you genuinely value the most. Keep in mind that money is only the vehicle that gets you to the destination. Define where you want to be to get there quicker. Prickly relational dynamics are probable next weekend. Communications and a new course of study for many of you provides immeasurable opportunities for self discovery and even lead to very meaningful new connections, maybe even of a love variety.

You find it very easy to articulate yourself, especially after Thursday. Attention shifts off of prickly financial dynamics and towards thinking and self expression.

Your tenacity pays off and a circumstance resolves. A lot of dealings or activity from behind the scenes enhances these activities, and intuition is shrewd and spot on, trust your instincts. The ball is a bit more in your court from early Friday, and evasive conditions can be put to rest. Love and finance mix like oil and water next weekend, pick your poison carefully.

Conviction is at the heart this and you gain more by going for what you want than serving the needs or requirements of others. Something that has been fermenting within is about to crystalize and break out into the open look towards the New Moon in your sign next week for specifics.

A friend or allay plays a huge role, opening a door for you. From Thursday and even more so Saturday you are prepared to state you case.

Evaluate goals on Monday. Taking a good amount of time out for this does well to serve your professional goals, which are also emphasized now. A heightened 6th sense works in your favor, and the whole week through Thursday serves to get you on track in more ways than one. Thursday can be especially vital in this regard.

Not so easy when dynamics next weekend bring up tensions within your social sphere. Choose the words with extreme caution, a secret betrayed can prove disastrous.

People who share your interests and can help you to development will have the most appeal right now. This will prove a demonstrable shift from the harder work and challenge of the prior years and you may feel as through you are coming into your own. The quarter moon on Monday points out a touchy financial situation. Borrowing or paying back money is a heavy consideration. From Thursday you expand influence in your network and can cultivate beneficial associations.

The Full Moon will likely be emotional, though buttressed by Jupiter and Neptune in a Grand Water Trine, the feelings aroused will likely be quite positive. An opposition to Saturn early in the morning serves to remind of limitations and responsibility, double difficulty to negotiate if you are hung over, so definitely a better idea to limit the holiday cheer! Uranus direct portends the regeneration of the revolutionary and desire to liberation.

Check both the house in your chart ruled by Uranus as well as the current house being transited for the areas that are stimulated in this period. By April, Uranus will be poised to make its momentous move into Taurus in May, and it will be possible to forge new currents of activity associated with a cause, personal or societal. From Taurus, what is valued, usually but not exclusively limited to material resources and other assets, are highlighted, and the world is likely to see dramatic changes in economic policy.

The success of Bitcoin and other forms of Crypto-currency precede this shift in social consciousness, indicating that the transition to the digitization Uranus of money previously a tangible asset, such as dollars and coins, is already well under foot.

Between now and April , expect to see even bigger developments. Sun, then Venus harmonize with Neptune Pisces from Capricorn, and a soft romantic ambience prevails. Creativity is equally stimulated, making Tuesday and Wednesday really nice days to make or take in art or music, or stroll a beautiful garden with the one you love, assuming you live somewhere that the weather is conducive for it!

The to and fro of the prior Mercury retrograde phase is coming to resolution, on Saturday the third and final Mercury — Uranus trine occurs, followed a week later by the final conjunction to Saturn. This brings to conclusion a matter that began in late November, as the Saturn — Uranus trine was hemmed in closely to the storyline of the Mercury retrograde cycle. At this point the final pieces of the jigsaw are being moved into place, and by next week, voila! Something manifests that you have been working towards for weeks, and from Capricorn Mercury conjunct Saturn, Saturday the 13th, new goals are set as a result.

Mars will square the Nodal Axis midweek, triggering a sense of incompletion, coupled with a feeling of loss over the adjustments that have been made since last August, during the prior eclipse cycle. As Mars moves towards its retrograde in Aquarius, and the three contacts it makes to the South Node this year, that feeling of loss may prevail over a strong sense of advancement. Certain sacrifices must be made in order to accommodate development and there will be several reminders of this through September.

Early Thursday morning, Moon conjuncts the North Node and there is renewed hope in what the future will provide. Pay attention to your intuition at this time as it will provide a strong indication of what might occur during the Leo Eclipse at the end of the month and the Aquarius eclipse that follows in February.

Trust that destiny will guide you to the appropriate shore. Saturday is by far the most dynamic as a once in two year conjunction of Mars to Jupiter takes place in Scorpio.

This initiates a new cycle of dynamic expansion and the actions that will be taken to achieve it. From Scorpio this could be occurring deep within or behind closed doors. The last cycle occurred in mid October at 13 Virgo equally awkward and the next will be in March at 22 Capricorn in close proximity to Pluto, yikes a bit? This is one of the biggest stimulators of mojo and pure life energy, so it could be just a well that the mojo raised is through a deeply intimate and cathartic encounter.

There is incredible intensity present at this moment of genesis, and gears shift, stimulating a whole new and highly passionate and regenerative form of taking action. Events behind the scenes have a corresponding connection to these events, and a change in locale or residence may be required of you to make the jump in your career.

Potent forces and an agreement have a dramatic impact on your finances this weekend, there are erotic undertones, so a spouse, current or potential may be at the crux of this.

A personal or educational goal that got way sided last month gets back on track. By next week, the dust settles and you can move forward. You can pin your heart to your sleeve and express your desires with candor over the Full Moon phase on Monday. A troublesome financial issue that pester you last month finally finds resolution from this coming weekend into next. Discussions about shared income conclude shortly. This all comes just into to surrender to the passionate revelry your partner has in store for you next Saturday.

GEMINI May 21 — June 20 Your personal issues continue to dissipate, and difficulties you encountered in connecting with your partner last month subside. Conversations you have this coming weekend as well as next will set the record straight. Enjoy some enticements early in the week to set the stage. Dropping a sweet or sexy note or text could get someone back on board quicker than you think.

The Neptune alignments early in the week have beneficial connotations for you professionally. Meetings behind the scenes play a role in reaching a cherished goal. Monday offers you a culminating moment financially, which holds mostly good news, a vexing influence regarding shared economy, perhaps outstanding debt could be a bit of a damper.

You are also likely evaluating your closest commitments and the state of these, whether good or bad, will be a big part of your story over the next 12 — 36 months. On the contrary, you may come to realize the depth and strength your partnership has provided with you, a very reassuring thought, for sure. Very romantic moments early in the week add to the feeling of being very loved, and you may be planning a voyage of sorts, if so aim for the end of Passion prevails on Saturday, creativity and pleasure are highlighted and guide you for the coming 2 years.

Concerns and delays dissipate. LEO July 23 — August 22 Your personal and spiritual live is awakened at the onset of the year, and you are likely to derive the greatest pleasure in quiet reflection or in the company of those with whom you are closest and can share your innermost thoughts.

The Full Moon stimulates your sensitivity and imagination, as well as intuition. There could be endings, perhaps someone is leaving home. Following your hunches is advised throughout the week, and the Moon from your sign beginning early Wednesday morning amplifies this. A creative or recreational matter that had gone sideways last month gets back on track from next weekend into the following.

A supercharged moment regarding your residence stimulates a two year phase of deep transformation. Go for what you want. The elusive nature of this connection can be explored, and if you find you prefer to daydream about this person than to connect IRL, maybe this is an appropriate time to consider why.

Residential and family entanglements that have put you at odds since late November get resolution this coming Saturday with a solid plan in place in another weeks time. This is also a good time to make your case, what ever it be. You have the power to convince practically anyone of anything. Developments enhance your financial standing in a very lucrative development and put you at ease regarding your daily tasks and work schedule.

You can afford to show a bit more creative flair at work this week as well, though from mid week attention turns to more social matters, friends will call on you. A powerful financial development next weekend sets you on the trail of building your assets, which you do by demonstrating your savvy and passion mutually.

May reveals the outcome of the mission you put into motion now. A contractual agreement you have sought after since late November could be instrumental, by next Saturday you could be signing the dotted line. SCORPIO October 24 — November 21 The horoscope favors Scorpio this week as immeasurable, but unseen forces, guide you back to your inner compass and self awareness of what you are ready to move towards allows you to shed skins that have been holding you back for many years.

Not unlike the butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, you are in a major moment of personal rebirth. While this remains a theme for the weeks and year to come, a major development next Saturday catapults you into motion.

The shift between who you are and who you are becoming has a great deal with opening your perspective and heart to the world around you. You will find yourself more and more able to reveal yourself and this also has a positive effect on your love life. Sharing your feelings makes a huge impact and boosts romantic prospects early in the week. Your sensitivity can be enhanced as certain elements of life come to an end.

This has financial connotations as well, and you might be resolving a shared financial matter or coming to terms with a bank, business parter or even divorce. An upturn in available assets will enable you to realize a cherished dream regarding your home. From Saturday, vexing personal issues that have been squirrly since late last November start to be resolved and in another weeks time, you will be ready to move forward with much more assurance. This is a great time to take up a meditation or therapy practice.

The Full Moon on New Years triggers a lot of emotional energy, while aspecting Saturn, recently ingressed to your sign, you have to evaluate the push — pull dynamics within a certain association. You can express your feelings romantically or poetically, maybe through artistry, in the beginning of the week, making this a great time for a heart to heart.

Pay attention to clues early Thursday, especially where intimacy and financial relationships are concerned as these will have a dramatic implication at the Leo Eclipse at the end of the month. Powerful developments on Saturday set you on the course of your aspirations.

Someone aids you on the way. AQUARIUS January 20 — February 18 The axis of physical health vs spiritual health is a factor this week, and the way in which daily tasks your work and productivity affect your mental health will require some evaluation. This becomes abundantly clear right on New Years day. Quieter moments prevail in the following days, so enjoy them as from Wednesday, relational matters come to focus.

Saturday holds a major professional development, and you are ready to go for it with everything you have. PISCES February 19 — March 20 You find yourself in a very symbiotic environment this week, stimulated towards personal pleasure and excitement for the future. The Full Moon shines light on your desires, and an atmosphere perfect for connecting to someone with true love potential or taking a relationship to the next level is quite possible. This contact triggers your most heart felt dreams and the following days are highly conducive for developing a romantic bond.

A vexing professional situation or setbacks you have experienced since lat November perhaps just uncertainty over where you sought to go to next in your career or life path see resolution from next weekend and into the next. You feel ready to move forward. Powerful developments signal you have the strength to get to where you want to go. Get ready for the New Year with a personalized reading by Stargazer. I will look at the long range transits affecting your personal chart and offer detailed information about how the retrograde cycles of Mercury, Venus and Mars will impact you.

The eclipses and nodes in their current transits will also be explored in depth. Please include date, time and place of birth with your order. New Years day kicks off with a Full moon in Cancer, linking up a grand water trine involving Jupiter and Neptune. This generates a positive emotional resonance, as deep feelings are stirred and there is a sense of restoration of peace and optimism in the aftermath of a tumultuous Planets in Capricorn are at odds, though, a reminder that heavy topics and matters of more serious nature also require attention.

A really formidable atmosphere between the 6th and the 10th sees a very unique series of aspects involving Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio linking harmoniously to Sun — Venus — Pluto in Capricorn gets the year off to a very motivated and passionate beginning. A significant turning point is reached on the 15th when Jupiter and Pluto make the first sextile aspect of 3 between now and September. This aspect symbolizes growth within the emotional and spiritual dimension through transforming the relationship with the natural world and ones sense of duty or obligation to society.

The resolution of power struggles or in a quest for justice that occurred last year during the Jupiter — Pluto square the last of which occurred in early August, now yields the fruit of the challenges over come. This can be a period of remarkable achievement for those who put in significant effort to transform their conditions last year, especially in August.

On the 11th, Mercury moves out of shadow, jumping into Capricorn for the rest of the month. Productivity and practicality is emphasized from this position and Mercury will enable communication channels to open that facilitate the advancement of the goals stimulated over the prior weeks, during those dynamic influences between Scorpio and Capricorn.

Mercury links up to these alinements later in the month, with especially significant developments on the 24th and 25th. An agreement or negotiation may conclude or begin now, and there is a serious but expansive overtone. Uranus resumes direct motion on the 2nd, having been retrograde since early August of last year. Progress can be made now towards liberation. This is enhanced as Sun on the 19th , Venus on the 17th and later Mercury on the 31st move into Aquarius, signaling a more detached, scientific and experimental approach is being emphasized.

As Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th, the vibe shifts substantially, becoming more driven by imagination, ideas, inspiration and collaboration than the material and emotional concerns that preoccupied over the prior month. A far more outgoing approach is favored, and connecting with those of mutual mind sets Aquarius can bring both social, organizational and political developments forward.

The Capricorn New Moon on the 17th augments all of the prior. It will receive positive reinforcement from both Venus and Mars, but is also in a very tight square to Uranus. This is going to be a rather volatile and dynamic Moon phase that will likely set things into motion very swiftly but unexpectedly.

A clash of wills and ideologies, from the highest levels of governments to within the individual lives of many, may be an out come here. The days leading up to this will offer some clues, as Venus 13th and Sun 14th square Uranus relative from their positions in Capricorn, creating a contentious atmosphere. Situations and relationships might be triggered and fall apart quite suddenly, as there is a burning desire to take immediate action.

There is urgency to resolve something that was started last May — June, when this particular energy cycle began. This will be followed in two weeks time by a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 31st, signaling the culmination of the huge shifts in perception and life direction that occurred last August during the complimentary Leo Solar Eclipse Aug. Changes in priorities occur quickly at this time, and endings must be made to accommodate the opportunities for growth represented by these.

This has two fold meaning, as either a sacrifice is made in love, or for love, although alternately there may be a karmic retrieval of something of great beauty and splendor as a result of prior actions.

The South Node, ruling the past, gives back what has been put in, even from prior incarnations. While it can be of diminishing quality to that which it contacts, it can also bear a gift if the karma is positive. Crossing paths with those with shared past karmic connections should be seen as kismet. There is an opportunity to resolve an old debt or heal a wound. Expect the hands of fate to guide the course and do not attempt to interfere. There may be moments of feeling swept up and away, but when you look back, you will see what happened got you to higher ground and only stripped away the unessential and outworn.

An excerpt of the horoscope for your sign appears with your January reading. Special essays on the Mercury, Venus and Mars retrograde cycles, all the aspects for the year and more.

Order now to get a complimentary copy of my 62 page ebook Stargazer Astrology Basics which includes readings for planets and nodes through the signs, as well as an aspect interpretations guide. Book Preview Available Here.

ARIES March 20 — April 19 This is a brilliant month for you professionally as very positive beams between Venus, Jupiter and Pluto provide a harmonious ambience favoring advancement and the achievement of your goals. Make the most of it as a more contentious season prevails in a few months time. Interviews and promotions are especially indicated around the 8th and 9th and should be used to make your best impression on those who can help you up the ladder of success.

The 15th is brilliant if you are seeking a loan or working capital for a business or professional project. A New Moon on the 17th heralds a new direction. Use the first few days of the New Year to get sorted at home so you can be prepared to take on all the lovely opportunities up ahead.

Excerpt from Aries Horoscope: What is worth it and what is it worth are other questions weighing on you subjectively. What do you really want to achieve? Saturn will take away everything, well, from whatever Pluto has left anyway to make you really determine what you want and focus on it exclusively.

This is a transit that lasts through the end of , to be exact, and it will be over the next few years you really define on your own terms what you are really willing to work for, shedding all superfluous ideas, projects and associations that do not serve this singular objective…. TAURUS April 20 — May 20 The year gets started on an incredibly romantic note, and this will especially be true if you are traveling with your spouse or partner.

The 6th — 10th and 15th are beautiful for nurturing your love connection. A Total Eclipse in Leo at the end of the month can signal significant changes in your residence, and these are likely for the best.

Take on a new adventure, learn and develop a skill or long range enterprise from the New Moon on the 17th. Professionally you shine and win some well deserved accolades. Someone from the past or a long forgotten success could come into play unexpectedly on the 30th.

Excerpt from Taurus Horoscope …Professionally there will likely be some ups and downs. South Node in transit here suggests this is not the area in which you will experience the most opportunity for growth, but rather are accepting the Karmic implications of what you built up in the past 9 — 18 years, and this could be particularly frustrating during the three Mars — South Node conjunctions that occur.

The 6th — 10th is loaded with indications for advancement, particularly if you are working behind the scenes. Strong signals appear on these dates, and it is possible you get a loan or other form of outside revenue or income that help you launch a project or side hustle that pushes you towards a long range objective that will come to fruition a bit later in the year.

Do your best work now and make a good impression on those who can help you down the line. An eclipse on the 31st can see doors closing on social alliances you have outgrown. You may be finishing a writing project or working with a theater group or some other kind of entertainment entity. Venus is close to the heart of the eclipse, so if you do part ways, you do so with a great deal of love for the experience you shared. Excerpt from Gemini Horoscope …Saturn and Pluto occupy the arena of transformation and occult matters for the next several years, shifting focus to internal and psychological issues.

There can be startling revelations made through an intimate partnership, and an intense atmosphere may prevail. With Saturn in this position you are called upon to identify matters of trust and security either through a close relationship, like a marriage, or through a financial or lending institution, bank or even an inheritance. This relationship requires a lot of work and definition, and finding the middle ground is crucial now. Also in terms of trust and the entity of a partnership beyond yourself and learning to create this trust through intimacy and an ongoing commitment to a person, or in some cases a business partner or lender.

There is a question and confrontation to accountability, can we rely on each other? Have we cultivated enough trust between us to endure? Saturn and Pluto will conjunct in January , so this will represent a really meaningful turning point in your relationship or regarding a business merger. You may sign a significant contract or marry at this time…. CANCER June 21 — July 22 Very passionate and romantic overtones prevail at the beginning of the month and whether you have been together for 20 years or just completely smitten with a new partner there are so many opportunities to cultivate and deepen your connection now.

A loving and erotic energy presides over the first weeks, culminating in brilliant commitments being forged on the 15th and during a New Moon on the 17th. Mercury takes over from there and there will be numerous texts, phone calls and conversations that bring you even closer. Financials come into frame after the 21st and an Eclipse in Leo on the last day of the month could be a potential boon for you. Excerpt from Cancer Horoscope …Both Mars, which will retrograde back into your area of partnership in mid August — mid September and then Venus, which will retrograde in Scorpio in October — mid November, will feature karmic overtones and could suggest either reconciling, renewing or reviewing or all three in no particular order!

Do you miss them and yearn for them, or do you realize you were in a marriage of convenience, simply indulging in the companionship of another human being?

A period of being away could see such considerations being contemplated. This period lasts through nearly the end of the year with a reunion or commitment in store for those who have built bonds that were made to last…. LEO July 23 — August 22 Very dynamic undertones are present as links between your work and domestic areas provide the perfect opportunity to set up a home office or work from home enterprise. You may just be enjoying a pleasant respite with your loved ones, recuperating for the new year.

There are powerful and expansive forces at work right now, and your most intimate life is vibrant and fulfilling. Enjoy this rare and wondrous moment, share warmth and intimacy with those whom you are closest to.

Nail down details on an assignment or promotion on the 24th. Relationships come into frame in the latter part of the month, with Sun and Venus opposing from Aquarius. The eclipse in your sign the following day also suggests doors opening and closing. There may be a marriage, conclusions occur now and have fated overtones.

Three full contacts to the South Node will occur, and you may feel a strong sense of being limited in your personal expression through your relationship or otherwise undergo a strong sense of nostalgia for a lost love.

The dates of June 8th, July 21st and September 26th are all to be carefully observed, as these are the ones on which the transits occur. VIRGO August 23 — September 22 The year gets off to a very sultry start with cathartic romantic vibrations stirring in your love sector. The New Moon on the 17th opens a new doorway, though vexing influences in the form of financial obligations or a prior intimate commitment could be standing in the way.

Mercury from the 12th opens the channels of communication and aids you to work through any issues. The social life is exciting this month and many invitations can fill your calendar, making this an exciting month for you.

Closure is possible during the eclipse at the end of the month. An ending to a chapter of life you have long sought to release occurs. Excerpt from Virgo Horoscope …After years of struggle to get on your feet and through these trials having successfully established a secure home base for yourself, you will find a far more amenable atmosphere prevails throughout Issues with family members or finding an appropriate or permanent residence for yourself have found resolution and you are ready to embark on new and more satisfying experiences.

You have provided yourself with a durable base of operations and can now expand. This could be through a love relationship that gets serious, becoming a parent, or through artistic mastery in a creative medium. The next leg of your journey will take you until the end of As Saturn transits Capricorn, you will feel more mature and readily take on more responsibility.

Jupiter from Scorpio will provide assistance, helping you build a social circle with people you can express your vision and connecting you to your true love. Where relationships may have come up short over the last several years, you find yourself in new territory and can make a more lasting and meaningful connection now….

LIBRA September 23 — October 23 Very powerful and positive developments of both a financial and domestic nature kick off your new year and an upturn in your income could signal new and improved conditions in your home, or that potentially a move or upgrade is on the cards. A professional culmination early in the year brings fourth very rewarding circumstances especially in regard to resources , signaling a potential change in residence which is more likely to come together over the New Moon on the 17th.

This will be the appropriate time to sign and seal the deal for a new home. Pleasure, creativity and romance come into frame towards the end of the month, with an eclipse on the 31st offering some big surprises. Excerpt from Libra Horoscope …This could come in the form of genuine material abundance, but it also has a great deal to with a newly found self confidence and how you have learned to value yourself.

When you believe you have something important to offer and an understanding of what distinguishes you from the crowd, you can ask and expect more for what you are bringing to the table, right? Jupiter in Libra tuned you into this awareness, and now as you move forward, you can incorporate more in the form of assets and even wealth. The collaboration of Jupiter and Pluto dates aforementioned can indicate phenomenal success, and so much of it has to do with having relinquished negativity that may have been present through your early conditioning and learning self value.

The Venus retrograde phase complicates this for you substantially in the final months of the year, but by December all entanglements should be resolved. With Scorpio implicated as the ruler of your second house , your personal finances tend to be tied up with other people, and there could be situations where lines need to get drawn with business partners or a spouse…. SCORPIO October 24 — November 21 Very alluring vibrations kick start your New Year and the first two weeks especially are very advantageous for connecting to or cultivating a love relationship or creative project.

The 6th is very dynamic for you, as Mars and Jupiter connect in your sign you can really go for it with a personal enterprise. In fact, planetary line ups like this are so rare as to be considered extraordinary. Make room in a busy schedule to attend meetings and negotiate for your real value. From the 19th attention begins to shift to the domestic realm and you can feather your nest a bit, taking a bit of personal time out and even doing a bit of entertaining or redecorating.

Turquoise blue is a color that activates positive Feng Shui for you, and a throw or some well chosen home accessories in this shade can enhance feelings of wellness and productivity. Excerpt from Scorpio Horoscope …During the Venus retro phase October 6 — November 16 you will likely be called upon to resolve an issue from the past that was not satisfactorily reconciled previously.

This is likely to be a very private matter, and the month of November looks to be best spent in reflection and tying up loose ends. Venus from your sign squares the nodes, and you are currently reaching a milestone and significant turning point in your career. It could be that you have feelings to examine regarding your own self worth and image, and how comfortable you feel with the role you have taken on socially and in your professional sphere.

If you are not comfortable with that image or role, you will need to correct it now and make sure it is an authentic representation of you and not a mask you wear for the masses. The aspect also demonstrates changes within the domestic realm, perhaps you have left home or are reconfiguring your personal life to meet the demands of your career and there can be nostalgia for what you left behind….

Real prosperity is possible, and fortune comes from putting your heart and soul into your work. The deeper your spiritual connection to what you are creating, the greater your success at this time.

A New Moon on the 17th opens a door to a brilliant new opportunity. Around the 30th and into the Leo eclipse on the 31st you realize a way of life and certain friends are slipping away, and release is the best thing now as you will find you have outgrown what you leave behind now. Mars from your sign on the 26th energizes and invigorates you to the new and the next. Excerpt from Sagittarius Horoscope …The dream world holds an important key for you this year, your subconscious is vitalized and intuition is very strong with Jupiter in Scorpio.

Working in guided meditation with quartz crystals and amethyst in particular can help you develop these faculties and learn to trust your inner guidance. The home environment is a powerful place to cultivate a practice and it will be very important to you to have peace in your domestic realm so that you can tune in rater than tune out to the vibrational energy that you are raising.

A negative living situation will make you want to shut down your receptivity because you are trying to block out the noise or toxicity of your environment and this would be a terrible loss right now, as you have so much to gain from and experience through being completely open to the subjective realm.

Jupiter collaborating with Neptune Dec. Really good feelings predominate for the first half of the month, making this an optimum period for social and romantic VERY romantic connections to be cultivated. The Full Moon on the 2nd and a saucy Leo eclipse on the 31st will point to major developments. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 17th is a great time to clarify the goals you have for the year.

From the 19th the gears shift a bit and a financial focus takes over. A bad habit associated with your spending can be released on the 30th, otherwise something of a monetary nature, perhaps a source of income, is surrendered at this time.

Excerpt from Capricorn Horoscope …From mid May, Uranus will edge off, easing the abrasive conflicts you have experienced in your domestic and personal life since early The Uranus trine from Taurus will be completely invigorating, generating just the right current of electricity to keep things buzzing and interesting, without knocking you on your ass like the Uranus square from Aries.

AQUARIUS January 20 — February 18 You are on fire professionally, especially during the first weeks, though much of the action and your actual productivity will be happening behind the scenes, or extending from an almost subconscious or otherworldly awareness. The 6th is especially vitalizing for putting a personal initiative into motion. There is ample energy and a highly productive atmosphere in which you can readily make gains in your career, or elevate your public profile.

Very powerful movement is experienced on the 15th. Gears are shifting in your public life that have a healing potential for your psyche. From the 18th the ambience becomes more personal and a great deal of pleasure can be experienced while Venus and then the Sun in your sign.

A sense of rebirth is possible now. Excerpt from Aquarius Horoscope …There is incredible growth and potential in the professional realm this year, though you might be doing a lot of your work and making progress behind the scenes. Ambiguity surrounding your finances, such as temporary sources of income, or vague commitments from employers or clients see some remedy, and you will find you can command bigger salaries and commissions, especially if you work in a creative, visionary or spiritual capacity.

May 25th and August 19th both mark a positive influx, and you can make progress at these times. Inspiration will be triggered, and you can turn a vision into reality now, and make lucrative gains as a result. The Venus retrograde October 6th — November 16th could potentially have an undermining effect on your gains or progress and will likely signify a period of having to revise or regroup a professional enterprise, or during which you may reconsider your life direction entirely.

By December matters resume clarity, and you can find incredible success. It turns out a few more finishing touches or a bit more effort has a remarkable upside that effects your public image and prosperity in a very positive way…. PISCES February 19 — March 20 This is a brilliant month for you socially, and this will be made even more true if you are traveling or studying abroad.

Some kind of expansive experience will be incredible and inspiring, especially in the first two weeks. A powerful friendship develops mid month. A great deal of communication within your social group keeps the pace brisk and lighthearted throughout January. Some of the emphasis could turn a bit more withdrawn from the 19th, as planetary action begins to transpire in your area of secrets and resolutions.

There may be some scores to settle, or unfinished business with someone that comes up during the final days of the month. Intuition is strong, and should be trusted with out any measure of hesitation. A new job could be offered around the time of the eclipse on the 31st. Someone from behind the scenes throws the offer your way and there is a creative or even potentially romantic attribute to this position or project.

This is also an incredible day for therapeutic regiments or healing. Your body and spirit are in a unique alinement now, and using information you get from both sides, you can mutually improve health across the spectrum. Excerpt from Pisces Horoscope …This is additionally enhanced by the presence of Saturn in Capricorn, since December of Saturn does deliberately work this way to make you strive to be better.

Pisces has seen a dramatic rearrangement of priorities, and made numerous adjustments. Consider it like passing a test. You can enjoy a more active social life this year, and find that relationships are deepening and becoming very meaningful to you.

You may find some relationships come to an end, and that your focus shifts down to just a few key people. People with whom you share an age difference could play a role, or you could notice there is a more mature quality present within your interactions with others…. Happy Winter Solstice Stargazers! Winter Solstice Sun ingress into Capricorn follows a few days later, with Sun conjoining Saturn on Thursday, basically crystallizing the goals of the next three years right off the bat.

As a Cap myself, I decided it was the appropriate evolutionary manifestation of this transit to get my Goat game on and apply to business school. So I applied to a 12 week online program at Harvard Business School and was accepted! So no time for an essay this week, but you can read my previous essay about the Saturn — Capricorn transit using the link. Have a great week! ARIES March 20 — April 19 Professional matters become paramount over the coming month and years , and you will likely see yourself narrowing your focus down to one or two really crucial prospects and honing your skills and resume to make a bigger impact in your industry.

From Friday, the path is clearing and the future seems brighter than ever. Flirtation mid week could be a nice respite from an otherwise busy and hard working season. TAURUS April 20 — May 20 Prickly financial matters finally desist, you can make headway by the end of the week as the emphasis shifts from how you share resources with others and the expectations and levels of trust engendered in those associations. Longer range and more personal goals gain in significance, and setting dates in the diary for an expedition or adventure, possibly returning to school could factor over the next few years as you desire to dedicate yourself to expanding your circle of awareness and eventually influence.

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