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Tor users tor be tracked by mouse movements". Bitcointalk for block chain to tor, or notify developers of the issue. The creator has bitcointalk incentive and financial ability to pay a development team to continue working on the software. Internet portal v bitcointalk e This article is within the scope of WikiProject Interneta collaborative effort to improve the coverage of the Internet on Wikipedia. Torcoin is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin featuring numerous improvements and innovations, such as full tor with the TOR network, stealth sending technology, and complete anonymity. Do not create the new wallet before the network is properly configured to use Tor!

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There's already a TorCoin, you plonkers. He is a troll but worst of all a racist towards Chinese and Asians, Yet he lives in Asia? Tor, the network, would essentially never show as "tor". Taking the guideline as a whole, the primary topic is ambiguous, and in that case it is more appropriate for the subject name to be a disambiguation page. WikiProject Mass surveillance Template:

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Far off, Bitcointalk, I'm not disgruntled. Is there an exchange that lists this coin? Trading is definitely not an easy task. Nothing more to censor here. Free tor portal v t e This article is within the scope of WikiProject Free Softwarea collaborative bitcointalk to tor the coverage of free software on Wikipedia.

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Tor bitcointalk

Tor bitcointalk

As the coin rises in value, the creator has the financial ability to fund projects related to the expansion of the market for the coin, such as creating exchanges or funding startups.

We believe strongly in anonymity and have developed this coin to help bolster the TOR network by creating more nodes and to increase anonymity in the cryptocurrency space by enabling people to send coins anonymously. While we hope TorCoin rises in value, we are in it for the long haul with TorCoin and have no desire to dump large amounts of the coin on the market.

TorCoin is open-sourced and de-centralized; the creator is already irrelevant. The new TorCoin bears no resemblance to its predecessor, nor did we use any of the code from the original TorCoin. The TorCoin is still listed on CoinMarketcap, but it has zero trade volume, a market cap of 9 BTC, and completely outdated code; the project was entirely abandoned.

We intend to get our new TorCoin listed and the old TorCoin fully de-listed. With TorCoin, users can send encrypted end-to-end messages to other TorCoin users. Silver, Palladium and Platinum all have value - they just don't have as much value as gold. Bitcoin is the crypto against which all other cryptos should be - and will always be - measured.

TorCoin is not intended to 'compete' with Bitcoin, but TorCoin offers certain features that Bitcoin notably lacks, such as integration with TOR, encrypted end-to-end messaging between TorCoin users, untraceable payments and fast confirmation times. We hope TorCoin becomes a useful cryptocurrency for those concerned about personal privacy online.

Because of its native anonymity, TorCoin offers a much better alternative than Bitcoin for many activities. Your IP address is therefore never broadcast on TorCoin. Unlike Bitcoin and some of the older currencies, TorCoin offers much faster confirmation times, meaning you can send and receive funds almost instantly. TorCoin is also designed to transition to Proof-of-Stake consensus, meaning it will discourage centralized mining pools from cropping up, which is a major problem for Bitcoin and other exclusively proof-of-work currencies.

Hero Member Offline Posts: There's already a TorCoin, you plonkers. Maxminers pool is working great, thanks man! Any other pools coming online? Hero Member Offline Activity: How much total suply Tor coin dev and how much premine, any bounty , open bounty translation or not dev i want reserve to indonesian language. Full Member Offline Activity: Far off, MonkeyMan, I'm not disgruntled. Actually I'm still somewhat on board, had some good talk with Jimmy yesterday, he said he is a mod as well, but that you know better.

You banned me in DO forums in a moment of your fame, powerful you were. So here we are now. I don't want to fight you, no point, I am invested in DO, and I offered more than once useful advise that in the end was implemented. Up to you where it goes from now, again, I am not against DO at all. I would like to point out that developers do what they are good at: Personally it would not be my choice to let a developer write a whitepaper.

So that you would choose someone else for this task is completely logical in my opinion. Please abandon this thread and move to the new discussion here: MadMac on January 04, , Hero Member Offline Activity: What point did you not understand in what I wrote?

You are the FUDer here now, when other people offer constructive critizism. I love that MonkeyMan, you have a list of BS reasons, which you can not even decide now which one you banned me for. Taken you are a Canadian we can surely blame your English comprehension for that. After all you are French, right? Grahnite on January 04, , There are a lot of other crypto projects, if you are not happy with this one, PLEASE move over to some of those other projects. They do things stealthy.

Else they would have called it TransparencyCoin. Don't be foolish and get caught with the bag again. At this point, you should know that Hondo isn't capable of delivering anything but empty promises. When the pump starts, don't get greedy Alpheus on September 20, , September 21, , No announcement from dev team nor any news from slack members, be careful, whales a could dump on you. Powered by SMF 1. January 18, , This is a self-moderated topic.

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