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What follows is a chronology of forum campaign and its eventual repudiation. We will use escrow if bitcointalk don't wanna send first. You might have an impression spoetnik the trade volume is very high. XMR spoetnik are incompetent. Proof of stake coins with strong forum Via BitcoinTalk — 3: The bitcointalk campaign is based on two false claims:

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Developing from scratch, brand new source! Please login Alert will be reset once triggered. They are all so lame you would immediately recognize the account being maintained for sale. In the meantime, botnet owners secure their profits by promoting XMR through purchased accounts, black PR, and fake trades. More things to learn, which nI will gladly share with our readers!

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This bitcointalk is mainly for information since forum everybody reads our subreddit. Tweets from Blackcoin developers. As a result, I ncame across PeerShares today, and forum doing some reading. Monero's developers are not capable of developing the coin The XMR team in their missives report a lot of work being done. Having recently bitcointalk out of participating in the Blocknet, there had apparently been some conflict of opinion between spoetnik dev team and some of their major investors. Fundamentally, XMR is doomed to have spoetnik negative trend. Now, some Cryptocurrency 2.

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Spoetnik bitcointalk forum

Spoetnik bitcointalk forum

Once he used to hate XMR:. When I first saw https: Check out his posts in They are all so lame you would immediately recognize the account being maintained for sale. Then suddenly, after 4 months of being absent since December by the way he re-appears with the different writing style and all for Monero:. There has been a remarkable "coming-out" that claims that certain XMR accounts were run by the bot maintainers.

If you happen to know any other XMR troll or sold account, share it with the community. That being said, Monero has a number of shady supporters including purchased hero accounts and shill writers. Next time you see a hero member, a senior member, or even a junior member that is posting for Monero, keep in mind that the account may actually be bought or maintained by an outsourced pr manager.

Hypothesis 1 is accepted. Monero's posting activity is likely to be largely artificial. Take a look at the XMR emission chart depicted as "Bitmonero". The emission rate is much higher than Bitcoin's or pretty much any other PoW altcoin. Monero is largely botnet mined and that has been confirmed on a number of occasions even by the XMR devs themselves:.

Two other botnet operators have been confirmed. How many botnets do those operators have? What is their hash rate? What's more, there is an infamous XMR silent miner issue used as a botnet software that runs on the vulnerable PCs:.

Being a bitcoin millionaire he's capable of buying out large stakes of XMR that are dumped on the market. I'm not going to mirror those links, as everyone knows that rpietila is a whale and supports XMR. During the last 4 months that have passed since Monero launch, the price has never broken the peak. It simply fails to grow in spite of all the PR hype and fake forum activity. Of course, there are periods of growth, but have a look at the historic chart:.

Below the chart you may see the trade volumes. The explanation for that is fairly simple go back to facts 1 and 2. The botnet owners are slowly dumping their coins and drive XMR market down. Secondly, notice that upward trend coincides with the significant spikes in volume up to BTC and more.

Recheck it with 1 and 3. As the natural demand can in no way match the botnet supply, someone has to step in from time to time to help get it going further.

This is most likely the whale buying large XMR sizes out. Alternatively, the XMR trade volume spikes may also be someone on the core team trying to sustain the price. That being said, XMR is likely to be mined mostly by the botnets at the rate that is not justified by the demand. Botnet owners dump the coin as it is not showing any stable growth. That's it folks, the 78 BTC of daily trades come simply from the daily emission rate being pushed to the market.

No surprise, why the price is generally going down. Why is that so? CryptoNote has created new ways for the botnet owners to profit. Monero was largely botnet mined from the inception, so the main stakeholders are basically botnet operators. How do you make sure your profits are secure? You need someone buying out those daily volumes. There are two simple ways to ensure that:.

However, everything they do is for just one particular purpose: They make you feel that XMR is largely supported so that you give your money to them.

It's hard to say whether XMR core team is involved. Of course, they would deny any potential connection. However, I wonder why they're not very interested with botnets and fake accounts and pretend that nothing weird is going on.

Another point is that I'm not sure why such a prominent investor and cryptocurrency activist as rpietila supports the coin with such serious issues. I assume that he was somehow tricked into believing that XMR has the future. It might also be the case that core developers are not seeing the whole picture themselces and honestly believe that Monero is actually supported by a large number of people who are willing to buy more and more Monero.

However, the reality is that all these people are dead wrong. Some very interesting nquestions were asking in regards to his views on , and what lies for nBlackcoin in Time for a quick recap!

WhileBlackcoin remains bullishfor the ntime being, other coins with a long history are seeing incredibly growth on nthe exchange today. Via Crypto Articles — 9: With a very strong price increase nduring yesterday morning and yesterday late afternoon, lets take a look at nhow the BC price is doing right now, when being traded against CNY. Via Crypto Articles — 2: There nare some interesting things going on at BTC38 by the look of it, which make nit worth to look at it from a news perspective.

Lets take a look then, nshall we. Via Crypto Articles — 6: As of now, we can officially add Darkcoin to that list. Lets nsee what theDarkcoin Foundationmeans for the community. Via CoinTelegraph — 6: Blackwave Labs thinks cryptocurrencies can help and they are building the tools to bring about Protestin. Via CryptoCoinNews — 7: However, the Blackcoin price has declined quite a bit since peaking in mid-April. The Blackcoin price decline continued over the past week.

CCN examines this altcoin price decline. Via Crypto Articles — 4: Keep in mind there are a lot of projects under ndevelopment at the moment, and they are all shrouded in mystery until they nare ready to be released.

But there is aBlackcoin Steam Gaming group! Via CoinTelegraph — 2: Now, some Cryptocurrency 2. Via BitcoinTalk — 3: What is the best way to do it? Setup back the difficulty — for regular Blackcoin code5. Build coinIs here any tutori…. Via BitcoinTalk — 5: We made our 1st investment benchmark and can begin pre-production.

The new website is in …. In no order I like. ZeitcoinBlackcoinPeercoinMintcoin What other coins are there that have a future? Via BitcoinTalk — 1: Via BitcoinTalk — 7: It has 32 seconds block times and 10x larger block size. Transactions will confirm faster and many transactions …. Via BitcoinTalk — 2: Swagbucks Proof-of-Work Difficulty is only Via BitcoinTalk — 4: Via BitcoinTalk — Via BitcoinTalk — 9: Post your Obsidian stealth address and the easter eggs come to you….

This topic is mainly for information since not everybody reads our subreddit. Support and infos from the developers i…. It's about number 25 on coinmarketcap, but the price seems sluggish.

Selling Blackcoin for 0. H e does not abandon coins after a pump , as is the case with KeyCoin , a coin formerly pumped by him which has just completed KeyTrader with his funding, long after the pump.

Furthermore it is clear from the screenshots that he actively recruits talented developers to create real tech nology. So it appears that Prometheus aims , primarily, to profit from his coins, but creates projects with real innovation that outlast a pump and are funded to continue onwards and retain a fair market value. Ultimately Prometheus appears to be an investor who supplies the necessary capital for a coin to gain recognition and the momentum to stand a chance at long-term success.

In other words, both claims are false: A merge was under discussion. As can be seen, the meeting was very positive. However that sentiment changed in the week following it.

This resistance to collaborating with XC extended to the Blocknet, when they successfully persudaded the SDC team to withdraw from the Blocknet prior to launching their smear campaign against it. In retrospect the smear campaign appears to be an attempt to destroy Dan, XC, and the Blocknet in the hope of attracting users to SDC, a coin with legitimate anonymity features and thus a direct competitor.

A valid question is how this sort of campaign is even possible. Related to it is the question of just how damaging and counterproductive it is for cryptocurrency innovation to exist in an environment so rife with scams, FUD, and abuse. A surprising observation is the fact that the moderators of Bitcointalk appear to keep Bitcoin-related sections of the site largely free of scams, and promote productive and intelligent discussion.

In contrast the altcoin section can seem like an intractable wasteland of illicit dealings that are allowed to run unchecked. Is Bitcointalk a large part of the problem? Perhaps the following conversation on Twitter is a fitting close:

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