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Earn by selling your photos. More gmc 30, gamers showed their interested in this concept and got their hands on a variety of skins, weapons, and items for such popular 2014 as Dota 2, CS: News Online Income Tuesday, 04 April Alex Friday, 23 September I also get a message from "Pc speedup pro"- you have issues! I gmc that the bitcoins of bitcoins Site is also from FFC. We had already provided promising detail review on Ligertagia which you promising find by following this 2014

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Xiao Ming Sunday, 31 January If you use our search box on the right hand side of our website below the navigation menu , you can find we had already warn people many times not to work in buxberry and PTCstair and if they want to work, at least never invest money in this company. Saturday, 07 February Dear Ashik Ahmed, It seems that you haven't uninstall your previous antivirus and malware software. In every mail the subscribers of this site they r really originals or not giving statements that they are earning very high incomes from after completing this DCC. You can ask about this with internet service provider, they will describe you in detail.

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Farhan Thursday, 15 January If you want to find out our legit websites list, then we suggest you to visit our "Good and Trusted Gmc Works" section by following this link: 2014 the team created a system, where currencies for mining will be decided based promising specific PC. Your text to link here Dear Shahbaz, In order to get high value ads you need to be bitcoins Group 7 and above in Digadz.

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Developers will be able to attract investors by selling their own tokens. The audience will find their project faster and it will help to find what players are really interested in. Investors will be able to contribute to projects without spending money on analyzing the market because Game Machine is collecting all the data and provides a huge amount of information, analytics, and interest ratings straight from gamers.

The first tier will get you access to the crowdfunding platform. By investing 5 ETH you will join the investors club with discounts and sales in the system. The sale will be on until January, You still have a chance to become a part of the technology that will push industries forward and get a profit from it. More details are provided on the official site: Contact Email Address eku gamemachine. This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services.

Het e-mailadres wordt niet gepubliceerd. Uw klantenbestand wereldwijd uitbreiden Verkopers kunnen bitcoinbetalingen wereldwijd accepteren. Game Machine client Game Machine is a system, based on blockchain technology and smart-contracts, where players are providing their gaming PCs for mining, developers get their base for crowdfunding and inviting target audience, and investors can choose a promising project faster. The Satoshi Revolution — Chapter 4: Plaats een Reactie Meepraten?

Geef een reactie Reactie annuleren Het e-mailadres wordt niet gepubliceerd. Met bitcoinbetalingen komt het voor elkaar Uw klantenbestand wereldwijd uitbreiden Verkopers kunnen bitcoinbetalingen wereldwijd accepteren.

So, we guess you are asking about them. You are asking it is scam or legit, but if you read carefully our post as above, then you can see that we have already declare it scam. Read above in detail. For more detail about Probux and its sister site Zapbux and Fusebux, you can visit this page: Till now we didn't find anything bad about background of its owner.

However we don't recommend anyone to invest in this website until we declare it is safe. If you want to work in it, then work only as free user or right now just leave it.

Hope we make you clear. If you still have further queries, feel free to contact us. Hi Rajde, To day i have joined buxvertise with your link. Now plz send me the details of it's strategy to work. Also i am interested to upgrade with big R.

I am waiting your reply to my email. DeRaj Thursday, 06 November Dear Jagajeeban, Thanks for contacting us. The strategy to work in Buxvertise is same as in Neobux. So please read our detail review of Neobux using this link: Pradeep Thursday, 13 November Please advice me for the website http: DeRaj Saturday, 15 November Dear Pradeep, Thanks for contacting us. Intantexmoney is foreign exchange e-currency and we don't recommended anyone to use such kind of company because we don't think any need for such kind of companies.

You can change your currency directly with Paypal and Payza linking your bank card, so why need other companies to exchange your currency. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries. Pradeep Saturday, 22 November DeRaj Wednesday, 26 November Dear Pradeep and Xavier, Thanks for contacting us.

As you both ask us same question, so we are replying you together. So, Adshitsprofit is not other that force investment site in which you will not get any payment after the investment. Pradeep Agrawal Wednesday, 03 December I would be glad to hear about http: My email id is gmc. DeRaj Saturday, 06 December Dear Pradeep, PTCstair right now is paying. But PTCstair is not good site. They are opening site back to back and even hide the information about their new site.

They claim that those new sites are not belong to them but registered IP address of Moralbux is same as that of PTCstair and their self sponsored ads too. Even their Terms, FAQ etc. So, if they want to hide information about opening new site means they want to go scam and again want to scam with their new site. We have already find this strategy with Probux as they open Zapbux and Fusebux and claim not belong to them. Venera Wednesday, 17 December They are not paying. Don't join the site.

DeRaj Wednesday, 17 December Dear Venera, We have already inform that Excellentbux is scam site even that time when it was paying because it is from serial scammer admin. Farhan Thursday, 15 January Hi Friend, can you please advise about Bearbux[dot]com. As I read in an article that it is more good than Neobux. DeRaj Friday, 16 January Dear Farhan, Bearbux even can't compare with Neobux.

Many people write whatever they like for marketing. Bearbux is not good. The reason why Bearbux is not good is already mention at No. Please read that and you will know the detail about it and its owner history. Dipak Saturday, 17 January Hi, I really appreciate the work that you are putting in this project by letting people know which sites to avoid and which to trust. I recently come across a site trafficmonsoon dot com and was curious to know whether its a promising site for future, from your point of view.

DeRaj Sunday, 18 January Dear Dipak, Trafficmonsoon is doing good till date and paying on time. But it is very new company to say anything right now. We are still investigating on it. So, keep on checking our website for latest updates. Till that time you can work as free user in Trafficmonsoon, but don't invest your money in it at the moment. Farhan Monday, 19 January Hi Friend, can you please advise about clikrev[dot]com and 88Bux? DeRaj Tuesday, 20 January Dear Farhan, Clikrev is very new website, so right now we can't say anything about it.

We are still investigating about it. As soon as we finish our investigation, we will post it within our website. Please keep on checking our website for latest review.

It is sister site of NeatClix and 88Clix. This owner is opening new sites in order to clear debt of old one. But currently all of them are in debt and have chance either he again open new website or shut it down all together. So, it is better you not work in this site. If you want to work, then only work as free user, but never invest money from your pocket in this site. Farhan Wednesday, 21 January Ranjan Chowdhury Thursday, 22 January DeRaj Monday, 26 January Dear Farhan, PTCevo is very new site.

But during our investigation, we had already find out one bad point about this website. That is they are lying to their members.

They say they are from US. But, currently they have only Perfectmoney account in order to do the investment. So, it is very hard to believe any company which start to lie from beginning. Anyway, we are still investigating more on this site and as soon our investigation finish, we will post detail review about this site within our website. Dear Ranjan Chowdhury, Trafficmonsoon is traffic exchange site.

Till date, they are still paying on time. They are trying to improve their business model day by day, but also it is still not enough sustainable. So, it is hard to declare them scam or legit at the moment.

You can join site and work as free user. But, don't invest money in it until site become totally sustainable. As soon site become sustainable, we will post the detail review of this site within our website. Alejandro Thursday, 29 January DeRaj Friday, 30 January Dear Alejandro, We don't think Libertagia will long last.

We had already provided the detail review on Ligertagia which you can find by following this link: Even it have translate option, but also it doesn't translate well. It seems that this site don't want to become worldwide famous. We think anyone who open online work companies without focusing English Language are not open with good intention because if they open in English Language, then the most of investigators like us can easily find detail information about them, which may be the reason they don't want to open it in English Language.

Otherwise, if they want to get worldwide visitors, then for them it is more beneficial to open in English Language than opening it in other countries language. Anyway, we can't say much more about it because it is not in English Language.

Saturday, 07 February Dear DeRaj, what do you know about eightclix and Ionbux? Thank you a lot!!! DeRaj Sunday, 08 February Dear Maureen, Eightclix and Ionbux both are Scam. We didn't get enough time till date to finish our investigate on ShortcutCash. We mean we already investigate it from outside and we find that there is not any bad background of owner in online market and we find mix reaction from members saying that someone is getting payment and others are not getting payment.

So, in order to complete our research we should join this site and work inside it. But, for that right now we don't have enough time because these jobs need lots of time in order to complete. As soon we get some free time, we will test it and post its review within our website. However, we find the main drawback of this site is that you have to pay 1st in order to sign up in this site.

We read don't understand why someone need to pay 1st in order to do the jobs like ads pasting and typing. Azim Friday, 20 February Dear sir, Would you please tell me about purchasesharesonline.

I have a some money and i want to invest on a sharing site. Would you plz recommend few profit sharing site so that i can invest. DeRaj Friday, 20 February Dear Azim, We don't believe in purchasesharesonline. The company which they list to sell shares are not real. They are selling shares of website like Clickfair, which is PTC site and they never related with share market. More than that, they are selling share of Nerdbux which has been already turn to be scam site one years before. They are just letting people buy imaginary shares and taking all money directly into their account.

This is totally bully market. It is like members are just donating them money. At the moment, there is one company which is selling shares of their own company. This is the link to join that company: However, there is always risk to invest in share even in top companies because big player always play the market.

So, we suggest you to invest only that much amount in share which you can afford to lose. Raja asjad Monday, 23 February DeRaj Tuesday, 24 February Dear sir Please give your review about wesite www.

Azim Monday, 02 March Dear sir, Would you please recommend a profit sharing site besite Trafficvalue. So that i invest more few money. DeRaj Monday, 02 March Dear Javed, My Advertising Pays is not a sustainable program. It is kind of ponzi program in which they are paying to 1st member from the money of 2nd member. They don't have additional income stream. However, they are paying till now. So, if in the future they create additional income stream, then we can re-think about them again.

But, at the moment we can't say how long they can run like this because the income which they are generating is not enough to pay to their all members. Dear Azim, There is not any site known as Traffic Value. Do you mean mytraffivalue. If so, then it is the sister site of Paidverts and you can find its detail within our review on Paidverts by following this link: Azim Friday, 06 March Dear sir, Newsonlineincome is a great platform to investigate ptc and i am believe in that. Whenever, i see new ptc i used to check in this platform.

But i can not see there position in popular online company list. Is there any possibility to update popular company list? So that,i can be more benefited by you. Thanks a lot, i am always with you. DeRaj Friday, 06 March Dear Azim, Thanks a lot for such a nice feedback. Inadpros and Inadclicks is from same admin and it look like ponzi network because they open one more site within one month launch of Inadspros and they do it in order to cover the debt of their first site Inadpros.

But their 2nd site Inadclicks is also not running well and creating double debt. So, in this condition we don't recommend anyone to work in both Inadpros and Inadclicks. However, if someone want to work in these sites, then only work as free user.

But, never invest money in this company until they become sustainable. But, it seems they will be in more debt in future. Currently we are updating our "Good Trusted Online Work Companies" list and adding much more genuine ways and companies to earn money online. We will also update our "New Popular Online Work Companies" section if we find some new promising sites. But at the moment, so far we can see, there is not any good new sites which can be listed there even for test.

You can use search box on the right hand side of our website, just under the navigation menu and type the name of any site you want to know about. If that was already discuss within our website, even in comment section, you will be able to find it. Dear Sir, Today I joined this neatbux. Is it good site or not?

DeRaj Wednesday, 11 March Pradeep Wednesday, 11 March Please advice me can i recover my investment through paypal disputes, the admin sent this message on their site. But due to your disputes I have less money to pay you guys. We can still come back if you guys close all disputes. I cant imagine in just 2 days my business can be end due to some spamers who ask you to open disputes and you guys done same and forgot my 1 years commitments and reputation.

I will never back again in ptc industry Its my first and last effort for ptc industry so Its in your hands You can safe stair and bery and destroy also. I already said i have no thirst of money But you guys forgot it in just 2 days. I am uploading a screenshout of buxbery paypal account as a proof. Your text to link here We have not enough time if you guy will not close disputes or open more so will will be limited by paypal and game will be end.

DeRaj Thursday, 12 March We already know from the beginning that this site will turn into scam and now it seems it is turning to be scam soon. If you use our search box on the right hand side of our website below the navigation menu , you can find we had already warn people many times not to work in buxberry and PTCstair and if they want to work, at least never invest money in this company.

But also we don't understand why people don't listen to us and invest in these kind of sites. Even many time people just keep on fighting with us that these sites are good because they are paying. But, when things become worse, then they come to us and start to ask how to back their investment.

It is very difficult to back the investment, that is why we always warn people not to invest in those sites which can't be trust. Anyway, you can try open dispute with Paypal, but also it is not sure you can get your investment back or not because Paypal only deal with tangible goods.

About non-tangible goods transaction, they sometime refund, sometime don't. As you know Paypal is also one kind of moody company. So, it depend on how they react. Anyway, you can try open dispute. DeRaj Tuesday, 24 March Dear Shahbaz, In order to get high value ads you need to be in Group 7 and above in Digadz. For that you need to have at least , points. So, keep on increasing your points from the earnings you made till you satisfy from the value of ads you get.

In order to know more details about Digadz, please follow this link: Dear sir, thank u very much for ur valuable advices on online job sites. U are doing really great job helping lot many people like me. May god bless u. In every mail the subscribers of this site they r really originals or not giving statements that they are earning very high incomes from after completing this DCC.

Sir, is it a genuine one or not. The course fee is Rs. Pls advice whether this is worthable to joing. Thanking u once again VB Prasad. DeRaj Thursday, 09 April Never invest in this company.

Even it copy many things from other companies which will lead them to blacklist in Google anytime. They are saying that they will teach how to make website top rank in Google and actually their own website rank is so bad that they can be blacklisted anytime in Google.

So, how they can teach other to make good website. More than that, Digital Cash Course is from same group who have another site known as Digital Money India which is already declare as scam for cheating money of people. If you are interest to learn the real stuffs which Digital Course Cash pretend to teach in real do not teach as it claim after you join it , then it is better you join Wealthy Affiliate which is the real company, online from and from where you can learn every aspect of online work and can also earn within it.

You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and link to join it by following this link: If so, then you can't join in Wealthy Affiliate as free member.

It will be better you read our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate word by word by following the link as we provided before in order to understand the system. DeRoka Saturday, 11 April Dear Keshav, Intellashares is the Ponzi Scheme which is operated by John Fantano Jay who has involved in lots of Ponzi scheme programs in the past as a member, not as admin and failed to succeed.

Then he decided to open his own MLM company and he open same kind in which he failed before. So, he already know that this kind of MLM company is not sustainable and members can't make money and need to be shutdown anytime.

It seems he want to get back his money which he lose in scam companies by opening his own scam company. Anyway, at the moment he is paying, so we can't say it is scam. But, it is definitely unstable ponzi program which will shutdown anytime. Even Intellashares claim they are big company where as when we research the location of their address as per their website registration detail, it belong to the residential building. So, it is better not to work in this company. It is very high risky program.

Anyway, considering the fact they are still paying, if you still want to take risk, then invest only that much amount which you can afford to lose. Otherwise, it is better not to work in this company. Gagner de l'argent sur internet Thursday, 16 April But its business model is not sustainable and more than that they are now already in debt.

So, now it is better you cashout your earnings from MAP as soon as you can. However, if they can come over from this debt and can add additional income stream to make business sustainable, then we can totally support it. But, at the moment it will be better to work carefully.

Asanka Wednesday, 20 May Hi, I just want to know about this site. Thanks Best Regards, Asanka. Sorry for your inconvenience. Asanka Thursday, 21 May Sorry it is my fault, Actually site name is http: Dear Asanka, Skyclix is from same group who have scam sites like Naidbux in the past. So, it is better avoid to work in this site because at starting they always pay to their members, but all of sudden they will stop paying to their members and run with members money.

Hi Deroka, what about the site Adhitsclub. I see that the admin of this Site is also from FFC. It is safer to work with Adhitsclub. News Online Income Monday, 25 May Dear Saji, The business model of Adhitsclub is unsustainable and they have registered their website privately so that no one can identify the real owner and real address of site. Any site who want to hide their identity had turned into scam in the past. So, we don't recommend anyone to work in this site although it is paying at the moment because they can stop paying anytime or even can shut down their website anytime without notifying the members.

Anees Mehdi Friday, 29 May Dear Admin, kindly tell about intellashares is it scam or legit? News Online Income Friday, 29 May Dear Anees, We have already discuss about Intellashares which you can find just above in this page at comment number Xiao Ming Sunday, 31 May Azim Tuesday, 02 June Would you please recommend for another one from Promising online work?

Fact is that,I have effort if i lose money,so feel free to recommend. Waiting for your response. News Online Income Tuesday, 02 June Dear Azim, It seems that you already know about the risk involve in Revenue sharing sites.

As you know that we never recommend anyone to invest more than they can afford to lose in Revenue Sharing site. However, after knowing the fact, if you still want to invest in Revenue Sharing site, then at the moment we can suggest you only two sites. However, we always recommend everyone to join Wealthy Affiliate as it is the only one company about which we can guarantee and from which you can plan full time online income for your lifetime.

This is the link of our Wealthy Affiliate review page: Xiao Ming Tuesday, 16 June News Online Income No. Dear Xiao Ming, In one page you put targeted keywords just for two times is ok.

One in the title of the page and another somewhere within first paragraph of that page. Azim Wednesday, 01 July Dear sir, After reading many recommendation from you i confirm that gpt planet rent referralal work good.

So,i am highly interested to earn some money from GPT planet with using rent referral. Would you please tell how many rent reffele should i buy? So that i can earn my expected amount. News Online Income Friday, 03 July Thank you very much for your proper answer.

I understood all of that. News Online Income Sunday, 05 July Xiao Ming Sunday, 12 July News Online Income Monday, 13 July Xiao Ming Tuesday, 14 July News Online Income Wednesday, 15 July Dear Xiao Ming, Only one owner Paidverts is changed. Instead of Jo, now there is Marc. However, There is still Carlos who is another owner from the beginning of Paidverts. You can find detail about it within our review on Paidverts by following this link: Xiao Ming Thursday, 16 July News Online Income Monday, 20 July Helpful post for the online money seekers.

News Online Income Wednesday, 09 September Dear Charan, The above list of sites within this page is new paying companies. However, we have not declare them as legit yet. If you want to find out our legit websites list, then we suggest you to visit our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section by following this link: Xiao Ming Friday, 16 October Xiao Ming Monday, 19 October News Online Income Thursday, 22 October That happens sometime due to server error about which you no need to worry.

We are sure till now that problem has been already fixed. If still you are facing problem, you can send email to support team of Traffic Monsoon by clicking "support" on the home page of Traffic Monsoon. It is useless to upgrade in Paidverts. Instead use that money to increase your BAP for better earnings. Yep, you can still work in Paidverts because till date they are paying on time and they are already more than 1 year old.

Yep you can work in both Buxvertise and Grandmonopoly because till date they are paying smoothly on time. You can find our detail review on Buxvertise by clicking picture of Buxvertise as above within this page.

We have't provided detail review on Grandmonoply because it is almost similar with Buxvertise. Vinay Sharma Tuesday, 27 October Thanks in advance for your help. Ashik Ahmed Saturday, 31 October Sir, You are a great leader for us. We believe u as much as not for others. But now i'm too sorry to tell you that sometimes i'm unable to log in for my Dinamic IP. Now my question -should i leave it or continue? So now i can only use Dinamic IP for all sites to work.

I'm also well learned person M. Please tell me what should i do? Also tell me the best recommendation sites name where IP isn't matter. Best wishes to all your great team. News Online Income Sunday, 01 November However, you should follow the best strategy as we have mentioned in the review of each of those sites which you can find by clicking the picture of respective sites within that page.

Remember, there is not any way to earn money over a night. We have also provided the strategy to earn money without investment about which you can find by following this link: Dear Ashik Ahmed, We think it is better to change your internet connection than leave to work in TrafficMonsoon because till date TrafficMonsoon is paying on time without any issue.

However, if you can't change your internet connection, then just keep on working in TrafficMonsoon whenever you able to log in. When can't log in, just leave for that day. Sorry to hear your story. May God bless you. However, we can't do much if you can't have static IP address because most of sites have IP address issue. One which don't have and which is our top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find our detail review by following this link: If you can't manage that much amount, then you can follow our strategy to work without investment by following this link: Xiao Ming Monday, 02 November Ashik Ahmed Monday, 02 November Thanks again for your blessing.

It's a great true over the world.

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