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Thank you conf the complement! Now that you have updated the litecoin. I do need to update the guide litecoin this, however some other altcoins still need to be built and do not come in a handy tar. I did solo get to where I am at from simply following guides. I recommend this guide if you want to use your gmail for your pool email. What do you think? Now fire up your miner, Pool am not mining to go into specifics about setting up cgminer or what have you.

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When i try to log into the website it tells me that nothing is available. This is because miners are also used on infected computers to mine for someone else. I unable to download miner please send me to mail. And this pool person had 4 blocks of litecoin on his pool with the Hashrate of 1. If you accumulate a lot of BRO coins, you should stake your coins.

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Mining made same pool and my pool has accepted more that solo litecoin valid shares. I have logged out and back in but still nothing Loading Pool 8, at 2: This is by no litecoin meant to be a conf so you can setup your own professional mining pool operation. So this may help someone else. Keep on mining Happy mining.

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Novice's Guide to Setting up a Mining Pool

Litecoin conf solo mining pool

We always have 00 and do not know what it means. Another question is what type of monitor do you use? My mobo shows several error messages but its all because im using riser cables. Are you sure that your keyboard isnt plugged in USB 3. It might now work if you havnt istalled drivers for mobo. I could not install the video accelerator on the That made my cgminer crash.

I spent days on this issue. The only thing that helped was installing Anyone have a sample cgminer bat file that shows the text of how you get it to mine a second or 3rd card that is different?

How do you use the -d syntax? Its a term we use in the tech field. Then run cgminer two times. You dont want a BAT file, you want a config file. Use the bat file to call the config file. I guess I should have mentioned that you do not need the devcon lines in the bat file. The 2 cards I have is a x First numbers in each line and a 2nd numbers in each line. By using a conf and putting a comma between number sets you can configure the cards differently to maximize both.

I ran two instances. I can only get up to —I 13 on one of the gpus and have to lower the thread-concurrency. My question is this. Is there anything such as the motherboard, memory, or cpu that can help run multiple gpus.

I see some of these rigs and they are running 5 gpus and maxing them out. How do they do that? Is it software or hardware. How much system memory do you have? System RAM requirements sometimes pops up as a concern. Using GPU-Z, trim back your thread concurrency until the total amount of VRAM used for 3 identical cards, use the value listed for any of the cards and multiply by three is well within the amount of free system RAM available. Seems to me Wow, this is a great tutorial.

I sure am glad I waited!!! I think this horse has sailed. Who wants to use BTC when you have dollars? Unless you are sending money overseas or doing black market stuff, what good is this?

Salutations Frank, I think your confidence in dollars is much too naive. Who wants to have a store of value like Bitcoin rather than dollars? Soon, everyone that sees the value of the dollar in a flaming nosedive resulting from the profligate abuse of fatal debt accumulation and money printing out of thin air by the Federal Reserve not a US government entity and the bureaucracy of the USA indeed our government.

After fifty years of escalating irresponsibility by them, the quiet before the storm is now on us, and events will move like a flash flood when the dam finally breaks. As for Visa, how will it stand against the competition of a world wide system of payment that has a.

This horse is actually still in the gate! Then I started to get a message OpenCL. This all started around the time a windows update occurred. And, to get the most out of your mining, you might want to try a strategy I hit on recently. It makes sense to me to put the crypto currency I mine immediately to work this way. I encourage you to investigate. I experimented last night with installing catalyst CGMiner now starts but there are two lines on the data window that flicker while running.

Then GPU1 fan starts around 80C. When this fan starts GPU2 hash rate falls off to half or less of the other two cards. Then after a minute the following comes up on the data window following an accepted share line:. GPU2 idle for more than 60 secs, declaring sick! GPU2 attempting to restart thread 2 still exists, killing it off. I experimented with disconnecting GPU2. They went through the same issues as above then after the black screen and fan start on GPU0 the GPU1 hash falls off and eventually it is declared sick and then eventual shutdown of CGMiner.

Everything mentioned above also was happening with the original install of Catalist It ran fine for a day and a half then this whole mess started to occur. This leads me to think that your SDK which supplies the monitoring, needs to be re-installed. Your settings may be part of your temp problems. KAM, Watch your temps in the cgm screen as the miner starts up, and begin making changes first to your GPU whose temp is rising the fastest.

Start making the changes when they hit , to get them to cool down. Once they are stable, small changes in the settings can be made to get them to a max temp range. Better for them to run constantly. Also, your fans should all be spinning as soon as the rig is turned on, if everything is working correctly. KAM, I also should have been clear that powertune should be 0 to start with, then memory speed is the first thing to lower, then engine speed, then intensity ….

The fans are starting as soon as I power up the rig so at least that part is working correctly. I did not think about heating issues which may be the culprit. Thought I had updated this. I reinstalled everything as described in part 3 windows setup. I had to reduce settings as you indicated to keep from over heating and shutting down.

Everything was running fine for months. Had auto update on windows shut off. But for some reason the miner started having problems. Now GPU 0 is only doing 84K where the other two cards are doing K…I thought about card error so swapped the cards…same result…. I am having a problem with my miner built exactly as described in hardware guide.

The miner was running fine then a few days ago it started getting hundreds of little blue, green with black dots and multi colored squares jumping around on the screen.

I assumed a virus so I reinstalled windows 7 and all updates. Once I load the catalyst I tried complete reinstalls three times now and I end up with the windows installed OK but once I get to loading the catalyst the same thing happens again. Hundreds of boxes dance around the screen and once in a while the screen just distorts with colors stretching across screen making things completely unreadable.

I loaded Trend Micro anti-virus after first two re-installs but same thing occurred again. After some further experimenting I did figure it out and had to get a new card to correct the problem. I wish I had your response from somebody 6 months ago though to save me two days of banging my head off the desk. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Build your own Litecoin Mining Rig, part 3: Build a Litecoin Mining Rig, part 3: Change power options so that the computer automatically turns itself on whenever power is restored.

The reason for this is two-fold: For me, that meant disabling onboard audio, the USB 3. Install Windows 7 Any bit edition of Windows 7 should work fine bit installations should work too, but may require tweaking the settings that I provide. Configure automatic login We want our mining rigs to boot up and start mining without any intervention on our part. Change power settings to prevent sleep By default, Windows will go to sleep after 30 minutes without user interaction.

When the download is complete, install the display drivers. Make sure to do a custom install and deselect everything except the actual drivers eg: When the download is complete, install the SDK. Extract the downloaded archive into a folder on your mining computer you may need 7-zip to extract it.

Configure cgminer to start automatically We want cgminer to automatically start mining whenever the rig is powered on. When the download is complete, extract the archive and install Afterburner. After installation, open Afterburner you may be prompted to reboot—do so if asked.

Now you should be able to change the voltage settings on your GPUs, assuming your card supports it. Configure remote administration Configuring remote administration will allow you to disconnect the monitor, keyboard, and mouse from your mining rig and manage it from another computer—even over the internet, if you wish. Here are the basic setup instructions for TightVNC: Install TightVNC on your mining rig. Choose a custom installation and make only the server portion of the application available.

Now install TightVNC on the other computer s that you plan to manage your rig with. Choose a custom installation and make only the client portion of the application available. If you plan to manage your miner across the internet, forward port on your router to your mining rig make sure you choose a strong password if you do this! Turn it back on and the following should happen: Windows should boot up as usual. After the 30 second countdown, cgminer will launch, and your GPUs should start mining.

January 28, at 7: February 23, at There is only the mega download link now? I have a windows pc 64 bit cheers Ken. The dos window never opened for me. Question, after looking at others sites and seeing all the things you have to do just to set up, i. This one seems a lot more simpler. Did you create this mining software? Hi Nick, Im not sure about this but I might be the only 12 year old mining LiteCoins besides that id just like to say thanks fo all of these great tips to mine different coins… yours sincerely, George.

There is a new binary options platform running exclusively on bitcoins. What I found really interesting is that you can be totally anonymous while trading bitcoins — there is no verification for bitcoin users.

The site is owned by eXclusive Ltd, the owner of eXbino. Registration is free, so is the binary trading. All they require is a working email address and a password. Everything is done live on the platform.

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Then go for it — http: Failed to connect to elitter. Timed out constantly get this error using default settings. Hey, would someone mind updating this website with the newest logo. You can find it at litecoin. Join a wide and a growing up network! Did this step by step, and nothing. Something that should be simple is not, simply because you have updated he programs, but not the instructions.

It does appear to be using my GPU, Geforce GT , at nearly max load and pumps out a bunch of messages that look a lot like progress to me. Am I mining light coin or just wasting electricity? Useless, spent 7 hours trying to figure everything out. Repeated downloads and nothing comes up. Wiped out important programs from my computer only to gain nothing from it.

Now its junk data I cant remove. I regret doing this. Not sure if it is actually mining. Here is what I see. The GUI Miner is full of virus and trojan:

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