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Thanks for your help. Now I can sleep at night haha! I also love mining with HW errors it 2014 me 2014 gr8 payout! A pool can dogecoins shares by time how avoid mine switching between pools mid-block. Can you help when it says it is mining it does not give out payments could you please tell mine why. Just create an how at a dogecoins pool such as BTC Guilddownload mining software such as cpuminer minerd. Not really sure what to think the cause is.

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I estimate very roughly that the total hardware used for Bitcoin mining cost tens of millions of dollars and uses as much power as the country of Cambodia. Tried to uninstal the drivers and install the This article explains Bitcoin mining in details, right down to the hex data and network traffic. Retrieved December 22, Can we change the percentage? A hacker broke into Dogewallet, a website where users stored their coins, and stole thousands of dollars worth of the currency.

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Given current difficulty it is very 2014 that a specific block can't be mined - there's no nonce that works. Just supply your wallet address and amount to transfer. You might need to do some tweaking. And how day after I write this quarks start mine in. I updated one of dogecoins rigs, then was met with a non-recoverable login error loop.

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How to mine dogecoins 2014

How To Mine Dogecoin On Windows

When done installing, pull the bootable USB flash drive out. If using hard disk, simply reboot. This is what you will be using as permanent disk drive for your new Litecoin rig.

Once rebooted into your brand, new Ubuntu OS, pat yourself on the back. You just learned how to install Ubuntu on a brand, new PC! Next download latest AMD Catalyst This will basically install some of the essential software we need to install the AMD Radeon drivers. This is the easiest method to install AMD Radeon drivers and basically we are using Ubuntu to make it install the drivers. For Litecoin mining, you do not need crossfire, you get much better performance without it.

So, unplug the crossfire cable!!! Your Ubuntu should have rebooted. Next, you need to download CGMiner program, which is the Litecoin mining program. You need to get CGMiner v3. If you see all of your graphic cards listed here, you are good to go! To actually mine Litecoins, you will want to join a mining pool. You can join any Litecoin Pool here. Many Litecoin pools may go down and not managed properly so you may want to be careful which pool you join.

This will start running the CGMiner program. You have started making virtual currency! Now, this is just the tip of the iceburg as you will need to optimize the parameters to overclock your GPU and memory to get most of out it. Engine clock is basically your GPU and Memory clock is your memory. So if at Mhz, try going to Mhz. Let the program sit for about 30 seconds and see if your hashrate is going up for that particular GPU.

Next, do the same thing with your Engine clock. You may want to consider having more space between your GPUs or just make a crate-based Litecoin rig. After tweaking and playing with the values, I was able to achieve around 2.

Now, a lot of factors determine how much you can overclock, it will first depend on your setup where you have a PC Case or open-air type like a milk crate and also your graphic cards. For the latest lower-end HD or graphic cards, I found the following parameters to work best:. You should try the values above though, they should work well for most. Additionally, add these values in: The other temperature stuff will make sure your fan runs to cool down your cards.

If using PC Case, this will help your fan run faster as your temperature will go beyond 90 degrees. For adding the Engine and Memory clock values you got in Step 27, use the following: This will set your Engine clock to Mhz and Memory clock to Mhz. Put the values in here that worked best for you. Once you have found the right setup, you will have an optimzed script such as this one which does 2.

I am also updating a list of CGMiner. Lastly but not least, check out parameters used by other Litecoin miners here. Nice videos Max, can you do one on how to sell the litecoins? Or perhaps what you could get with them? You can convert them to BTC at any exchanges like btc-e. I tried doing everything you have in yor tutorials but keep getting the same message: Can you help me fill in the blanks here with my cards similar to yours this is what mine looks like: Kelly i dont know if your joking or not but every important feature of your.

Thanks bmilescrx for responding — I wish I was joking. Every time I increase the intensity HW errors go off like fireworks. I wanted to post my working bat and see if someone would post theirs with a similar machine. There must be a way, but every time I sit down and play with the values it seems like I waste 2 hours and wind up back at square one. I was starting to think that everything out there is misinformation. Hoping someone with X cards would post a working bat.

Max, can you post a working file? You need to change intensity to 20 first, then also set GPU-engine to something around and GPU-memclock to Try setting low at and first then start ramping up. Also look-up gap should be 2 for R9 X and GPU-threads should be 1 and thread concurrency should be around I am having a lot of trouble downloading the catalyst drivers when I do they say my graphics card does not work with the driver. If you could give me a step by step on how to get these up and running, I will be very appreciative and reward you with the crypto of your choice.

Thanks in advance for your time. I have tried countless different methods, and none of them seem to work always ether a dependency or enable to locate problems. Try using Ubuntu Nice guide but lots of typos in scripts and no troubleshooting help.. Confusing on second half of guide….

Did you ever run across this issue? Max, Are you referring to a Linux image? I saw the Linux image link you posted back in your original guide, but the link produces an error. Can you please post a new link to that custom Linux image? You may have to mess with the settings, tone everything down first until it runs.

Then you can tweak it. No such file or directory. Max, thanks for making the guide. I am also having the same problem with the lib. Any recommendations for mining pools?

I think it will bounce up later this week though. Thx ffor the guide Max.. Some of the older guides online are good, but not current.. This should help drive clicks your way if you plan on updaing pretty frequently. I just ran through this tutorial, running just 1 for testing purposes , and it went somewhat smoothly.

You might need to do some tweaking. Hi Max, Now that my rig is up and running woo-hoo!! Hi, when i do step 14 this is wat comes up DKMS: No supported adapters detected tmanco tmanco: No supported adapters detected.

Thanks for the write up, it was helpful. I have cgminer running right now, but for some reason my temperatures are not being displayed and I cannot change engine and memclock speeds. Any idea what can be happening? I figured it out. If anyone else has this issue when they try to start a session from ssh, you have to be sure that you export the display.

Then start your miner. You can detach from the session by hitting ctrl-a and then ctrl-d. Then you can close the ssh session and the miner will continue to run.

Hey Max, thank you very much for the guide! You can use CoinBase. Also, if you are going to use your bitcoins for buying stuff like Amazon, you can use http: Can anyone post weekly revenues? I have 3 s, two are the same one is different. Only one is able to run, the second one i cant modify as stated above and the third doenst turn on. Hi Max, thanks for the great guide. I am having an issue with my setup. I have to delete the Xorg. I am running 4 x s.

A couple of reboots and deleting the xorg. However cgminer just displays a blank cursor when mining, no onscreen output. When I quit it shows mining stats, so it has been mining, just seems as though display is disabled somehow. Hey Max thx your site big help now my miner is running Ubuntu Would like cgminer to auto run at startup do you have tips for that Thx Mike. Wow, after several tries, just instaled drivers properly, but: Driver AMD is ok: Home -p changed username. Im not even getting that far on a G Devastator core.

Been stuck on this for a while. I followed your video step by step and everything worked wonderfully. My current CGminer settings are: I 20, g 1, w , thread concurrency , I turn to 2.

I removed all the settings related to the fans because it crash cgminer. Have you improved on the settings any? Hi Max, just a little question. I see you on hypernova with a very high hashrate, do you have multiple rigs who gives you these results? I have built new rigs with 5 r9 x graphic cards and around 5 machines like that if you are getting 2. Can you tell me how to set it up so that it starts Automatically when Linux boots up??? Hi Max, Thanks for this great guide!

I also like to know how to set it up so that it starts automatically when Linux boots up. Where I can find the best config for my cards? Is the mining process takes a lot of internet data? I have a script that will do that I will post it soon so check back this week. Mining does not take any internet data you can almost run it on dial-up. My rigs are in another part of the house. Hi Max, I am following the guide and everything goes great until I get to step fourteen.

I have the same problem. Thank you for your guide… everything goes well until that command line is not found. Thanks for a great tutorial, I feel that I am almost there but when I run: I get the error: Cannot run in Benchmark mode with scrypt.

Then it crashes with a seg fault. My bad… I just noticed that you are using the double dash lol… for some reason it looks like one dash when you place the comment. No problem thanks for trying Zsar. Any ideas for troubleshooting? HI Max, Thank you for this great tutorial.

I have everything working till the last step the most important. I got the following error when I enter sh minenow. How come cgminer 3. No such file or diectory. Are you using older version of Ubuntu?

You may have to install 32bit library, try googling the error and you should be able to find the commands to install the missing libraries. If you want to work out the profitability of mining at current valuation rates, you can use the Litecoin profitability calculator.

The maximum power consumption for this card, however, is only around watts, making it quite efficient. Power consumption can be between W. These new cards are certain to be popular with the Dogecoin and Litecoin mining communities. The GeForce GT is a new entry level Maxwell architecture card that runs at an astonishingly thrifty 19W, and is available for less than. An ASIC is a dedicated piece of computer hardware designed to do one specific task — in this case, mine coins.

However, there are serious risks involved with investing in ASICs. Got your mining rig running sweet? Time to relax with a refreshing cup of Doge.

However, perhaps Dogecoin and Bitcoin are the forerunners of some sort of more advanced, useful computational currency that has yet to be fully developed. But even without that being the case, it could be argued that there is actually an inherent value in using all of this energy, simply to make the currency workable — after all, a huge amount of energy is also expended in transferring, protecting, processing and storing conventional forms of currency, simply for the purposes of keeping those systems running smoothly.

And even carrying around cash in your wallet has an energy cost too. The Dogerush — To Infinity and beyond?

What is fascinating about Dogecoin at the moment is that it feels like perhaps the start of Bitcoin felt like, except with more fun and less politics. This seems to have helped it grow so rapidly over the recent past.

I have been curious for quite awhile on not only how to mine DogeCoin but what it even was. Now I can sleep at night haha! Then I looked at the other currencies of the world, held together by shoddy governments and inflated dishonestly as opposed to honestly the creators of Doge Coin actually tell you how much money they will add to the circulation instead of just printing more when they feel like it. I would have no problem trading fully in Doge if more retailers accepted it. Thanks for very useful information about Dogecoin mining.

Here is a tool to check Dogecoin Value. I have tried and tried and cried using CGminer. Virus checkers hate CGMiner. Your email address will not be published. Update — State of the Doge — Spring Dogecoin is now a little over a year old, and a lot has happened in that time, far too much to list here!

Some of the most important have been: The net effect of this was that these other miners now got some Dogecoin at times, and the overall mining difficulty and hashrate of the Dogecoin network went up dramatically, thereby spreading out the hashrate over a more diverse mining group, and making mining Dogecoin directly more difficult.

This was a result of the natural halvening reward schedule for Dogecoin, and was entirely expected, but still put pressure on miners. December 21, at 4: January 10, at Then I looked at the other currencies of the world, held together by shoddy governments and inflated dishonestly as opposed to honestly the creators of Doge Coin actually tell you how much money they will add to the circulation instead of just printing more when they feel like it I would have no problem trading fully in Doge if more retailers accepted it.

Unlike Bitcoin, whose early adopters often used it to buy drugs, weapons, or other illicit goods on the dark web, Dogecoin attracted a crowd of earnest do-gooders at first. They even set up a philanthropic arm, called the Dogecoin Foundation, and used it to raise thousands of dollars for projects, including sponsoring service dogs for autistic children and drilling water wells in Kenya.

As the price of Bitcoin climbed, investors got interested in other cryptocurrencies. With no explanation, the price of Dogecoin doubled, then tripled. Two months after it was introduced, Mr. The success of Dogecoin attracted unsavory characters. A hacker broke into Dogewallet, a website where users stored their coins, and stole thousands of dollars worth of the currency. Soon, the Dogecoin Reddit forum was full of angry scam victims and get-rich-quick schemers, and the once tight-knit Dogecoin community started to disintegrate.

He recently began making a series of YouTube videos that explain tech topics to beginners, including how digital currencies work. It may be too late for that. Regulators in the United States have begun to scrutinize I. But more dollars are still pouring into cryptocurrency ventures every day, as giddy investors ignore the warning signs and look to multiply their money.

Palmer worries that the coming reckoning in the cryptocurrency market — and it is coming, he says confidently — will deter people from using the technology for more legitimate projects. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

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