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Do you think Coinbase with capitulate with demands for bitcoin cash from their customers? No What did not find this article helpful. Even after that u r saying the account has been compromised? I finally got a e-mail response from support that fork said they'll look into it and get bitcoin with me when coinbase is an update. Here is Coinbase address look for them if you want: Sorry that you have to deal with that.

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Where is my wallet address? I have been using coinbase for years. Blockchain What is Blockchain Technology? Employing between 51 and people, Coinbase serves customers from no fewer than 32 countries. Indeed, at various points along its evolutionary path, Coinbase and the people behind it seemed more involved with attracting investors and pushing various PR agendas, to the detriment of actual bitcoin development and the proper serving of the bitcoin community. I made this transaction immediately On 21Jan Then they said they were refunding both transactions, and need my debit card details.

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A hosted web-based E-Wallet used for sending, receiving and storing bitcoins. Only requests for donations to large, recognized charities are allowed, and only if there is good reason to believe fork the coinbase accepting bitcoins on behalf of the charity is trustworthy. Totally useless service if you have to wait 60 days before you bitcoin really do anything. I find it very unprofessional behavior. You couldn't have purchased a 14k BTC if you tried unless you what among the first to place that sell wall.

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Our top priority is the safety of customer funds and we spend extensive time designing, building, testing and auditing our systems to ensure that the digital assets we support remain safe and secure.

We believe this is the best approach for us to maintain customer trust. In the case of bitcoin cash, we made clear to our customers that we did not feel we could safely support it on the day it was launched. For customers who wanted immediate access to their bitcoin cash, we advised them to withdraw their bitcoin from the Coinbase platform.

However, there are several points we want to make clear for our customers:. We made this decision based on factors such as the security of the network, customer demand, trading volumes, and regulatory considerations. We are planning to have support for bitcoin cash by January 1, , assuming no additional risks emerge during that time. Once supported, customers will be able to withdraw bitcoin cash. In the meantime, customer bitcoin cash will remain safely stored on Coinbase.

Sign in Get started. However, there are several points we want to make clear for our customers: You'll be brought to a page that lets you send bitcoin or ether to any email or wallet address. Incoming transactions show up in your account almost instantly within a few seconds but will show as 'Pending' for about 30 minutes until they are verified by the network.

Transactions are considered complete once they have received 3 confirmations. Update December 19 Bitcoin Cash support has been added to Coinbase. What is Bitcoin Cash? Learn more Why will it take so long to get my Bitcoin Cash? When will I be able to withdraw Bitcoin Cash from Coinbase? January 1, How much Bitcoin cash will I receive? Can I see my Bitcoin Cash balance? Is Coinbase spending my money?

What if my buy order was in progress during the fork? Can I send bitcoin cash to Coinbase right now? What will happen to my bitcoin? Your bitcoin is safe and there is no risk to your existing funds. Still can't find what you're looking for? Yes I found this article helpful. No I did not find this article helpful.

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