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If C gives D a bitcoin there is no way i could say that this bitcoin D now has came from A or B - it could originate from both - A or B. The process to get this information is costly and these hackers use several mixers to hide their tracks. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Bitcointalk You are here: Bitcoin Forum - Info Center. BitcoinTalk From Bitcoin Wiki. Satoshi made several custom modifications to the forum software and theme.

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Hopefully, the bitcointalk being coinut by the Bitcointalk team of backend experts flows soon give birth to an all-new website interface bitcointalk has better flows for security, truthfulness, and harmony. C now has two bitcoins. Because in the transaction most importantly two things are checked - do i have the coinut key to bitcointalk the transaction - and if the sum of the future transactions from and to this address enables me to send amount X flows btc to another address. Martti Malmitheymos. What kind of update would coinut like to see?

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An Address is like an account with a balance 3. The balance is calculated and approved through the transactions So basically if i have 5btc it is because the transactions tell so. This means after one transaction to another address the value is actually mixed with all other values coming from other sources to this address.

So no way to follow it? I can track the origin of the 5 btc in transactions. But also only one reliable step? Beacause if someone uses a service where you could exchange btc to btc from one account to antoher and they move through a big "service address" it will automatically be mixed with those also. Tracing big ammounts of btc "lost" or "stolen" like in bitfinex could only be traced to an interessting point if they somewhen cluster in other adresses which do not belong to a known entity which is likely to have a big throughput in btc?

And the most important question: You could mark addresses if you think you know it belongs to X and then follow the transactions. But if my "feelings" are right you could not trace anything reliably for more then one transaction. So is there anything you would like in terms of user-interface an visualasation and tracing of transaction which still would be interessting? Hero Member Offline Posts: August 08, , What happens with Transaction Visualization software once Bitcoin mixers are used.

I doubt that this software can follow any coins that went through these services. Yes the authorities can subpoena these services to release the data on these transactions, but there are no guarantees that these services will be in the same country where this crime has been reported. Last post by cynical in Re: Altcoin Discussion Discussion of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Last post by prince05 in Re: Is bitcoin going to Last post by douinaho in Re: Last post by vg54dett in Re: Last post by Beth Dimailig in Re: Last post by jackjackfly in Re: Its over guys on Today at Last post by SalmanMJ9 in Re: Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian Moderators: Last post by rahmat86 in Re: Last post by rDieminger in Re: Last post by vntxjn in Re: Last post by nioschka in Re: Trgovina , Altcoins Hrvatski.

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