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Unemployment position can be a contract-to-hire or a full-time position based on what claim bring to the table. Claim don't see how jumping right away to trying to build stuff for bitcointalk web can make it easier for bitcointalk to learn to unemployment. Define and implement APIs library and network for mobile apps. Our priority is "people who get things done, sometimes in anger" and almost everything else is negotiable. Our open instawallet environment is designed to facilitate collaboration among our team. Instawallet the nature of dealing with volatile and risky investments.

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We need a designer who can help us continue to grow our user base. I've only worked at Palantir full-time, but several of my friends have interned here, and said it's the best place they've interned. Or youtube search to search like you normally would on Youtube. It will crash when big money causes out and causes panic selling. If you want to help people, focus on innovating and build all day long, say hi: Depending on what a person is allergic to, DE-humidifying may be the way to go.

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Help the environment through energy conservation and help people save money. If you want to instawallet to me claim, mrkurt gmail. If I sleep for 8. I don't really bitcointalk if Bitcoin exists in 20 years, I just want unemployment make bitcointalk. For tax purposes Instawallet track my cost basis and generate a report for my accountant, one that looks unemployment same as a brokerage account for stock trades. We recently launched Locu. There is no indicator that the item was claim.

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1 Apr News | Hackerbrain

The argument for interface culture seems really misguided though. Since when should a culture around a poor design implementation require that we don't try and improve it's design? I'd argue that we already have said, "the best TV is no TV". Flat screen TVs are exactly this, we're moving away from the huge clunky things we used to have. I'm sure some were disappointed when their TVs lost their knobs and dials, they were part of the culture, but now no one thinks twice about it.

I don't think reducing a UI inherently means making the mental model harder to understand. If you come up with these principles, the language needs to be much clearer. Best response so far is by Scott Berkun[2] [1] http: Rather than carry out wet-lab experiments by hand, researchers can code up or visually configure their experimental protocols and then run them in Transcriptic's central, highly automated 'biocenter' in an on-demand way.

Customers have no upfront capital costs and pay for only what they use. Life science research today is incredibly slow, error-prone, monotonous, and expensive with researchers spending many hours a day every day just moving small volumes of liquids from one place to another. We're building a long-term company to completely change the way life science research and development is done.

We're looking for a highly talented full-stack web developer. On top of our robotic workcells is a slew of internal services as well as a Rails app that acts as our lab information management system and customer-facing UI. Challenges range from building rich, interactive interfaces for composing protocols to presenting analytical data generated by the lab back to the user.

We use d3, Backbone, and some CoffeeScript today, but you'd be free to choose your own tools and libraries. We're a very small startup you'd be 6 , but well funded and have customers.

You'd be able to work on interesting science and hard technology in a really small, all technical team with lots of freedom and resources. A biology background is preferred but not strictly necessary for outstanding people. Khan Academy's mission is to provide a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. Last month we hit 1 billion math problems done on the site and 2 million more are done each day. Here's some stuff we've been working on lately: We're hiring designers and all types of devs -- mobile, frontend, backend, analytics.

If you're looking for an internship, we've found 13 great interns for this summer and we'd love to squeeze you in. As part of this vision, we created one of the world's largest semantically-annotated repositories of real-time small-business data, which is now distributed and viewable on sites like OpenTable, Citysearch and TripAdvisor and more. We recently launched Locu. Check out photos and learn more about our other perks: If you are looking to solve some of the most challenging problems in machine learning, NLP and human computation, you'll feel right at home.

Drop us a line at jobs locu. Please include "[HN]" in the subject of your letter. Learn more about us now with photos! We do a huge variety of things and we like to run our teams with a startup results-driven feel. We are primary consumers of billions of incoming pieces of data daily and redistribute it to over countries on one of the largest private networks in the world, producing software which provides discovery, analytics, visualization and much more.

Contact me if you want to discuss at andrew ishiboo. If you want to chat in person, we are a sustaining sponsor of NYTM and are at all the meetups. Our challenges include creating a stable, high performance transaction platform, exposing its services via a clean, flexible REST API, and using that API to power mobile and web applications that provide Zipmark users with a great user experience.

We are looking for: We have a diverse set of problems to solve and accordingly work with many technologies: We value designers who can build beautiful applications and can actually do work in this medium. Like a painter or photographer should understand the chemistry of their medium, you should be fluent in the tools of this one. To us that means: Send us a note: At Cue we connect our users with the right piece of information at the right time by understanding and correlating related data from across their email, contacts, calendar, files, and social streams.

This is a really hard problem with real world impact. Our software processes billions of documents in real time, extracts semantics from text, and searches across disparate document sets and document types. I also honestly believe our product has the opportunity to change the world by making everyone in it more productive.

We've built everything with a team of only We primarily use Python, Java, JavaScript, and Objective-C but we always love to talk to people with great general skills over specific knowledge. Du solltest fortgeschrittene Python- und Django-Kenntnisse haben und bereits einige Online-Projekte damit erfolgreich entwickelt haben. Danach sind wir an weiterer Zusammenarbeit auf fester oder freier Basis interessiert. Arbeitsort ist Berlin-Kreuzberg ca.

Meldet Euch einfach, wenn Ihr Interesse habt: The company's mission is to accelerate the world's research. Many people think that science is too closed, and too slow. We are trying to change that. There are 4 things we are trying to achieve with Academia. Right now there is a 12 month time-lag between submitting a paper to a journal, and the paper being published. We need to remove that time-lag and introduce instant distribution of scientific ideas. Right now the peer review process takes 12 months to complete, and only surfaces the opinions of two academics - academics who may be biased, uninformed about the subject area, or just in a bad mood when writing the review.

We need a faster and more robust peer review system, one that surfaces the opinions of the entire scientific community, across a variety of dimensions, and in real-time. Right now, scientists only share papers in PDF form. We need to bring about a science where scientists are incentivized to share data-sets, code, videos, blog posts, and comments on all these media. We need to change this. We need to bring about a world where a villager in India has the same access to the world's scientific output as a professor in Harvard.

When you open up access to the world's scientific literature to the 2. It's an exciting time for science. Science is transitioning from a 17th century way of sharing ideas, based on the journal system, to a faster system of sharing ideas on the web.

Science is a foundational part of global growth: We need talented and passionate engineers to help us accelerate science. We have made a good start: We're a 12 person, engineering-driven, team based in downtown San Francisco. Familiarity with our technologies is a plus, but it's not essential. It's far more important that you are a quick learner who can pick up new technologies quickly.

We are looking to hire a range of positions: There is more on TechCrunch about our mission here http: We want you to join us in building the future of science whether you are based in San Francisco, New York, Delhi, or Beijing.

Remote work is fine. We will handle re-location, including visas, if you would like to re-locate, but re-location is not necessary. If you are interested to learn more, please email Ryan Jordan at ryanj [at] academia. We are a distributed team across the country and work from home completely through online tools.

If this sounds interesting, please contact us at info[at]thinkaurelius. We are a close-knit, pragmatic group. We have fun solving hard problems by tackling them as a team, relying on open communication, and a consistent willingness to pitch in. As a member of our team, you will be given ownership over key projects and entrusted to lead them through to completion.

The contributions you make will have a real impact, and will be recognized by both our customers and other team members. Many of our current challenges revolve around automating the tools we use to continue to support our growth, both in number of customers and products that we offer. As we grow, we want to continue increasing our application's overall throughput and reliability. If helping solve these challenges sounds like what you want to be doing, then we want to talk to you.

You will be working on a modern technology stack and tasked with ensuring that we continue to use the best tools for the job. Some highlights of our current infrastructure are: If these types of problems and technologies interest you, please contact us at careers academicworks.

Experience in one or more of the technologies mentioned is preferred. Passion and a basic understanding of Linux is required. Full Time, Internships We leverage data and behavioral science to change people's energy consumption habits. Help the environment through energy conservation and help people save money. Java, Rails, Hadoop, and smatterings of many other things - we have a culture where taking initiative and having a good design will result in a system being used by other people.

Great perks and a chill yet super productive atmosphere. I can speak about openings about software engineers, as I don't keep track of other openings as much. Personally, I'm working on api and frameworks for other developers in the company, so come work with me.

There are also openings for front-end, UX, backend, mobile. Contact me benson [dot] fung [at] opower [dot] com if you have questions. We're looking for engineers eager to dig into big data, both on the scalability front and on relevance.

Paul Graham invested in us, but we didn't do YC. We've built a product that makes a real difference and gets huge engagement with millions of kids, and we're about to take it to the next level, hopefully with you on board. If you're a strong hacker who wants to use JavaScript to change the world, apply here: You can read about the work and environment here: At ReelGenie, we are revolutionizing the way stories are told and shared.

We make it easy for anyone to create high-quality movies online to capture life's most important memories. Our company is growing rapidly. Our technical team strives to build the best User Experience, which combines stunning UIs and a robust backend. We have come a long way in a short period of time, but to keep up the pace we are looking for the best and brightest technical talent to join our team.

If you can tackle the responsibilities below, and are open to dive in as new opportunities emerge, this role is for you. The primary responsibilities of this role include: We value shipping features rapidly with varying degree of complexity. We need people who can estimate their work and lay out different possible scenarios upfront if technical challenges are expected.

Numbers are flexible for exceptional candidates. The position can be a contract-to-hire or a full-time position based on what you bring to the table. We are happy to share the URL to our private Beta site, which was launched at RootsTech and is currently open to a select community.

Apply by emailing your resume to jobs reelgeniefilms. Factual's vision is to be an awesome and affordable data provider that enables developers, startups, and big companies to focus on innovation instead of data acquisition.

We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics which was bought by Google and became AdSense. There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure http: Our LA office is our headquarters and our new Palo Alto office is still small, so new hires would have a huge impact on the culture there.

You can email me personally at jake factual. Palo Alto Software Engineer: At Fogbeam Labs, we're not just "putting the enterprise in enterprise social network", and we're not just re-inventing enterprise software, we're re-inventing the enterprise!

We are a "pure play" Open Source company where all of our products are developed in the open, licensed under real Open Source licenses mostly Apache Software License v2 , developed collaboratively with the community. We don't do "throw it over the wall" code dump style "open source" ala Android or whatever. Do you love Open Source, and radically cool technologies?

Do you like the idea of using awesome technology to solve gnarly business problems? Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about things like "Could there be an actual commercial application for Plan 9" or "How could a business use an immersive 3D virtual reality type world for something productive"?

If so, you might want to talk to us We're looking for hackers, sales-people and interns as follows: Experience selling enterprise software solutions is desirable, but we're also very open to training someone from the ground up. If you enjoy interacting with people, have a highly social nature, like solving hard problems and want to make a pile of money in the process, get in touch. Experience with a well known sales methodology such as Solution Selling is a bonus, but not absolutely required.

Remote work arrangements possible, depending on details. Call us and let's talk. We really are interested in everything from demonstrated sales superstars to newbies who have never sold before yes, we'll train the right person s.

INTERNS Looking for a chance to work with some really exciting technology over the summer, contribute to the Open Source world, and learn all about life in a self-funded, bootstrapped startup? Consider interning with us this summer. Internships might be paid or unpaid depending on some details, but at the very minimum we can promise you a glowing reference letter, recommendations assuming you really do good work, of course! And, depending on how things shake out, maybe a job offer if things go well.

We're 2 people now, down from a previous 3, due to one co-founder being overwhelmed by life circumstances and choosing to step aside. An ideal potential co-founder would fit one of two molds: Spring, Hibernate, JBoss, Tomcat, etc.

Strongly preferred would be some experience with machine learning, text mining, social network analysis, enterprise integration, data mining, etc. Experience contributing to Open Source projects is a huge plus. Knowledge of the Customer Development process would be preferred, as well as experience with at least one well known sales methodology such as Solution Selling. Actual sales closing experience would be a HUGE plus here, but isn't absolutely required.

Experience developing partnerships, working with industry analysis, and any PR knowledge would also be highly valued. Anybody we would add to the founding team at this point would need to live in the Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham area.

Email Phil at prhodes at fogbeam dot com for more info. We're a well funded 14 month old startup just starting to poke our heads out of stealth mode. We're reimagining what internet access looks like in the modern world. We've proven and prototyped a lot of the necessary components. We are looking for true generalists.

Yes, some of our work is in Python and Django, but we also have to work with embedded device C code, internal APIs for client applications, networking and firewall configuration and at times even finding and working around the occasional kernel panic. Silly kernel, everything is going to be OK. Prepare to do a lot of it. We have way more components than team members and we intend to keep it that way.

Be comfortable working with minimal oversight. We don't have any PMs and we don't plan to hire any for quite some time.

Understand and appreciate the human-facing side of the business. You are comfortable thinking through what needs to be prioritized next and how that affects our customers. You know when to git merge and when to git rebase, and it makes a difference nobody likes a messy commit history.

Your code feels obvious in retrospect. You take pride in your work. The best way to make sure we're creating value for our users is to make sure our changes don't break things. More info on the website, if you're interested you can apply on the site or you can contact me directly for more information.

We're looking for JavaScript, Rails, and Java developers to come help small businesses compete with the big boys.

We build tools that help them build websites, online stores, and do online marketing. Our main product is an in-browser website design tool that lets users build beautiful html5 sites really easily. We have interesting challenges in the areas of: DevOps Engineer At Doximity, we've grown to a team of over a dozen engineers that cover the full stack. Until now, we've managed our environments and setup processes. It's time for you to take on this role and push us further. About Us Doximity's mission is to help physicians become more productive and successful.

Physicians use Doximity to instantly connect with other healthcare professionals, grow their practices and discover new professional opportunities. Doximity was launched by Jeff Tangney in ; Jeff previously founded and led mobile healthcare pioneer Epocrates.

Key Responsibilities - Involved in all aspects of maintaining the development, QA and production infrastructure and services. Bonus points - Experience with Java based app servers. Contact info in my profile. I mentioned a couple months ago that we have a few engineers who work half-time-ish and do their own things the rest of the time and it got some positive feedback: If it sounds interesting let me know ragalie verbasoftware.

The college textbook market is currently being disrupted. Verba helps college bookstores transform themselves so that they a understand and embrace the power of the nets, b become agents of change in the textbook industry instead of agents of reaction and c continue to make a healthy profit. About colleges and universities use our applications to acquire low-cost inventory and price textbooks competitively. We thankfully don't have too many scaling problems on the technical side, but we have a ton of opportunities product and partner-based that we could move on much faster with a few more hands on deck, and we're always looking for ways to provide more control to our support team so they can provide top-notch customer service.

The ideal person has strong Rails knowledge, solid testing practices, a good head for architecture and knows enough JS to help out on front-end. And be sure to check out our website http: We're looking for a full time developer from our fantastic offices at the Edinburgh Tech Cube http: Remote work is fine after a "burn-in" period of a few months we've got engineers happily working from Spain and Brazil at the moment but we like to get to know the new folks in person first!

Detailed job description can be found on our about page http: If you're debating sending us your CV, we've hired two top devs from these threads in the last 6 months, and we don't mind hiring people who have never completed university or don't look great "on paper". We're growing really quickly, have a small team, a challenging product that's mission critical for our clients, and we're located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with remote workers across the Central Belt of Scotland and beyond.

If you're outside the EU, we can look into visa sponsorship in very special cases, but this can be a long and difficult process, particularly for the UK. Email me if interested, my name is John: Amahi is a seed-stage startup having the largest app store for web apps and media apps. Working remotely is ok. Also interested in interns and freelancers! We do database operations and hosting, and recently raised an A-round.

We're hiring to solve a lot of different problems, but especially looking for help with: Backend engineering - If your ideal work day involves building software to run across hundreds of systems and care about databases, you are someone we want to talk to.

We are one of the companies where operations is the product, so work on the backend systems will often make its way in front of users. We generally believe in using the right tool for a give job. If you want to tackle a particular problem with OCaml, for instance, you probably won't face much friction. We have an office right next to the Caltrain in San Mateo 15 mi south of SF and are willing to let people work remotely if they can do it well.

We will also cover relocation for good people. Our priority is "people who get things done, sometimes in anger" and almost everything else is negotiable. If you're interested, email hello mongohq.

If you want to talk to me directly, mrkurt gmail. Candidates only, no recruiters or agencies please. We're primarily looking for someone who can provide some 'close air support' for the marketing and operations folks in DC to borrow an analogy from Mike Janke We had some confusion about who the the jobs alias was going to That's been sorted now. Scribd online library of books and documents, top website is hiring talented hackers and other technical people for a broad range of technologies.

We're looking for people who want to work with: We've hired people from these threads with everywhere from 0 to 10 years of experience. Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YCombinator companies, more than from any other startup.

We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire. Generally we're looking for full-time and intern hires junior year or older who want to move to SF. H1B and relocation are no problem. We've still got openings for internships this summer. See more at scribd. Sift Science fights fraud with machine learning, recently raised a series A, and launched two weeks ago: We're looking for experts in machine learning, data visualization, distributed systems, and just all-around great hackers.

We're also looking for talented folks in sales and support. The popularity of the platform stems from the fact that candidate contact info remains anonymous until both parties agree to the match, and you're introduced directly to the in-house hiring source founders, CTOs, HR head so it's fast without any spam. We're scaling quickly and need to hire more great talent to keep up with our growth. All of us know how hard it is to find the right job or the right talent efficiently, and we're doing pretty well at solving this problem!

Seasoned UI Engineer angular. Marketing intern with CS background marketing, facebook ads, analytics - this is an on-site role For all jobs, register build your profile at https: If your background and skills are a match, we'll contact you! Full-time - unfortunately we aren't taking anyone remotely now Obligatory TC article: We provide the "voice of the customer" data to businesses through our crowdsourced mobile app.

We are looking for smart, motivated, and scrappy individuals with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. We've recently moved into an amazing multi-story office space at the top of Old City Hall. Pay is competitive and significant upside on equity side. For the engineer role: This is a startup environment so you should be prepared for hard work, self-discipline, nerf gun warfare, and passionate but amazing discussions.

Senior Software Engineer Ready to put all those ideas about scalability into practice in a situation where you really need it? We're helping Stack Overflow, Reddit, and other sites that you've probably heard of serve billions of ads per month. At that scale, things get very interesting. Adzerk engineers are responsible for working on all parts of the system. This includes the front-end web application, back-end services, and the ad delivery engines.

Our platform is built using Node. Performance and scalability are our two primary concerns, and with the traffic and growth rates that we're experiencing, lots of the lessons that you've learned start to break down. All changes come through pull requests. You should have a GitHub account already. We want a team of partners.

We work hard, but at a sustainable pace. If you think you might be a great fit, drop us a line at jobs adzerk. IFTTT is looking for experienced engineers to help build the next generation of its platform. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the core architecture of one of the web's most innovative and exciting services. You'll get to work on challenging technical problems alongside a small but driven group of developers, and play a key role in shaping both the product and team culture.

IFTTT's mission is to help people to create connections between the services and devices they use every day. The current system supports over 60 unique services and runs nearly a hundred million recipe-handling tasks per day, and we plan to dramatically expand on our flexibility and scalability. Under the hood, this translates to building a platform that can talk to and move data between virtually any API you can think of, all in realtime and at massive scale.

We're hoping to find candidates who speak fluently about distributed architectures, databases, and ops, who enjoy rolling up their sleeves and writing code at all levels of the stack, and who have the confidence and depth of knowledge to take ownership of long-term projects. Experience with these is a big plus, but we're constantly evolving, and we value creative problem-solving and desire to learn over domain knowledge. We recently secured a new round of funding, and we work hard to do right by our employees.

New hires at IFTTT enjoy competitive salary and equity, full benefits, sane work schedules, and a flexible vacation policy. Much more than that, we offer interesting, deep projects and an amazing team experience. We operate on the philosophy that the best job perk is fantastic teammates, and to this end we've assembled a staff of intensely curious, well-rounded, talented people who happen to be great engineers.

We're hoping you can be the next one. Akvo Foundation is hiring for several positions on our technical team: You could work from one of these locations, or remotely from a home office.

You must also already have the right to work wherever you will be located. Akvo is a small non-profit foundation with a big mission. We create open source web and mobile software, and build networks of skilled partners that can change the way development aid is allocated and reported. This is important, because it improves the way projects are implemented in some of the poorest parts of the world, making them more effective, efficient, sustainable and visible.

To apply for these positions, send your resume and a brief cover note to adrian akvo. We are currently expanding our mobile offerings as well as building out functionality and features on existing products to meet increasing demands in this sector.

To fill this position you should have experience in both web and mobile development with a recent focus on Android and mobile development frameworks and methodologies. You should bring your passion and motivation to provide cutting edge solutions to given problems and want to encourage and enhance the work being undertaken by the whole team.

Our development team works from a wide variety of locations distributed across the globe, so an active eye on outward communication and coordination is essential to the harmony of the group.

We are experiencing a huge demand for our suite of open source software products, and need to increase our capacity as a team to be able to continually meet the expectations of our working partners. You should feel confident in delivering complete code based solutions to provided problems and documenting the work that you do.

We're looking for someone eager to accept a challenge, and willing to enhance and improve their own skills while continuing to contribute to the group effort.

Due to working in a globally distributed team, you should be an active communicator with the flexibility to encompass the variety of culture and working styles. We have a range of products focused on improving efficiency and sustainability in development aid that require an experienced quality eye to watch over and get involved with the development process, ensuring only the highest grade code leaves the door.

For this position you should have proven experience in writing and implementing test scripts to create a comprehensive suite of quality assurance tools in a modern testing framework such as Lettuce or Selenium.

You should also be willing to complement these automated solutions with manual testing procedures. Your passion for delivering a high quality product should drive your work forwards, and promote good working relationships with your colleagues, assisting and advising on changes and improvements that can make a difference.

We work in a widely distributed team, so you must be motivated to continually communicate and coordinate your efforts with your colleagues, and take an active role in the direction being taken by the group. This includes writing clear and understandable documentation for the work that is being undertaken. Web Developer We're looking for a talented and passionate developer to help improve and expand our web-based application, FormAssembly. The ideal candidate can craft code that's robust and easy to maintain, switch between back-end and front-end development, and keep usability and user experience in mind at all times.

You'll work on our LAMP stack, as well as new projects with a clean slate, for which you'll help pick the best technologies, architecture, and tools.

You'll work autonomously or with the team depending on the project, and will get many opportunities to share, teach, and learn from your coworkers. UX Engineer Designing user interactions around web form building and data collection is a real challenge. If you've ever had to fill out a form online and cursed at your screen, you know what we're trying to improve.

You pay attention to details, and you're an empathetic person, capable of evaluating your work with the eye of a typical user. Sys-Admin We've grown and we need a dedicated System Administrator to maintain, monitor, and improve our high-availability infrastructure.

You should be familiar with the LAMP stack and software like nginx and memcache, as well as monitoring and deployment tools.

You'll be responsible for maintaining the highest security standards, improving and testing our disaster recovery plan, recommending and implementing infrastructure upgrades, and shaving off milliseconds after milliseconds from our application's response time.

We're confortable working with remote workers and have sponsored successfully H1B applicants in the past. Are you a talented server side developer who wants to build best-of-class mobile applications? Do you want to work with talented developers and interact with your clients instead of dealing with project managers?

Would you like to see the fruits of your labor out in app stores rather than working on internal, corporate projects that never launch? Do you enjoy thinking about data in general: Want to live on the bleeding edge of the latest App technology, and continuously learn about new frameworks and patterns as they emerge.

If you've answered yes to a few of the above questions, we'd like to talk to you. Do any of these apply to you as well? Have experience with any of the following data stores: Understanding of scalable and highly-available systems. You appreciate being called a hacker. You really love mobile devices. The WillowTree Apps' office is a fun, exciting place to work.

We've won numerous Webby awards, and have had our apps repeatedly selected by Apple to feature as top apps in various categories. Our open office environment is designed to facilitate collaboration among our team. Our team members are frequent speakers at mobile design conferences.

We hire the best in the industry. The technology industry we live in is fast moving and always changing. If you are the type of person that thrives in that environment then we want to talk to you. We're looking to meet a forward-thinking DevOps engineer to join us at Mixlr and take responsibility for our comprehensive web and live streaming architecture. Mixlr is a platform for social radio. We make streaming live audio easy for tens of thousands of broadcasters streaming to millions of listeners every month - this means our entire architecture has to be both rock-solid and amazingly scalable.

We've already moved mountains to make this happen, and are hugely proud of the system we've built. Now we want to meet the engineer who will take us to the next level of scaling. We would like to meet a highly competent engineer who has a passion for both music or radio and systems engineering, who will be responsible for maintaining, improving and evolving our entire technical infrastructure.

This will include the configuration, deployment and performance-tuning of our live streaming services, web servers, databases, testing services and overall physical and virtual hosting. Find a longer description of this role here: Are you a talented web developer who wants to build best-of-class web applications for mobile and desktop web?

Do you want to see the fruits of your labor out in the wild rather than working on internal, corporate projects that never launch? Do you think JavaScript only gets a bad wrap because most developers don't understand prototypal inheritance? If you've answered yes to a few of the above questions, we'd love to talk to you. To be successful at this job you will have exceptional JavaScript skills, a friendly personality and the ability to work in collaboration with other developers and our clients.

You've built something cool using Backbone. Maybe you've even built your own toolkit that sits on top of your preprocessor of choice. You've worked with at least one high-level server-side language. You can clearly articulate why "responsive design" isn't a panacea. You love the web. Who do we want? It's a casual work environment, and we work with the advisory side of the business as our primary 'customers' they are experts in the area of finance we serve.

How do we do it? It's a week to work on ideas that we wouldn't normally have time for in the 'daily grind'.

These can be anything from trying out a new language or technology to refactoring existing stuff. We have been growing really fast since launching in , and we want you to be part of the awesome company we are building. We're always looking for talented, happy, hungry, honest, and humble people. We work hard on making quality original games, at scale, and we're gamers at heart!

If this resonates with you, get in touch on jobs prettysimplegames. Come work for us -- and bring a colleague with you! TourBuzz empowers independent real estate photographers to achieve their goal of delivering beautiful photography while running a successful business.

Our platform gives them all the tools they need from order taking and scheduling to image processing, virtual tour hosting and image delivery to clients. We are profitable, growing, and have great customers. We take a craftsman approach to building software. If you like solving problems, working with customers, and delivering beautiful code in a productive but fun atmosphere, you'll probably like it here! I'm a Python developer working for the Schroeder Institute, a non-profit research organization supported by the American Legacy Foundation who run The Truth anti-smoking campaign.

Our offices are located in Dupont Circle. My team has an open position. Our mission is to build software that moves public health forward. We have projects ranging from a Facebook app for an NIH grant studying virality techniques on Facebook to a multi-tenant dynamic text messaging system designed to integrate into everything from public health campaigns to medical electronic record systems.

We spend every day literally making the world a better place. And we do it with technologies like: The benefits are absolutely incredible here. And like being paid a competitive salary, then please apply at the offical job posting here: If you're interested please contact me: Chicago REMOTE Looking for business development and marketing specialist to help our small but very profitable startup enter new markets and establish new connections with large corporations, computer repair chains, resellers, and affiliates for our very powerful and very popular system recovery and repair products and utilities, as well as help in marketing to individual, retail customers directly.

We have real products and real customers and are addressing a real need in the marketplace - we just need your help to better present and expose our software! Focus will be on both B2B and B2C markets, creativity is a must! Email us at neosmart neosmart. Android Developer Are you a talented Android developer who wants to build stunning apps? Do you want to work with exceptional developers and interact with your clients instead of dealing with project managers?

As an Android developer at WillowTree Apps you will work on a wide range of projects and be responsible for your work and client deliverables. To be successful at this job you will have stellar Android development skills, a friendly personality and the ability to work in collaboration with other developers and our clients.

Have at least a few published Android apps. Self-starter with a passion for embracing new technologies, delivering quality code and best-in-class mobile apps. Have an entrepreneurial attitude The WillowTree Apps' office is a fun, exciting place to work. We help ecommerce companies make sense of their customer data, and use this data to build products that help them engage their customers more effectively.

Here's some stuff we've built and parts of our stack: Radically improving the UI for data analysis is the core challenge of our company. As our first hire and only front-end specialist, you'll drive the function and feel of our UI, creating entirely new ways of interacting with data.

You'll meet weekly with the designer of the TiVo UI an advisor of ours to sketch out solutions to extremely challenging usability problems, which you'll then implement. And as the first hire, you'll earn significant equity and help shape our culture. Excited about taking responsibility and ownership over big pieces of the product. Comfortable with UI and UX challenges. Graphic design skills are a bonus we currently have none.

Interested in data analysis. Familiarity with the other tools listed above is a bonus. Deeply concerned with system reliability, code quality, and front end architecture. Open to asking for help, taking feedback, collaborating, and generally being a team player. Has a sense of it. Careers page has broad details too at: Thanks, Ben bwb site5. We have traction and revenue and funding!

Our customers love us, because we move quickly and provide amazing support. Everyone in the company talks to customers regularly. We're still a small team, so you'll have a large impact on company culture. We're highly influenced by Valve's Employee handbook, and the cultures at.

SF-local employees have catered lunch every day. The frontend is a fat javascript client, using HamlCoffee, Less and Knockout. The backend is written in Clojure. Contact us at jobs circleci. Include samples of awesome stuff you've done.

We see a vision of the future where your phone, along with other sensor technology, becomes a personal trainer in your pocket. With our platform, users can integrate data from over other partner apps. We are hiring in Engineering, but will also consider really strong product managers and data science folks.

Contact me directly username gmail. The team previously built Tinkercad, the first cloud based CAD software, and Gen6 the first massively distribute geometry kernel.

Our team, that is. But we're experiencing an amazing amount of success working with large hospital systems around the country, and we need your coding skills and imagination to do it better. We haven't gotten around to issuing a press release in a while, but now we have multiple products and A-list customers are coming to us without any advertising whatsoever, and we need all the help we can get to constantly improve our products and dream up new ones for the healthcare industry.

So come write some Ruby with us. You don't have to be a ninja rockstar astronaut guru sommelier kind of Rubyist, but if you are, that's fantastic! We have a lot on our plate and highly experienced folks would be a great asset.

However, if you're just a smart, passionate, friendly developer with no Ruby on Rails experience but consider yourself a decently quick learner, then we'd be interested in talking to you as well. We're pretty flexible with work arrangements, but we are enjoying a lot of face time in the office these days since we find that helpful with figuring out everything we've got going on right now.

Please consider coming on board if you like companies with no bureaucracy and huge growth prospects! CB Insights is a National Science Foundation-funded tech firm assessing the health of private companies using public data. We're currently hiring for the following full-time positions: We are hiring an onboarding director for our company.

Our need is for an organized self-starter that is fairly technical to take over the onboarding and project-direction for new customers of our platform. You'll also be dealing with product development, learning how our infrastructure works and coming up with ideas to increase customer happiness.

We always hire with upward mobility in mind; do a great job and we will make sure you benefit from it. We're a small startup of 4 people, well-funded and growing rapidly located in downtown San Diego.

Our software platform is in the ad-tech space, but we also deal with hardware, large scale data processing and crap-tons of other bleeding-edge tech. Our two rules are: This is a job that rewards people that can improvise and have a relentless attitude towards quality.

There is no frying pan in our business, only a fire - but we give you a hell of a flameproof suit and reward accordingly for your effort. Brightbox makes and operates an elegant and secure linux-based phone charging station for restaurants, hotels, malls, gyms, and everywhere else people spend time out.

We're a young angel-backed company in the process of growing our engineering team. We're currently looking for an infrastructure engineer -- the role includes internal tooling and devops responsibilities. We offer competitive salaries, stock options, and healthcare.

See the full description here: We're looking for two well-rounded Python developers to help rebuild our core technologies.

We're in the process of optimizing our product strategy for growth and flexibility. This is a chance for developers to help architect and build the future platform for the travel industry. We need you to join our technology team and help modernize the systems our various departments use to promote and service the world's most exciting travel opportunities. Ideal candidates will be mid-career officially we're looking for mid-level and senior-level developers programmers comfortable with full stack development, working in small teams, and juggling a diverse set of products.

Python is a must -- Django even better -- but familiarity with other languages is a plus. Andrew Harper is a luxury travel brand.

Harper travels incognito and at his own expense in search of the world's most enchanting places. His reviews of exclusive hotels and restaurants are shared with subscribers in his monthly publication of the Hideaway Report. Please contact us at jobs andrewharper. Include HN Post in the subject line to be considered.

We're building the world's first search engine for data at Datafiniti. Work on fascinating problems that involve working with billions of data points, building intelligent agents, scaling out massive data collection, and more. We have a small, close-knit team that enjoys working and hanging out together.

Sending an email to careers datafiniti. Ruby engineer needed to help architect, build, test and improve a young, fast moving and market defining web application with all the challenges that come with that. Email me if you'd like to drop by. PagerDuty is a builder-focused culture looking to grow aggressively with millions in the bank and customers that you've heard of from Heroku to Microsoft We're currently hiring across the entire stack: We're also hiring many positions into both of our offices -- Toronto and San Francisco.

For more info on our jobs, please see http: Learn more about us at http: Run democratically, you get to do what you want. We believe that if you hire intelligent people, the worst thing you can do is tell then tell them what to do. Our mission is to help people.

So you won't be working on a tweak of anything that is already in existence. We exist to innovate. For example, every real estate start-up has put effort into map UIs, forms and listings. We do believe that only by collaborating will the toughest problems be solved. There is reason I've gone into so much detail about our values: I'm sure you can problem solve.

I'm certain your JavaScript is clean and beautiful. But if our incentives aren't aligned with yours, we shouldn't be working together. If you want to help people, focus on innovating and build all day long, say hi: We have grown from 1 to 20 employees in 2 years mostly fulltime, but several contractors. We're working on a consumer web product that will be released in the next months.

We started about 5 months ago, and are looking for engineers who can hit the ground running and work with our existing team. We use Scala, Play! Check out our site for complete job descriptions, and to learn a little about us: Also, check out our engineering blog to see about some of the problems we're working on: Growing and scaling up FortyTwo's backend.

At this stage of the company it means going all the way from building clusters of services, optimizing concurrent processing, building data pipelines, working with various types of databases and implementing devops automations. FortyTwo is dealing with massive amounts of user events, analytics data, social graphs and web documents. You will be asked to design and build a new breed of Machine Learning and Information Retrieval systems that will be of large scale with tight throughput and latency requirements.

Design and build high quality, modern consumer web user experiences. Our front-end engineers should be comfortable working at all levels of the development stack database, server, browser.

Design and build high quality, modern consumer mobile user experiences. Define and implement APIs library and network for mobile apps. Our mobile engineers should be comfortable working at all levels of the development stack storage, server, multiple mobile platforms.

Do you want your work to make an important impact on the product? Are you someone who preaches the work of Edward Tufte? Are you excited by standards-based web design and pushing the envelope with innovative interfaces? Do you want to be a part of one of San Diego's premier startups? Want to use your skills as a force for good to improve education for all?

At Educreations, we believe that the world's best teachers should be available to all students. As a first step, we've made it extremely easy for teachers to teach online. Our top app transforms the iPad into a mobile lesson recording studio, and hundreds of thousands of teachers and students are using it daily to learn from each other anytime, anywhere.

We're looking for some passionate people to help us redefine online teaching and learning. If you want to make a dent in the universe and are a strong Python hacker, have experience with Objective C or are an awesome designer, we want to talk to you.

Urban Airship has tons of engineering and other positions open: There are over 1 billion app installs with our SDK in it. That's a lot of devices we push data to, and it's a lot of data coming back when devices phone home analytics data, location data, etc. Our engineering targets for push are , messages sent per second or more. It's interesting because a lot of our traffic is outbound us sending things to phones as well as inbound phones calling back to us. It's kind of crazy, we have to make sure we don't DDOS ourselves and our customers.

I work on Audience Segmentation. Customers can slice and dice who they want to send to. Our engineering roles are available in Portland or San Francisco, your choice.

We also have a Digital Wallet team in Palo Alto that is going hard at Passbook and other digital wallet tools. If you interested email me at ben at urbanairship dot com.

We're looking for creative hackers and programmers to join our dev team. I could be accused of drinking the Kool-aid, but I honestly believe Smarterer is doing something unique and important. We're approaching a point where traditional university credentialing isn't enough, skills are changing too quickly and what makes someone effective in a role or job is evolving.

It's not the market's fault. In fact, go ahead and look up the list of the top 50 schools in the world, tell me where most of them are If students are willing to pay absurd amounts for a worthless education, who's fault is that? First of all, it is not a free market - not even close. Federally-backed student loans involve government participation in the market. This puts government loans at an advantage over private lenders right off the bat.

The government even changed the bankruptcy laws on student loans to further increase its market dominance. Pick a loan, any other loan that you will ever have in your entire life: The government is happy to wipe those loans right off of your record as if they never existed.

But, you experienced hard times after a drunk driver hit you, resulting in paralysis and causing you to lose your job and health insurance so that you can no longer pay your medical bills. You declare bankruptcy to relieve yourself of some of these obligations you will never be able to repay and the government graciously allowed you to wipe your slate clean so that you no longer have to pay any of those private companies the money that you owe them.

But, you still have to pay the government back for the money they loaned you. Apparently private lenders need to be much more cautious about who they lend to because their loans can be discharged by the federal government.

However the loans made by the federal government can not be discharged. That's not a free market. Also consider that the federal government has endless resources and lawyers who spend their careers on lending, bankruptcy and tax laws.

Yet the other party to this transaction is a 17 or 18 year old with zero real-world experience and within their few first few months of even attaining the age of majority required to enter into a contract, who has no way of having any experience or specialized knowledge on this subject and at that point in their lives.

A student loan, with 40 pages of fine-point boiler plate text, is what's known as an adhesion contract. When private companies enter into an adhesion contract with an unsophisticated consumer, the courts will always deferred to the side of the unsophisticated consumer Whenever there is any confusion as the meaning of contract terms because courts recognize the inherent in equity and contracts or loans like these.

Yet despite these protections for consumers against grain Private Business, the federal government not only does not extend such protection too 17 and 18 year old student loan applicants, it actually prohibits those students from Raising such arguments. Engaging in the same abuse that you deem illegal for private companies to engage in, is not only fucked up, it's not a free market. But, yeah, blame the seventeen-year-old who just wants to go to school with his friends and try to better himself and become a productive member of society.

As someone who within the past few years graduated from college, with student loans, and has since paid them off, I can't say I agree with covering student's bad decisions. This is objective reality, and there are consequences to pay. You cannot sign a loan to anyone under 18, and even at 18 no lender in their right mind signs to an 18 year old without a co-signer.

Attending college is by no means an automatic ticket to "becoming a productive member of society". In fact, I would argue that it kills that drive in many. Most likely more years, and more money considering a vast majority of students don't graduate on time anymore.

They then get dumped out into the real world with a substance abuse problem, a degree that most likely fraudulently represents the ability to be proficient at something, and a longing to go back to the utopia safe space that is college that also costs literally tens of thousands of dollars per year. You are right that it is not a free market, but making college free tax payer paid That only incentivizes these bad habits that are already going on in campuses.

Tuition costs keep rising because people are willing to pay for it. What is really the case, is that people have coddled their children and at 18 years old they have the maturity of a 14 year old. Who's problem is that?

I had no problem understanding the full contents of my loans at 18, because compounding interest really isn't that complicated of a subject to master. It can be done if you aren't an idiot. My dad, who has invested and traded for a whole not anymore, he's retired always told me. Make your plan, put your target and be happy if you hit your target. Cash out whenever you feel is right and hopefully you met your target.

Don't look back, let someone else get that last squeeze. This is an excellent post. I'm sure there's a lot of early people here that are starting to think about when to realize the profit. He also sold at a good price in a very tumultuous time. We have no idea what will happen with bitcoin. We have an important tech stalemate and an immoral censorship in this subreddit.

It is what It is. Bitcoin will survive, of course, but no one can call the moon launch. Forget what any haters say. People on this sub claim Bitcoin is "life changing. Your kids lives are completely different now. Hats off to you. Yeah, you shouldn't ever have to apologize about selling. What you do with your money is your business.

Dude I gotta ask, what are the logistics of selling that much Bitcoin? Do you get an accountant involved? Do you just withdraw it to a checking account? I sold, and had it in my checking account a few days later. For tax purposes I track my cost basis and generate a report for my accountant, one that looks the same as a brokerage account for stock trades.

I appreciated your last post, and appreciate this post as well. Nice gift to the kids: It's all a gamble. At the time, you made the right decision for you in terms of things you needed funds for. Unfortunately in reality it wound up being a bad play. This is an impossible prediction either up or down. We're all just along for the ride Man there sure are some negative people in the bitcoin community.

I don't know what it could be other then jealousy, considering you're now playing with house money, still have an obviously substantial amount of coins and have changed your life for the better in numerous ways. I think this post is amazing. And while I'm probably holding less than one percent of what you recently sold I'm excited as hell about the prospects. I don't understand your comment?

I just explained that I'm pretty happy with my decision. Just ask my kids. Only reason for you to be making a post like this is because you want people to follow you to make you feel better.

You can't tell me this price rise after you sold didn't get to you. This post is just a way to affirm your decision. Judging past decisions using future information is not healthy, you must make the best decision you can using the information you have and then accept the consequences of that decision. Feeling regret is not helpful, and there's nothing to learn from it because you still can't know the future on the next decision you take.

I sold a chunk of mine over the last few days. Is this the top? But it could also drop and never recover. How can I pass up this much free extra money right now? It's pure profits for me. I can do a lot with this extra money today. I say take some profits when times are exceedingly good.

If you don't set targets you'll end up what.. Need some kind of exit strategy. Nothing wrong with that at all OP is way too emotional for his own good. This guy fucked up, and we'll probably see a similar post one day when he admits how wrong he was about small blocks.

Tell the guy who has to come back to reddit and make a post to a bunch of people he doesn't know justifying his choices. I'm telling you, the one who said: If you believe your past decisions get to you because of future events then my message is for you. Completely agree with you. There wasn't much of a point to post this entire story. There is never reward without risk, and OP is looking to consolidate his decision by getting support from the community.

Others aren't, and will never be. The reasons for getting out of BTC is reaching your fear treshold many times, which is easy to reach if you repeat some mantras in your own head.

Tell yourself how difficult money can be to get, and you start cherishing your gains more and more. Tell yourself how many things you could buy if you cashed out now, and you will want to do just that. If you don't, and just keep riding the roller coaster without judging, knowing that there's an up- and downside, you can be quite comfortable. There are two types of people really, those that love comfort to some extent, and those that hodl.

The reason for the post is to share one person's experience in a way that might by useful for others. It's the nature of dealing with volatile and risky investments.

It all depends on context doesn't it? What if in 5 years bitcoin is zero? That means he made an excellent choice.

Most people are in as they expect the price to rise significant so they can sell at a profit. If my bitcoin was worth 1mil I would sell it for my local currency. I don't really care if Bitcoin exists in 20 years, I just want to make money. As do most people. Obviously there is a small contingent of anarcho capitalists here who want to see fiat burn or whatever Most people don't want that though.

Yea, there's a use case for it. However, the people pushing the market up into the thousands, with multi million bids probably care little about buying weed online.

If it makes you feel any better the rally is probably stopped short. Gonna be some serious downtrending now? Crypto is on an exponential growth curve.

There are about k daily transactions today compared to about k a year and a half ago. Right now it looks like price follows usage, so if bitcoin stops growing in price the momentum will likely transfer to whatever alts can grow to service the k in daily transactions we should add over the next year. The only thing that can stop this train is a general economy-wide meltdown that would cause major asset holders to dump crypto to get short-term liquidity to cover their losses elsewhere.

But even that will probably not happen since crypto is probably an uncorrelated asset that will get buy-in if the economy goes south, and not enough people with significant debt hold it to liquidate.

Noobs just about always become sold-out-early bulls He just caved to the FUD which really isn't that bad, but still pretty sucky. I remember your original post, and you did a smart choice.

In fact, I did so too around the same time, though I bought back in time to ride this new wave. Bottom line, some are happy to risk and speculate, some arent, but everyone uses their bitcoins as they see fit.

Money is here to serve our needs, not the other way around. Weren't you on an episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin vehemently defending sidechains, or was that someone else? Why did you pay off their loans to reduce their anxiety as opposed to reassuring them that you would pay them off if need be? Unless you were really worried that BTC would crash you could've hodld all your coins for another halving or two.

Nonetheless great job on the winning investment and I hope you still have a lot of coins remaining. Because student loans are a scam. They have obscenely high interest rates and the payments you make barely make a dent in the principal. Just wondering what is the best network to buy bitcoin from? Should I use coinbase or some other network. It is an example of why it is always a good idea to not invest more in bitcoin than you can handle to loose.

It's all about timing You made a good decision a couple of months ago, and no matter what the price goes to, it will still have been a good one. As someone with significant uni debts, I know you've made their lives better. Thank god almost no one else is arrogant enough to post this kind of thing. But here you are posting a follow-up. Thanks for your advice. I'll sell some of my profits at the right time from my Paxful wallet. Posts like this make me wonder if anyone in the bitcoin community has ever actually invested in anything before.

Why do you say that? Since when it taking profit after a massive return "bad investment strategy"? The bitcoin I sold had been held since early Taking profit after an asset increased by 10x hardly seems like a bad investment decision. Especially with a high risk volatile asset. But, hey, what do I know. I only have a seven digit portfolio. Give me some of your wise investing strategies. It's all in my retirement accounts or real estate. And deciding which asset to sell, I chose the one with the biggest return and highest volatility.

You think I should have sold a different asset? I can't determine which assets you should liquidate. It just sounded funny that you are worth so much money, and have experienced so many huge gains, yet you were unable to pay off student loans without selling bitcoin.

It could very well be the best decision for you, but it just sounds funny. They weren't my loans. I was taking 'found money' and giving it as a gift. I wanted to make sure my kids made their own payments at first, which they did for years, but when I was sitting on a highly liquid windfall I liken it to winning the lottery I decided to do that as a gift. It's not your strategy I was referring to. It was the general discussion, and directed not at you solely, but the general tone of this entire sub lately.

I agree with that. Everyone on this sub who owns one bitcoin acts like they are going to be millionaires some day. I can't imagine a situation amongst sophisticated investors in which one would receive sufficient razzing to prompt a defense of what was clearly a great decision overall.

Lol we've got a millionaire here.

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