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Reddit is the big honeypot, where this bitcointalk to be advertised and bitcointalk. I ordered some Bitrex 5 hours ago. Stupidasole ever selling any coins. I predict it will break 12 tonight. Illusionz I know, Digibytes bought about 4M at 5 Still. Lets get working boys.

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Also bought XVG big time. BunnyJinx Alright I've fomo'ed into this balls deep. StrangeWizard that's when i think it'll get more volatile, a lot of the sell walls will be completely removed around then. Please look at what to all the other coins. I have no clue what will happen. Go on reddit, go to crypto subreddits, talk about RDD 3. But ill gladfully work with everyone here on Reddit and where ever else!

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Donald Trump and Warren Buffet got nuttin on me: SniperWish No way, he is a monocoinist Bitcoin will rule all with a small respect for ether. Bitcointalk Can Bitrex Scrypt,is that you? BunnyJinx Alright I've fomo'ed into this balls deep. BunnyJinx that was mighty digibytes of you.

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Safex Delisted From Bittrex? Altcoin Buzz Month ago. Como comprar y vender en www. Crypto vs Metals 2 months ago. Minexbank como se deposita y se invierte Dante 14K 2 months ago. Bitcoin Criptomonedas Year ago. NET 2 months ago.

What is Einsteinium EMC2? Hilaire 5 months ago. Storj primer pago como retirar y en donde vender Dante 14K 6 months ago. Tutorial de como minar electroneum ojo Cryptopia no acepta pagos de pools mineria Dante 14K 2 months ago.

Bought at 4 when OP mentioned it the other day. Looking to add to my buy position into every dip. Supergrass Well you shouldn't be transferring this shit right now in the middle of a pump and dump to an exchange with little to nonexistent trading volume, Honestly transfer it back to bittrex until you have solidified your gains, and make no mistake, this is a pump and dump based dependently on the shilling of this coin to reddit. Spamalot I did as well while its still a cheapy coin.

Endless Buy and sell orders at 10 and You still make a Profit if you do a buy order at 10, and sell order at Think I'ma drop another c-note into it and call it a night Soon moon, moon soon. This website may contain content of an adult nature. If you are under the age of 18, if such content offends you or if it is illegal to view such content in your community, please EXIT.

Answer this thread Start new thread. All urls found in this thread: Will normies actually use this bullshit? Started with 3 USD a month ago. I got in a 7 and I threw 15 bucks at it. Enjoy spending the rest of your life on the filthy ground while we are absorbed by the cosmos. Evilember in 2 days. It says it's going to take 3 years to sync. Gigastrength where does it show that. Techpill go kys no coiner. AwesomeTucker download the bootstrap. It's literally on the download page: Still at market cap this coin is so undervalued it's fucking ridiculous hahaha, thanks Veeky Forums for pointing this out to me.

I'm new to all of this. Stupidasole go ask mammy for and advance. I imagine you are very smelly. Bought k at 5 sats and k at 8 sats. Im going to enjoy the canyons of Mars fellow Veeky Forums heads BunnyJinx My old man has been a bitcoin fanatic since , he made over kgbp on it, he has mined it with asics and cloud mined, he lurks the forums religiously every night, reads every white paper.

Am I going to make it bros will my beloved father ever respect me again? It's a healthy market when you have both buying and selling. Jk yes it absolutely does. It's only going up man. Methshot That's not its only defining feature though.

SniperWish No way, he is a monocoinist Bitcoin will rule all with a small respect for ether. Then call him old and outdated. Then speed away on your lambo and get road dome from Stacy. I love you, bizbro. I wanna be rich. Stupidasole im holding to Stupidasole hodl, big potential to go mainstream. Stupidasole Hold this shit big time man. I get why its called red coin. CouchChiller look past 20, literally no asks. We're gonna be sucking each other off on tha mooooon! Only plebbit coins, but I'm happy to not be a nocoiner anymore.

I exited my position on dgb to get in on this sweet gravy train. SniperGod i sold DGB for a million in these. BTC deposits taking forever It's never been this bad, fuck I just want to join in on the fun. Emberfire 3 fucking minutes.

JunkTop Me too thanks, Onwards to sub 23 for 11sat. Carnalpleasure Check'd If this shit hits I'm going to an hero and stream it, screen cap this post. Ignoramus Here you go: Evilember when the IRS niggers start taxing us. Burnblaze 11 Sat from FastChef we're going to make it.

FastChef Look at that chip away. Got in at 6 sats with. Still worth getting in at 12? I got in 60 dollars at 6, but want to put in more MPmaster MPmaster I overdrafted my bank account to get in at 8 sat and I'm really glad I did in other news, what the fuck is up with the sell order volume at 12 sats?

Wtf is wrong with Bittrex? I ordered some RDD 5 hours ago. It shows its stuck in Order page and I still have none. Wasn't paying attention and 30btc sell wall for 11 sat is gone already. I'm dumping all my mining earnings in the next couple hours to this. BunnyJinx Alright I've fomo'ed into this balls deep. Carnalpleasure Can we send them Lambos? Deadlyinx As long as everyone makes it out safely then we can meme about it afterwards.

SniperWish this is reddit the coin, it will fuel itself. WebTool Yes, a doji is the all-deciding indicator that moves trillions up and down. GoogleCat It is literally just beginning. GoogleCat its too late at Methnerd Reddit is the big honeypot, where this needs to be advertised and bitcointalk. Looks like should crumble eventually. Garbage Can Lid Scrypt,is that you?

This is my first memecoin, this shit is way to stressful. Booteefool I said that yesterday when I kept seeing it stay at 5 and thinking it wouldn't go up at all. Where do I buy. Will someone tell me? I got 4btc worth cash to drop. Burnblaze about tree fiddy. Carnalpleasure Yeah, just send it here, you'll get your coins instantly. Anyway I bought the dip at 8 and have 1 million RDD now. SniperGod I have btc thanks. WebTool Someone start a Reddit shill general? WebTool 50 sats by tmrw tbqh familam.

This is reddit the coin. FastChef Don't speak it.. BunnyJinx that was mighty white of you. Spazyfool Yo, wheres the 12 sat calculations? Ignoramus m8 your gonna fuck people over with this and the pump will lose momentum. Garbage Can Lid Top ramen noodles my man. Just in case though. I don't want to go to the moon, I want to go the the center of the fucking galaxy.

TurtleCat No one left to sell M worth of coins poured into a new wall. We win when we get all the normies attention. Instead of staring at charts do the following 1. Look at the orders in the past hours, it's a circlejerk between 10 Bids and 11 Asks.

PurpleCharger holy shit i forgot about twitter excellent idea even shilling in normie places like cuckbook would work. Illusionz I know, I bought about 4M at 5 Still. Booteefool Don't stress it brother, long fight ahead. Booteefool Don't worry it's going up and down and you might still be able to get in at 9.

Full Member Offline Activity: LOL were is Mr Pump when you need him the most I'm holding and i know it sucks that the price is down alot, but i'm not leaving anytime soon. Not even 1DGB leaves my wallet. Bluestreet on November 26, , Myraidcoins on November 26, , The dev can make the fees lower in the future.

BTC did it many times without hard forks. No problem so far. DigiByte on November 26, , Powered by SMF 1.

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