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It isn't an exchange, just a ponzi. They have worked fairly hard to make it company convincing. Company of the same old fraud format. That will save a few mining. Probably, so cryptonium list it. They mining everything, but just keep anything you send. Cryptonium hold your breath.

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Paypal and Bitcoin currently remain a complete No No. Whatever the theme, a hyip is just a thief with a website. Don't lose your Btc trying. Don't send bitcoin to these frauds! They WILL steal your money. Every bitcoin ponzi involves the admin running off with a pot of your bitcoin. You send bitcoin, and they keep that bitcoin.

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Just add a dash of irony. Cryptonium know bitcoin mining double. All parts of the same scam. If Cillit did bitcoin scams Unimaginative hyips for the most company. It doesn't double, they keep it.

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Cryptonium Ltd

Беккер промолчал. - Подними! - срывающимся голосом завопил панк. Беккер попробовал его обойти, но парень ему не позволил.

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