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Why shouldn't I buy litecoin? April 8, at 5: April 7, at 8: You should then be able to get the voltage down nearly as low as 1. August 20, at 5:

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I have this cooler on my , and it's fantastic http: Alright awesome, ill definitely go for linux but i gotta know how to install it, btw do you install it on like a flash drive? You can try to lower the clock though. If you are currently running a mining rig using a x card, feel free to show-off your settings and results in the comments! I will try to spend some time and post the configurations for each and every R9 X i can get my hands on.

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If you are going to do that you might litecoin well return it overclock a X. When I play my games I use the overclock Mhz core clock litecoin Mhz memory clock. April 7, at 3: Well 280x in all — your config looks pretty solid. Hi I have 2x R9 x also I 280x using -gpuengine only.

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Overclock 280x litecoin

RGOC: How to Overclock AMD Radeon R9 280 [Guide, Voltage tweak]

Hi, Usually it's because the GPU is defective or unstable at that setting. Since you don't get that with lower settings, I'm suspecting the card cannot support that overclock. Did you monitor the GPU temperatures when litecoin mining? Can't find your answer? Ask a new question. R9 x Toxic Display Crashing and Artifacts! Black squares and other artifacts? I know it is possible to have them running higher but with normal settings they will life longer. My settings are just --thread-concurrency -I 13 -g 2 -w --gpu-fan 85 --lookup-gap 2 --gpu-engine --gpu-memclock --expiry 1 --scan-time 1 --queue 0 --no-submit-stale.

Full Member Offline Activity: December 28, , Typically you'll have a problem in multi gpu configs. My card gets khsec in a single config but hashes poorly in a multigpu config less than and no better than khsec. Flashing the card to an earlier bios say Cards with this bios version don't have this problem. Maybe dumping the existing This is just a guess. Also pressing the sapphire button on the card so it operates the bios may help, I haven't tried yet will give this a shot tho.

After investigations its due to the vrms running really hot over c. Sapphire has been contacted but won't fix it and says the temps are acceptable: To fix it yourself, you may swap it for a toxic edition which has heatsinks on the vrms vs just heatpads that the vaporx uses. I'm going to try increase the TDP e.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news if you aren't aware of this. Any suggestions for finding and fixing the problem? I will try to spend some time and post the configurations for each and every R9 X i can get my hands on. The images have been updated with the new configuration and hashrate. Did you ever burn any powered riser cables? I think I had overwhelmed the power being drawn through a few powered risers.

From everything I can find online, it seems that the fans might be running at to high a RPM. Whats your cgminer setting set on for fans? Most of the time, i set my fan at So your not using powered risers at all? How many R9 x cards per motherboard maximum have you ran at once? And what motherboard are you running.

I saw this http: You can try to search the vBIOS for your model at techpowerup http:

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