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You can tell the difference easily if gflops look at the pixel and texture fillrate of both GPUs. Depending on the tasks it'll have to perform, the for FLOPS output might be drastically lower than the peak ps4 is basically what T just said. Or sign in with one of these services. It has less CUDA for and runs at the slower clock. Create an account gflops sign bitcoins to comment Bitcoins need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create ps4 account Sign up for a new account in our community. Can someone elaborate on this with a certain confidence?

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He just said capable, not more capable than the ps4. So yes, GPU performance can be measured in Flops. This is being done by a small indie dev team, I'm sure PD will use similar tactics to calculate most of their physics and graphical effects, GT7 should look and feel glorious, and it will probably leave us foaming at the mouth, we're just going to have to wait. Sep 12, Sep 12, 4. Wasn't it confirmed that GT5's release was caused by the PS3 and online features? Sep 14,

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Sep 13, By posting your answer, you for to the privacy policy and terms of service. Ask ps4 new gflops. I also thought it could be illegal, bitcoins I steered clear. No this means the ps4's gpu is capable of a few percent better floating point performance.

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My question is this: When CPU mining was common gaming consoles did provide comparable performance. There was some development work for xbox and PS3. Even the earliest crudest implementations vastly outperformed any CPU in terms of raw hashing power, hashing power per dollar, and hashing power per watt.

Since then refinement of OpenCL kernels have only widened that performance differential. Currently there is no economic value in using CPU for mining Bitcoins. Due to the emergence of GPU mining there are a couple issues that make mining with current gaming consoles futile.

Consoles are not upgradable and that is both a benefit and detriment. Right now we are at the tail end of ther current consoles lifecycle and it works against using consoles for computing power. However at the begining of a console life cycle the hardware is rather powerful for the price point and they are routinely subsidized.

So to answer your question there is no benefit to mining on current gen consoles, however it may be possible that "next-gen" console would be viable hasing platforms at least for the first couple years before their static hardware fall behind due to the continually effect of Moore's law.

It remains to be seen if future consoles could be used for hashing but using current generation consoles for hashing is simply not economical. For now the platform is limited to whatever platform someone can run a miner on.

Although some people looked at the specs of xbox , and they are pretty weak, similarly to PS3. Equivalent hardware was listed in the same topic , and you can see how they perform on the extensive wiki list of mining hardware. So, whereas it is possible to mine on anything that can perform some basic computations, some machines are better than others.

And with the profitability of mining being quite low, you wouldn't break even. Your Experience with Autism? Compare the fp32 of literally any two competitive products and this is brutally apparent. The ti desktop which boosts higher and has a higher memory speed is much faster for gaming than the downclocked and the m Maxwell.

Corsair k70 Cherry MX Reds. Music of the Ainur. It's faster at Foating point operations. Shaders, VRAM speed and the likes also matter. I read that in Walter whites voice, because of your pic. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? By urusai Started 7 minutes ago Posted in Peripherals.

By Pythons Started 14 minutes ago Posted in Programming. By Naijin Started 1 hour ago Posted in Audio. By drkknghtavngr Started 1 hour ago Posted in Troubleshooting. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Sign in with Microsoft. Sign in with Google. Sign in with Steam. Sign in with Discord. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. The architectures have their advantages. CBE, in and of itself, favors too much of the absolute in regards to throughput on a platform where it was bottlenecked from day one, whereas Jaguar has no such complication.

Sep 12, 5. So I got suspicious. Sep 12, 6. It struck a few people as odd that Sony would invest so much into the platform only to move to an entirely new, yet simpler, platform. Understandably so, but I'm of the opinion that the PS4's architecture, especially it's memory pool, would have played very nicely with a second generation CBE platform.

Mark has his reasons for not opting to go that route and most of them are based entirely on what I've said above and it being a pain to optimize. Sep 12, 7. He just said capable, not more capable than the ps4. Sep 12, 8. Posting paragraphs in bold just makes you look attention seeking.

Sep 12, 9. I dont care about power. The simple PS4 architecture is apparently going to shave up to a year off of development time according to Mark Cerny. Give me that over the CELL any day. Sep 12, Can't really compare it as the parts back then were selected for a certain jobs.

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