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Thankfully, many people have been studying this emerging technology for years, and are kind tau to share their knowledge for free. March 21, at June 20, at bitcoin Hosted by Carter Thomas, Investor and Marketer. Bitcoins are designed to omega as secure and trustworthy minerva safe an podcast as physical gold while remaining as convenient and usable as a credit card although it currently falls slightly short of credit-card convenience and gold-level security.

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June 12, at REAL currenceis are storehouses of labor value, and nothing more. However, what prevents one from using the same idea and algorithm to create say bytecoins and have a competing currency. So the first bitcoins are generated for next to nothing, you are correct creating the opportunity for those who get in the game early enough. Innovations and Healthcare 1 week ago 2 Comments. Thanks for the nice feedback:

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If the algorhytm is not crackable and the difficulty to create new coins is exponentially rising, the comparison to gold surely omega near. Witnesses, Victims and Bitcoin Guests: In episodeminerva interviewed Nick Szabo, a computer tau, legal scholar and cryptographer known for his writing on podcast technologies, and Naval Ravikant, CEO of AngelList. April 4, at The Future of Money.

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Episode Crypto Until Infinity 1: Smart Contracts Everywhere, with Ivy and Chain. Episode The Bitcoin Podcast: Disrupting the Antivirus Market Guests: Witnesses, Victims and Participants Guests: Innovations and Healthcare Guests: Disrupting the Antivirus Market 3 days ago 0 Comments.

Witnesses, Victims and Participants 1 week ago 0 Comments. Innovations and Healthcare 1 week ago 2 Comments. Internet of A New Generation 3 weeks ago 0 Comments. It focuses on Bitcoin, but covers some of the other cryptocurrencies, too.

I recommend listening to the most recent episode to get a feel for Coin Mastery. Hosted by Andreessen Horowitz, a premier venture capital firm. I recommend this podcast for learning about the underlying blockchain technology, its potential applications for entrepreneurs, and how it might re-shape major markets.

The Tim Ferriss Show is not a Bitcoin podcast. However, Tim did one episode on cryptocurrency that was so amazing that I had to include it on this list. In episode , he interviewed Nick Szabo, a computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer known for his writing on blockchain technologies, and Naval Ravikant, CEO of AngelList.

Sign in Get started. The past shows that the gold standard usually broke down after a couple of decades and was replaced by more flexible currencies. There are enough examples, like the break-down of bretton woods, the feds decision to give out fiat money or the british central banks decision to give up the silver standard and many more ancient currencies too btw.

Every time the standard was given up after huge economic problems. Others — not less genius — said about the same. One comment above said that it is no problem if the currency is replaced by something better if the coins flaw of increasing value is too big. The problem with it is that usually that happens after something really bad happened.

As soon as that date is reached — and if the coin gets major attention of course — the system around it will neccessarily brake down. I guess if you compare the coin creation function with the general coin usage function u can even calculate that day;p.

A possible sollution to counter that day may be to built a currency above the coin that reflects its usage. A simple function that makes the overclocking curreny linear to the extension of its usage might do the trick. Thats basicly what central banks do and which means that the linearisation needs an independent authority that controlls ist. And in the idea of many overclocking functions and therefore many currencies isnt a real sollution too, because there would be competition and in the end the strongest wins, creating a monopoly of one currency and neccesarily one authority.

Another way may be something Silvio Gsell like with a date at which old coins expire. That needed a new information — the date — attached to every coin and on every transaction the date is checked if it is out of date.

That way the algorhytms natural limitation could be extented whitout limit, old coins would get new dates and could be used again. Anyway wish u good luck with the project, hope u can fix ur problems with deflation and the CIA;p. I think, the project is really interesting: Alone, if the CIA is not capable of inventing such thing themselves, they should hand over their business better to Mossad i.

The project got public interrest in Germany: This is indeed strange. Especially since they say Bitcoin is dangerous because no central bank can influence the value of the currency in times of crisis.

I think you are reading the wrong economists. You many want to look into a few with a different perspective on deflation than Kenyes seeing as though every time he has been listened to, a large economic catastrophe has ensued…ahem Great depress ahem…. A new currency for a free world.

The big advantage of bitcoins over a gold standard is that they can be designed to be infinitely divisible. Right now they are finitely divisible to 8 decimal places if I recall correctly.

Bitcoins are digital and can be subdivided as much as needed. Bitcoins are designed to be as secure and trustworthy and safe an investment as physical gold while remaining as convenient and usable as a credit card although it currently falls slightly short of credit-card convenience and gold-level security.

Great show, thanks so much for the informative back and forth. What a fascinating and ingenius concept!! Some of my own thoughts http: German podcast about bitcoin. What happens if someone steels the BitCoin wallet? Are there any recorded cases in that area right now? I think the hype of Bitcoin has also faded quite a bit by now. I just heard this for the first time April Don't understand how Bitcoin works? Thanks for the podcast.

Very well organized and sounded fine to me. Enjoyed it from a historical perspective. Bitcoin for dummies by C. Cory Ballew Inside Technology Your email address will not be published. Markus Voelter, Nora Ludewig. Copy the following text and paste it into your bibtex file: March 21, at March 25, at I will keep that in mind.

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