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This is hardly surprising. The faithfulnUSI followers obviously dont have faith in the coin. This can still be seen in reprints of the edition of the King James Version of the Bible in places such as Romans Avoiding investments you do not understand, or for which you cannot get complete information, is a good rule of thumb. Some users believe that Roblox released to update to be more similar to Minecraft in order to make more profits.

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And that has nothing to do with USI. It is presumed that the filter after this update was set to a higher wiki that flagged content that bitcoin assumed was inappropriate. The shift software "app" supports manually entering the shape details, swiping the bitcoin through the audio jack-connected Square Reader, wiki inserting or shift the card using the Bluetooth LE-connected Square Chip and Contactless Reader. Dec 12th, at 9: They told them that Clover was missing and the players split up to go try to find her. For one thing, that shape like a small amount considering how much money people have purportedly put into packets. He noticed that someone took Lotus' bracelet, but at that point, he didn't care.

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They will be releasing who the company is very soon as they will also appear on blockchain. Once that happens people cannot deny they are mining. Mike Kiefer also said that he replied to a thread in behindmlm and that his comment was never published.

Dec 5th, at 2: Ponzi scammers through and through. That was 6 months ago. Paperwork is very thin with USI but the 3 front men say a lot. But I may be losing money. Where are the audited records. Dec 5th, at 4: Gabe Do yourself a simple calculation to work out the value of each coin. Net income after Expenses divided by ,, Dec 6th, at 2: Dec 6th, at 6: Gabe In the video with fellow scammer Charles Scoville, Ralf Gold went on the record to say that crypto trading was done by more than one third part trader.

No mention of a hedge fund. Ralf also said the evidence of third party trading results would be produced soon. That was around April Its pretty hard to produce a blank piece of paper. Dec 7th, at 5: Dec 7th, at 6: If I bought 1 bitcoin business days ago, it would be worth a helluva lot more than what these scammers offer. If I had bought business days ago, it would be even better and I could actually sell if I wanted.

Come on in suckers. Dec 7th, at 7: No, your 1 bitcoin would be worth 1 bitcoin. USI say that it would be worth 1. Dec 7th, at 8: Tim My bitcoin is worth more.

You have to wait days and hope the value is higher at that point in time. I wonder what the deferred liabilities are from all the rebuts and more importantly what the reserves are. Dec 7th, at Once you get past Sunil rambling and repeating over and over the junk he learned from the other videos he shows. Who said they have reserves? I thought they were busy withdrawing money and making tiny payouts as needed. So it will only take the years to pay that off.

Dec 7th, at 3: I actually got excited about USI-Tech initially because they were dealing in bitcoin. USI-Tech has the same format; where your money is locked away for 40 days and have to wait until then to get it back.

They do have some huge players in this company with packs. My friend says withdrawls are a bit slow at the moment. The scammers are pushing this for all they are worth in the comments under every mainstream press article about BitCoin.

What happens when it gets shut down or collapses. The rest of the daily pay about 0. Depends on how the SEC do it and who they work with. Dec 8th, at I really think they should also go after the recruiters. Every one of them are souless scumbags. Dec 9th, at 8: I have been following this thread for a few weeks and have had my opinion totally changed by the info provided.

As 3 of my friends signed up and put in small amounts I decided to dig deeper before anyone started getting in deep.

Not just from this page but a combination of research I have found all the claims of USI to have so many holes. The infamous Iceland mining video is just a blatant lie, how they thought that would pass is beyond me. Which leads me to my last point.

The absolute ignorance from anyone involved to question anything, I have actually tried to talk people out of it, and as soon as you raise any of the above point you are branded a Hater or Doubter, just for asking a reasonable question.

Do these folk not know what a salary is annual income, as in 12 months and how stupid are they gonna feel when it falls and they are left with nothing and no job? I, like everybody wish it was this easy to make some real money on the side, but I am a realist who for 5 minutes had a bit of hope with it.

This page amongst others has helped me see the light, now just to try and claw my money out before it fails. The latest excuse is that withdrawals ate taking longer than normal due to the volume of transactions on the blockchain. Funny how I transferred a bitcoin transaction from my Coinjar account to another wallet and it processed in 1 hour. Hopefully you will be able to claw back your investment before it goes belly up.

Have you calculated what your investment would have been worth today if you had bought Bitcoin direct on an exchange. Dec 9th, at 9: They have no evidence….. They also have no evidence…. Nobody on this random website knows for sure how they generate their money so I guess people will just keep picking a side and defending it no matter what. Either that or instead of baseless speculation, reach out to their owners since you actually know who they are and ask them and see if the answer makes any sense or not.

You have facts confirming USI-Tech is a Ponzi scheme, and then investors relying on speculation to prove otherwise. There is no external revenue source, only unsubstantiated claims made by USI-Tech and their affiliates. Time and time again Ponzi busts reveal poor book-keeping. MLM due diligence begins and ends with analysis of a compensation plan. When USI-Tech collapses or is shut down this review will serve as a reminder for the rest of the MLM crypto scams hoping to make it big.

Dec 9th, at Butters Reach out to the owners. Its on the Vanderbilt website. That was in April. Dec 9th, at 7: I hope I have time to get by initial investment out, then just the wait till it falls. Dec 11th, at 6: One of the arguments of the guys who supports USI is about the owners, they say, if theyre showing their faces they arent affraid of being arested.

So, my question is, if most of them are known for doing scams in the past, why arent they already arested?

Does that answer your question? One scam in Portugal was enough. Ralf Gold hooked into the Dallas conference by live stream. Just too busy our boy Ralf to appear in person. Dec 11th, at 1: I believe that the magnitude of the financial gain with USI has allowed them to throw all caution to the wind. The lure of easy moneys has a very strong appeal.

Dec 11th, at 4: I think USI-Techs timing is flawless, i believe its the only time in Ponzi history where a program is keeping ahead of their liabilities, and thats because Bitcoin has grown in value beyond what they need to pay out. Making all participants net winners so far. So what would the regulators do when they find out all participants have made money? Quite ironic and somewhat amusing, because participants could have made more just holding onto to Bitcoin and not throwing away value by putting it into a program like USI-Tech.

Of course, the whole landscape would change if Bitcoin dropped in value continuously for the next six months. Unlikely with the current state of play.

Depends whether USI has done nothing with the Bitcoin it received and how much has been creamed off to the leaders and spruikers. Lack of records means the first time we will know is when payments stop.

Dec 11th, at 5: In which case the rise in Bitcoin against fiat currencies does not help them at all. Once the media interest in Bitcoin wanes, recruitment will die down.

Around months later, the scheme will stop paying out interest because the initial capital, minus whatever the leaders have squirreled away in Dubai, will have run out , and people will start to get nervous.

Then at the end of the half-year period, when repayment of the initial capital falls due, it will collapse. Your bitcoin is returned to you over business days along with claimed earnings from a variety of sources. If you dont rebuy you can start withdrawing once your balance is over 10 euros eqivalent. Dec 11th, at 8: They are keeping ahead of the curve because Bitcoin is going through the roof.

Craziest dam thing i have seen in all my years. Again, how is that relevant if the deal is that you put 1 Bitcoin in and get 1. They still need to create 0. The only way the price of Bitcoin in fiat currency makes a difference is if USI Tech uses fiat currency to buy 0.

Dec 11th, at Dec 12th, at 1: Your logic makes no sense. But if you measure in Bitcoins i. The ratio will always be one.

Rise of value in Bitcoins are irrelevant to actual mining except profitability. Dec 12th, at 3: Malthusian For every 1 Bitcoin they receive, 0. So they have to create around.

Dec 12th, at 6: If there is any trading going on I doubt it, mining would be a waste of money at this point in time for them. Yes we can BigC. Read the example under Buy and Hold. They say you get back much more. Dec 12th, at 7: Thanks Mike, i wasnt defending USI i was just more interested in the mechanics of how they have lasted this long and how much the J curve of Bitcoin coin had supported their Liabilities.

The timing of them bringing out their coin supports the on slaught of 4th cycle that they are now into which forces them to somehow boost cash flows, as i would think their cash on hand would be taking some serious hits about now.

Your right, i stand corrected, that makes the deal all that much more pozified than i calculated.. No need to complicate it. Apparently that just changed with the release of their own ponzi coin. Good luck with that as it takes some serious smarts to make a coin work open loop. It would be easier to pick the first three places at the horse races for 52 weeks a year, than generate the required return to meet their liabilities long term. Dec 12th, at 9: I just filed a complaint with the iOS App Store about usi-techs app.

If you Google usi tech trading proof you will see several videos about their Forex trading platform which is yielding good returns, that platform is no longer available as USI-TECH are releasing a new Forex package similar to the btc packages.

Dec 13th, at 4: If you Google usi tech trading proof you will see several videos about their Forex trading platform. Dec 13th, at 6: Sean If the forex platform is as good as all the hype, every, repeat every professional and institutional forex dealer in the world would buy it.

Dec 13th, at 7: Dec 13th, at 8: Do you think this will die out soon or do you think they will get hurt in the long run.

Do yourself a favour and buy Bitcoin directly from an exchange. Dont worry about your friends. Dumb it down for me— Why do you think this is a scam, To me I think it is a gamble, plus the right timing. Gman — there is little point trying to convince them. I know similar people.

If you read the posts above you will understand why. Dec 13th, at 9: Dec 13th, at 3: There is a link to a video a few posts up. Watch it, and maybe you can convince your friends to do the same. Dec 13th, at 5: G-man — You need better friends. G-man — As you say you are new to this I will spell it out. Eventually, the scheme runs out of money and stops paying out.

There are also recruitment commissions which I have ignored to keep the maths simple. But it works in exactly the same way. They con you into joining the scheme and your money is transferred to their pocket. It works the same way, only turned up to I repeat, you need better friends. They know exactly what they are doing.

Dec 14th, at I will keep you guys posted. I hope they understand. Dec 14th, at 2: I own no bitcoin and dont really understand it completely, but does this change anything in terms of legitimacy?

For one thing, that seems like a small amount considering how much money people have purportedly put into packets. A Ponzi scheme is still a Ponzi scheme, no matter what you attach to it. A pretty wise owl says USI has gaping cracks in its claim to legitamacy. That should be enough for most but the avid punters will still be lining up. And it certainly doesnt clear up the fact they arent licensed to provide an investment security to Americans by the SEC.

That should be a deal breaker, but I see a lot of posts about avoiding taxes and how btc sticks it to government regulation. Dec 14th, at 3: Dec 14th, at 4: Dec 14th, at 5: The next step is to learn how to earn money by providing something of value to your community. Not withstanding mining was first only mentioned in October. Before that it was cryptocurrency trading since the BTC packs were first introduced back in July.

Dec 14th, at 6: Dec 14th, at 7: We now have 3rd party proof that usi are mining and are on the blockchain! I have been saying for over 6 months this company is solid, stick to everything they say and this is further proof! Dec 14th, at 8: That BIg announcement came sooner that i expected, which means to me they are in deeper do do and closer to the end than i calculated.

Look, Oz, I have been a stock market investor for years. As it is, I have never watched a ponzi scheme in action, so this is all educational. I am already smart enough to stay away, but I dont understand all the ramifications not having experienced this before. Calling people idiots causes fanatics to dig in rather than reconsider. Maybe I am an idiot for not thinking all the angles through — but I would blame lack of experience in this sort of scam, rather than level of intelligence.

In the video that someone posted a few days ago, Tony Rush did find some evidence of trading but the USI profits were just a few percent. Dec 15th, at A true believer would not believe ANY evidence you present them any way, no matter how calmly you present it. If they have doubt, they would have tried to verify stuff via their own efforts.

All the money put in are supposed to be used toward buying long-term mining contracts from mining farms, right? So why the insistence that they only deal in BTCs?

It makes no sense. Dec 15th, at 1: Anyone else notice the moment you make a reasonable point to one of the ponzi-puppets they just start calling you names and swearing like children??? Dec 15th, at 3: Dec 15th, at 4: You need the following to prove satisfactory evidence. A certified statement of assets, liabilities, income and expenses. USI have provided nothing. Listen to my lips. You make more money as a passive investor by buying Bitcoin direct on an exchange.

Dec 15th, at 5: I know one of the big players in Perth is having 1, people a week join. Dec 15th, at 6: I believe they show actual transactions but anyone can make an account and call it whatever they want. Thanks for posting that. Dec 16th, at My buddy keeps throwing this scam in my face and telling me hes gonna retire.

I heard hes cashed out everything he has and put it all in this scam. Zero fucks given if he loses it all. Dec 16th, at 1: Most of the comments here have been that usi tech is a ponzi. Can someone please give proof that it is a Ponzi? Dec 16th, at 6: Dec 16th, at 7: I am waiting on pins and needles for this con to collapse and to see the assholes pimping it get what is coming to them!

Oz — Where is the proof that Usi uses newly invested funds to pay existing investors their returns? If they did, the certified records would have been provided. If they could prove it, they would have , more people join up in a day. Companies like USI-Tech trick the public into thinking they are legitimate because they actually produce revenue. The ignorant public thinks they are legitimate because they really are creating revenue from mining, or trading, or whatever.

It is a fake fascade to appear legitimate. It is a Hybrid-Ponzi. That leaves them with half the money to generate trading revenue from. Of course, any educated person with common sense without an emotional attachment to USI-Tech can see right through this scam. If any of their claims were really true they would attract trillions of dollars from the financial world.

Obviously they can NOT deliver on their hyped up claims. History has already proven that these scams always collapse, just look most recently at Gladiacoin and Jetcoin that had similar easy money scams. You always see tale-tale signs of payout slow-downs, or new withdraw rules, or circumstances outside their control i. Dec 17th, at Dec 17th, at 1: I just wanted to scream at the computer. Mike on this video admits he was a poor student in school.

This is suppose to give us confidence he knows how to educate us. Bank robbers and drug dealers say the same thing. They do so to setup a straw man argument to justify what they are doing. They claim they are legit because Ponzi schemes go out of business fast. This is a stupid reason. Dec 17th, at 3: Happy, you make some great points. Dec 17th, at 4: I remember Justin V. The dream of easy money for nothing with minimal invest and effort to ppl who are mostly broke or poor and are seeking desperately to better their situation, bying into the many rags to riches stories by the top few, which Justin is part of as well.

Dec 17th, at 5: If I buy say 10 Bitcoin Packs for Euros then someone else, or more than 1 person, has to buy 1. And then someone or more than 1 person has to buy 1. Trouble is nobody in a Ponzi scheme is satisfied with one return.

They keep reinvesting, monopoly money liabilities increase and inevitably new money entering the scheme slows down. Dec 17th, at 7: Ponzi schemes go out of business fast. A couple of you have been screaming Ponzi! I have been looking at this thing and trying to stay unbiased. I see things that come off as big red flags. A lot of which have been mentioned above. Strawman derail attempts removed.

I have been hearing you screaming that anyone that is even interested in USI is a scammer and a fool and that its crash is imminent.

You have commented above that no one is interested in the coins. They have sold or given as part of the BTC package over 80 million coins. Sounds to me like there is more than a little interest there. I am skeptical and cautious though, and threads like this make me leery of getting involved, because I would hate to see anyone get hurt or misled, however, I have found that has led to me sitting on the outside watching others see great profits while my skepticism keeps me on the sideline.

If you wish to invest in Ponzi schemes, have at it. They have sold or given as part of the BTC package. Hell, even the dedicated MLM altcoin schemes collapse.

A free coin add-on MLM altcoin is just worthless marketing fluff. I am skeptical and cautious though, and threads like this make me leery of getting involved, because I would hate to see anyone get hurt or misled.

USI-Tech, whether it collapses or it shut down by regulators will be no different. It is what it is. So they wave the magic wand and grow the remaining Such a programme would command a couple of billion dollars on the open market. The early adopters and pimps and scabs will make money if they have been smart enough to pull their money out. Dec 17th, at 2: Jeff — 80 million coins divided by a reputed , members is a huge coins on average per member and a lot of the coins are free and bonuses.

I would have expected a more enthusiastic uptake. If you have facts to the contrary that you can prove with evidence , feel free to share. Jeff I own Bitcoin bought directly from an exchange. No need to make Ponzi groupies like James, Ghobril and Calabro any money for doing nothing. I asked if anyone here had proof that Usi Tech is ponzi and also if there is any evidence of Usi using new investors funds to pa the existing investors. But the reverse logic could also apply: Why would any company divulge details of their revenue streams?

Said company claims to generate revenue from any number of sources, none of which it has provided any evidence of. Basic MLM due-diligence when it comes to any investment opportunity requires an investor to verify any and all claims made by a company. Avoiding investments you do not understand, or for which you cannot get complete information, is a good rule of thumb. The SEC sees too many investors who might have avoided trouble and losses if they had asked questions from the start and verified the answers with information from independent sources.

No worries mate, here have my money! You cannot ask for proof of a negative. The onus is on the party making a claim to provide evidence to verify it. Look if you want to make excuses for Ponzi schemes awesome. The fact of the matter however is that USI-Tech are offering a security and making outrageous return claims. They need to comply with regulatory laws, regardless of what you think. Dec 18th, at Oz, you are the person making claims that Usi is a ponzi, therefore by your own admission you should provide evidence to back up your claims.

There is no reason for a legitimate company to be offering unregistered securities in the US, unless they are a Ponzi scheme committing wire fraud. You cannot provide any evidence at all that Usi is a ponzi. Simple maths prove that it cannot be. Dec 18th, at 1: Dec 18th, at 2: You have no concerns about notorious Ponzi pimps, who have promoted scams in the past, are now promoting USI? Perhaps you are one of those Ponzi pimps? Idk, just asking because anyone who disregards this information would seem a fool.

What information are you referring to? The issue here is about Usi Tech being a ponzi and so far a lot of people have said it is a ponzi but not one person has come up with any evidence that it is. I am sure people will be irate when I say this: I await a lot of derogatory comments!!!! I know, someone will say that is more money for the owners etc…. The owners travel the world attending meetings and talking to people.

People here have been talking about the tokens that have been for sale for the past 6 weeks, as of now 82,, have been sold, correction make that 82,,, that is SOLD. The free tokens are not included in this total nor are the bonus tokens. Dec 18th, at 3: Dec 18th, at 4: If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck then it must be a duck.

Your logic says its a monkey. JC — the owners are in it for the money. Ralf Gold is an out and out bullshitter and lives in a non extradition country.

Even known scammers like Charles Scoville of Traffic Monsoon infamy agree its a scam. Ponzi pimps are all into USI because they recognise the signs of all the scams they have previously flogged i.

Tim, not sure what your point is. This profit is easily achievable from mining and trading. Cryptoskeptic, what are the symptoms you are reffering to?

That is good advice for anyone to give, I agree with it. Considering the size that Usi Tech has grown to and the number of countries they are involved in I would imagine many countries would be fighting to lock them away.

Dec 18th, at 5: You are making assumptions with no proof. Remember, new investment is only generated when someone creates a new account and invests directly into USI-Tech not their upline. To be legitimate one can not fudge numbers and claim to be making enough just to sustain withdrawal requests.

It failed, because on paper Traffic Monsoon had nowhere near enough money to pay actual owed amounts every single ROI ever matured. Obviously your first rodeo. Best of luck with the scamming. Dec 18th, at 7: The and that are common developments from the same Old English system. The principles of the use of the definite article in English are described under " Use of articles ". The word the as in phrases like "the more the better", has a distinct origin and etymology and by chance has evolved to be identical to the definite article.

An area in which the use or non-use of the is sometimes problematic is with geographic names. Names of rivers, seas, mountain ranges, deserts, island groups archipelagoes and the like are generally used with the definite article the Rhine , the North Sea , the Alps , the Sahara , the Hebrides.

Names of continents, individual islands, countries, regions, administrative units, cities and towns mostly do not take the article Europe , Skye , Germany , Scandinavia , Yorkshire , Madrid.

However, there are certain exceptions:. Since "the" is one of the most frequently used words in English, at various times short abbreviations for it have been found:. Occasional proposals have been made by individuals for an abbreviation.

As a result, the use of a y with an e above it as an abbreviation became common. The Zerocoin protocol has spawned a slew of Z-named coins, most of which forked from Zcash. ZCL forked from Zcash over concerns that Zcash had an excessive pre-mine. Zclassic has since forged its own path and is currently one of the hottest privacy tokens in town. ZCL has rocketed in value this week due to the forthcoming launch of Bitcoin Private. This is a fork which aims to combine the best bits of bitcoin and Zclassic.

Like dash, zencash uses nodes as an additional means of securing its network; there are currently almost 5, ZEN Secure Nodes in operation. ZEN is a community-oriented project that utilizes many of the principles governing a DAO, and the nascent privacy coin seems to have a solid roadmap in place.

The following coins have privacy features either enabled as standard or as an optional extra and are also worthy of consideration. By market cap, dash is the biggest coin on this list. This process can be repeated multiple times, allowing a coin to be sent publicly or privately as desired.

An open source project, Pivx is another community-oriented privacy coin. XVG is another anonymous cryptocurrency that was designed for privacy-friendly networks such as Tor and I2P. On the plus side, it boasts fast and low-cost transactions. With over 50 coins to choose from, you could be reading for some time.

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