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I noticed an error in the amount credited to my account. Dart Central Employee Portal No referral links in submissions. Fehintola Koleowo, We pay either same day or within 48 hours business days.

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Here it is, Tor exit IP blocked for the 3rd time! If you are a Veteran or wounded warrior or the spouse of a veteran and would like assistance with the employment process at DART , please contact our EEO A west central station, freeway access The services exceeded my expectation. I started working through upwork.

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How safe is e-currencies and what can I okpay with them? They definitely accept accepting any customers from the U. Everything started actually few months ago logon I decided to try to order Mastercard OKPay plastic debit bitcoin. They okpay understand the cores to logon success. Accept, we can accept bitcoin less than N20, Ofili Emmanuel, There are so many e-currencies.

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Okpay accept bitcoin logon

The funds already donated will be spent on some sort of advertising, as intended. As of now, If you have ideas for the remaining BTC, see here for more info. Already posted something about this case few hours ago, but as I managed to somehow withdraw my money from them, and not counting of their shameless service anymore, all I can say, to ones that don't want to go in details right now is: For the ones that are insterested in this case, here it is, the only truth about it all you'll find here.

Everything started actually few months ago when I decided to try to order Mastercard OKPay plastic debit card. It turned that they do not want to send card to my country. I said OK, I will keep on checking and maybe some day they will remove my country from the forbidden countries list. You should know also that I'm verified member there and they have all data about me.

Gone through some shit while I was verifying myself there, but that's another not that much fucked up story. I submitted my real data, not a single lie or intentional fuckup. Today I received an email stating: The card order has been canceled. So I said ok, at least I can tell them to put my country back on the list of forbidden countries But I was unable to logon to site and make support ticket!

After I received that email, they blocked my IP address, sending me to blank page in Firefox. Tried the site in Chromium, I was redirected to some generic ad site. Tried the site from Tor network - yep it worked. You should remember this is happening while my OKPay account is filled with money. No explanations, site just ceased to work from my IP. So I managed to send money back to BTC-e somehow details not needed, but it wasn't direct , and I decided to once again tell the community, and I'm not the only one.

I guess they have a good lawyer which only duty is to see what members are unable to fight with them on the courts and they keep on stealing. I'm not the only one, search for it, there are other bad stories here. They definitely aren't accepting any customers from the U. So after seeing that you were blocked from their site, did they have a support telephone number you could contact?

No I wouldn't even bother to do that and spend a dime on my telephone bill because case is clear. Site not working from my IP, but working from Tor, then not working from Tor, then I push "new identity", then it works. Someone is sitting there blocking my IP. Here it is, Tor exit IP blocked for the 3rd time! By the sounds of it they don't like you or want to address you, have you considered moving your bitcoins away from them?

Wasn't keeping any Bitcoins there, just USD. Managed to move them logging in from Tor network only. Hey you downvoting pricks. Have you seen these reddits? Thank you for sharing this information. I was also considering using OKPay but now it's done. I will omit them. I replied to you in the other thread. It's pretty clear to anyone with even a mild understanding of technology that it's a problem on your end and they are not actively 'blocking' you. That's why you're getting downvoted.

Anything bigger should be deposited into any of our bank accounts. Please login to your account to get our bank account details.

We can offer you a refund but that must be in accordance with our refund policy. See Terms and conditions Page for the policy. Just use the form on our contact page to inform us of the details of the error. We will act on it promptly. Your service is super fast. John Onam, Ijam Exchange has proof to be the best in E-currency exchange.

Transaction completed within just 1 hour and my dollars are deposited into my Gtbank account before leaving my desk. IJAM Exchange has lived up to expectations. I am completely satisfied and will recommend them anyday. They really understand the cores to business success. John Annavi John Annavi, IJAM Exchange is the best exchange service.

There exchange prices are fair and reflect the economic changes of the time. And the best thing is that you make use of their service at no fee to yourself. Now I can make withdrawals from my PayPal in other countries and get the money deposited into my account here is Nigeria. IJAM Exchange all the way! Abiola Oladejo, The services exceeded my expectation.

Keep it up sir. Ofili Emmanuel, I was looking for where to buy bitcoin when I came across Ijamexchange. I placed my order and was credited without stress, not to mention about their ever active customer support even on WhatsApp. In fact, you guys rock. Okechukwu Chibunna, Oladigbolu Shuaib, Most reliable platform have ever trade from Arowolo Daniel Oluwatosin, Can't believe how real they are Thanks for the opportunity to exchange skrill dollars to Naira.

I started working through upwork. I am very grateful. Ezeagu Henry, They have been a mountain to look on. Since i started with paypal. They all give me maximum satisfaction and quick delivery. I will definitely recommend your service anytime and any day Simply fast and on point Fehintola Koleowo, Thumbs up to a fast and reliable service! Julius John, This my 3rd transaction now, and there have been no major problems i have gotten my money at all times. IJAM exchange can be trusted with your dollar because they would always give you Naira at a very lovely rate.

Thanks, You are fast and reliable. Mpieri Stanley,

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