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Logo became bigger, so there is less useful space on right side and in statistics table each row takes 3 lines 1 confirmations left The site design was not great before the logo size change and now it became worse: New Mic under 40 dollars. Please let me know if you move forward suggested this. Cooperative mining November difficulty, Get a VPN - Protect yourself. The difficulty is adjusted every bitcoin based on the time it took to find the previous blocks. In other languages Polski.

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You need to trust in central authority me that I don't steal block for myself. But when it happen it happen with 10x lower probability than on difficulty 1 , the submission will be still credited for 10 shares! When many people have slow CPUs and they mining separately, each of them compete among themselves AND against rich GPU bastards ;- , because everybody counts sha hashes from the same range. Bitcoin Forum February 02, , By zwpkhm99 Started 32 minutes ago Posted in Audio. Sign in with Steam. For example, btcguild have "24h earnings" value is accessible with no clicks whatsoever and it's placed on the most visible place.

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Downside of this difficulty is that it slightly increases variance in share submissions, which bitcoin increase variance in block rewards. I can join the "effort" and figure out how long it generally takes to perform one unit of work. But there is a simple defense against cheaters: I am doing some mining, and unless your difficulty an Suggested anything over 1 isnt suggested. Lucky guys with GPUs? Thanks to my calculations, having share submissions per minute will give bitcoin very low variance. The difficulty is just an arbitrary value, it has no unit.

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Sign in with Discord. Announcements Please review the Stickies pinned at the top. Also, don't forget to follow LTTCompute on twitter for random tweets, posts and updates Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 21, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Best way to equalize volume. Central server sometimes send work which leads to 'winning' hash. This was succesfully solved by letting miners calculate proof-of-work. It is not anymore possible to be a part of cluster and not count hashes. Are you interested in? Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Donator Legendary Offline Activity: I tried generating for weeks on it to no avail. I have given up in the mean time and have instead purchased coins for use.

If nothing else as part of an experiment to make your software more secure. There is another thread already on the forum for the source code to Cooperative Mining but I am not sure that it was complete or successful.

There appeared several people participating but no additional work from them. Perhaps it was so successful that they no longer wish to have additional participants into their group- I am unsure. My rate contribution may not win me blocks by myself but as a larger group hopefully I could be helpful. Please let me know if you move forward with this. Hero Member Offline Activity: Full Member Offline Activity: Sure seems fair its better then waiting 1 year for 50 bitcoin.

For any given difficulty level, it doesn't even matter how many other machines are generating. Play Bitcoin Poker at sealswithclubs. We're active and open to everyone. Isn't cooperative mining a form of communism?

Personnaly I gave this a thought and I think it's useless and much harder to do than one might think. First I thought it was a problem if only a few nodes were capable of mining. Now I don't care anymore. Even if only one was mining all new bitcoins, I wouldn't care much. This node would do all the work recquired, and in the best way. Plus, anyone can take its place if it can hash more. FreeMoney on November 27, , Lucky guys with GPUs?

Do you think those are distributed via lottery or something? I just made probably the biggest update of Stratum pool since stratum mining has been introduced. Now all Stratum miners can define their own difficulty for each worker.

Until now, miners were generating difficulty-1 shares and they had been credited by one share in pool database. Now miners can work on higher difficulty, say 5, which means that it is 5x harder to find a share, but pool will credit the worker for five shares in database for every share submission. This feature is aimed to ASIC miners and big mining operations, because it drastically optimized communication overhead. Downside of this feature is that it slightly increases variance in share submissions, which may increase variance in block rewards.

However, it definitely doesn't affect overall mining income in longer timeframe like one day. It is still important to don't set the difficulty too high. Thanks to my calculations, having share submissions per minute will give you very low variance. How to change worker difficulty: You have two options. First is to put difficulty to input box manually. This is aimed mostly to advanced users, who want fine-tune their settings.

For most of others there's simple dropdown list. Just select hashrate range which fits your mining rig and pool automatically converts your selection to appropriate difficulty number. Once you change the settings, pool will apply this difficulty in two minutes even on existing stratum connections no need of miner restart. If you're using more miners behind stratum mining proxy , then all miners will use the highest difficulty of connected workers. It's not a bug, it's a feature: Please consider model case of one very slow difficulty 1 and one very fast difficulty 10 miner behind the proxy: But when it happen it happen with 10x lower probability than on difficulty 1 , the submission will be still credited for 10 shares!

Actually I encourage users to use stratum mining proxies if they have more miners on the same location, because it help optimize network overhead because all miners re-use the single connection. I'm also sorry that introducing such important feature took me too much time, but I'm currently busy with more Bitcoin projects like Trezor.

During the update I also changed block size limits on stratum servers as Gavin and Mike asked me. Pool now creates blocks up to kB instead of previous limit of kB to help the network with increased traffic.

Hero Member Offline Activity: Slush I am having a problem with the pool with 1 of my cards: Redwood, ebb5a Redwood, ec2b Redwood, 47e5dd77 Redwood, 4fd Redwood, 2c2c Redwood, dd Redwood, f78cf4f2 Redwood, fcc2

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