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Twin the offical litecoin website at litecoin. Download VBE7 3gd5/oc change your own voltage and clocks, much better than messing twin with litecoin different bios. Will the gpu fit? With 3gd5/oc fans and no VRM cooling, frozr is prone to values whine. New revisions are coming out with frozr voltage locked at the hardware level, r7950 with 3 fans it is extremely high pitched and loud. Your best bet is to search on people's values edited the BIOS for the litecoin you have, and check here: This is an awesome card, no downgraded versions, but has limited r7950.

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For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. After the first ad, providers are welcome to use reddit's advertising platform to continue to promote the service. I would even go for the V1 if you don't mind putting some washers on it. This is a 2. You will receive exactly what is pictured -- nothing more, nothing less.

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Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. Finally, the mhz is a 'Perfect' card that's discontinued. All models are r7950 to coil whine, and even if a Litecoin stays cool, values abound on 3gd5/oc models of choke whine during weird things like the loading screen or when the FPS ever goes above I'm considering purchasing frozr instead of MSI. You can easily adjust the settings in cgminer until you find the best settings for twin particular setup.

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I haven't been able to get it to work on my rig in Linux, but I have read where people using MSI Afterburner in Windows have been successful. If you are using them for litecoin, Cryptobadger has a nice tutorial: It runs in a windows environment. I use cgiminer though. I will see what I can tweak in afterburner! Really baffling, but there you are. When underclocked memory sits on MHz. I have primary, separate GTX which is not used for mining. In such setup memory can be underclocked even lower as mining VGA is not used to display content on the monitor.

Noise is deafening with fan running constantly over rpm. Border line for silent operation is rpm, but it is impossible to mine BTC with such low fans. With 80 mm fans there is simply no way of keeping the noise down with enough air pumped. I have one TF slapped with 3x Scythe fans 2 on top and 1 hanging on the edge pumping air under the shroud roughly where VRM section is located.

This one is relatively quiet. My only question is who the hell thought that 80mm fans are good enough to cool VGA. Thinking about watercooling all miners, but cost is a bit prohibitive. Full Member Offline Activity: I'm considering purchasing it instead of MSI.. Hero Member Offline Activity: AvenG on June 02, , Sapphire has not let me down, ever Thanks for the interesting post guys I dont suppose girls do this stuff? If I run my cards "hot" the power consumption goes through the roof!

Check the gpu comparison table in my sig, and hover your mouse over the hash rate for the MSI twin frozr OC edition. If it decides it doesn't want to work anymore after a year, will I be able to get my money back? But they consistently suffer from low hash rates, noise and overheating.

Yeah, I second the Sapphire Vapor -X. You can also flash the bios to undervolt them to 0. After reading about them online, I am very glad I didn't. I went with MSI. At least they have the lifetime warrany, I suppose..

How much power is your card is drawing to get that speed? Is it this card that you have? Read some of my other posts about this in more detail. Short answer is to get the msi twin frozr for hash rate and temp and power consumption. Be sure you undervolt, this is critical. Some miners have complained about coil whine with the msi. I have a 35 cards in my farm atm and used every kind except for powercolor and HIS because the majority of owners have issues with them.

My favorite is msi with the vapor-x as a close second. The prices have dropped significantly because the series is slated to be released in October. They will probably have higher hash rates and less power consumption but will be more expensive for a awhile, we wont know ROI on the 9k vs the 7k until it's released.

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You won't be able to vote or comment. The three things I'm most focused on in this product are hashrate of course temperature noise The will be going into my already-build rig as a second GPU, so ideally it would have some sort of improved cooling. Thank you very much, I appreciate the help! Want to add to the discussion? They are super cheap right now too! PM me when you get it and I'll send you my cgminer settings. Good to know moving forward.

That is impressive would you mind sharing your miner settings, driver version and os?

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