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While no transactions are recorded on the blockchain, off-chain transactions are beneficial because transactions can lets made instantly without waiting for confirmations. New shows on Soundcloud feed don't download Bitcoin twice weekly, each episode features analysis of pressing topics and fair, probing talk with the people making things happen. Festivals of all sorts are music in popularity all around the world. Rocket Power by Kevin MacLeod.

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Check out his other work here. Does your school or office block access to music sites? Antonopoulos interviews Andreas Petersson of Mycelium, a very forward thinking organization in the Bitcoin entrepeneurial space, about the recent Android Wallet Bug, and how Bitcoin helped prove why functional random number generators really do matter. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Bitcoin Uncensored on your desktop or mobile device. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Casascius Pages ships its one-millionth page. Many of these business owners were in their late fifties, and not very computer savy.

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But not everybody is happy with ChangeTip. Bitcoin Core is the backbone of the Bitcoin network. We get his take on cryptocurrencies music Bitcoin IRAs; competing currencies, the Talk Reserve, the national debt, and interest rates; bitcoin we briefly discuss his soundcloud of the State of the Union address. What Is a Blockchain? For intelligent conversation and insightful commentary, Let. You can also use Bitcoin Core as a lets secure Bitcoin wallet.

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After a meeting of senior members, the Thailand Administration for Mail Control and Delivery advised that due to lack of existing applicable laws and information controls, the following Internet activities are illegal in Thailand: Casascius Pages ships its one-millionth page. The Internet company specializes in physical print outs of virtual pages, giving customers a piece of the Internet that they can hold in their hands. In a recent interview, privacy advocate Trace Mayer, who serves on the Editorial Board for Bitcoin Magazine, made the claim that Crypto-Keys are free speech and should be protected as such under the 1st Amendment.

Other voices protest this viewpoint calling the anonymity of Bitcoin its only flaw. More and more voices are calling for greater transparency. It is needed, they say, in order for Bitcoin to evolve to its full potential, and unless Bitcoin adopts transparency it will lose market share to the crypto-currency that does.

On the flip side, Bitcoin may seek favor with government regulators and opt for more transparency, but then some other crypto-currency could implement the ZeroCoin protocol. We might see LiteCoin or FeatherCoin go full-throttle in the direction of total anonymity, and if that happens the debate will be over. For those who are uninitiated, Zerocoin is not intended as a replacement for Bitcoin.

Zerocoins are fully exchangeable on a one-to-one basis with bitcoins, which means you could use them with existing merchants. Zerocoin as currently construed is probably not going to go online anytime soon. But some version of Zerocoin might be ready in the near future. The suppression of financial speech is being used as a weapon of war against the people of this planet just as surely as drone strikes, pervasive surveillance and land mines are and have been.

Has the time come to begin separating digital cash from the ubiquitous control architecture of political structures? Like it or not, this is exactly what anonymous math-based currency do.

Free people deserve a free world, and to get there they need currencies that they control directly which afford them privacy. This, however, is a weak argument against anonymity because Bitcoin really changes nothing in this regard. The criminal syndicates, even those we call government, will continue to do what they have always done.

The point anarchist and libertarian supporters of Bitcoin make is that it works, and it works without government—so just try to stop it. Perhap the better argument for protecting Bitcoin is the Fourth Amendment. Rand Paul, of Tea Party fame, recently introduced a bill to extend Fourth Amendment protections to include electronic communications; presumably this would also include crypto-currencies. Without knowing it, it would seem that Sen.

Paul has just called for protection of Bitcoin under the Fourth Amendment. This body of law is supposed to protect the American people from unreasonable search and seizure, though that has been undermined in recent years. The Fourth Amendment also requires warrants to be issued based on probable cause, but that too has been increasingly eroded under the guise of fighting terrorism.

Financial privacy should not be viewed in a negative light, as it is often portrayed. The Swiss view it as a fundamental human right to preserve dignity, akin to medical privacy. The solution, it seems, is to encourage users of Bitcoin to adopt a voluntary system of identification that maintains some level of privacy. Our legacy banking system is based on debt, while the peer-to-peer, electronic cash system that Satoshi Nakamoto came up with is not. Debt has been the stock and trade of the banking system since the days Kings ruled the land.

No leftist, or even middle-of-the-road, government will accept that. US president Thomas Jefferson and French Emperor Napoleon both damned quite horribly those financiers who were involved with the banking system of their time. Certainly, a global currency is an idea whose time has come, but one that is both autonomous and anonymous, now that is truly revolutionary. Bitcion represents a paradigm shift in how we think about money.

Does this fledgling currency need protection under the fourth amendment? Should it be regulated by government or considered free speech? These questions will rage on, but in the end the technology we call Bitcoin is here to stay and so is the protocol for total financial privacy. It is very difficult to eradicate a protocol. Like a language, it exists as long as people use it, and it cannot be easily requisitioned or quarantined.

Peer-to-peer technology is evolving, not going back in the box. Recently, I had a chance to interact with a few small business owners. Low sale turnover to justify installing credit card machines. Many of these business owners were in their late fifties, and not very computer savy.

Interestingly, some got the concept. They could understand the broader picture which surprised and delighted me. I already buy them from Mtgox. This would save me from the commission too. So I offered to buy their bitcoin and charge 1. I suggested they collect that amount from their customers, which for the customer is less than a rounding error.

But when looked thru the prism of bitcoin pricing, the bitcoin customer would pay 0. So basically just the rounding of the 3rd digit would pay off for the commission I would charge to pay those small business owners in cash.

This brings us to an interesting issue. Blockchain online wallet does allow entering a dollar amount and giving its equivalent BTC amount but it does not allow the small business owner to add the commission right into the calculation. There would be nothing more inconvenient than trying to calculate cents and pennies in front of a line of customers. If such a wallet or an app is developed, I think small businesses would see the value even if it cost a few bucks.

Physiologically, there is a huge difference between 0. The Blockchain wallet for Android is a great app but it still needs to allow its commercial users to;. Restrict sending out Bitcoins with a password as sharing PINs with employees would leave the funds in the wallet exposed to rogue mischief. Transaction management and security are of utmost necessity if small businesses start adopting bitcoins. The commercial need for this app is absolutely there.

Its only a matter of time before these tools will be created. Question is, who gets the idea first. Taylor Swift famously pulled her music from Spotify last year because she didn't believe the streaming service fairly compensates artists.

Perhaps she'd be more impressed with a new feature from a startup called ChangeTip: A podcast by people who believe in nothing, interviewing people who believe in everything, for people who don't care to read. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Bitcoin Uncensored on your desktop or mobile device. SoundCloud is starting to look like the first dead unicorn of its generation. Attacked on all sides by legal challenges, Discussing cryptocurrency, blockchain, free markets and geopolitics.

This is a user supported podcast, please visit our Patreon page to get access to extra content.. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Bitcoin and Markets on your desktop or mobile device. YOU on Patreon Direct contribution bitcoin only: Soundcloud , iTunes, Stitcher Follow: Posted 2 years ago2 years. This playlist has no tracks yet. EB95 — Adam Back: EB94 — Gavin Andresen:

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