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How to buy Litecoin I often get this question linux people interested in litecoin, but don't know exactly how to buy them. Now it's time to start cgminer for the first commands. When I increased the engine clock, the mining clock would reset to the default mem-clock settings. We need to verify that cgminer recognizes your graphics card. Several bitcoin such as Avalon offer how systems built specifically for bitcoin mining.

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I will continue to do this until cgminer locks up, or the hash rate dramatically drops. For example, I increased the gpu-engine to , and I had to increase the mem-clock to for it to hold. Verify that there are no errors. From the main page on cgminer, press "G" , then press "C" , the press "E" to change the gpu-engine speed. Inside the script file, I automatically delete the. Also as its mostly ineffective to mine in any other way this is generally the way most people choose to go although there is normally a high barrier to entry due to the high cost of entry e.

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The settings linux as follows: Stratum Proxy - bitcoin Before you go through all this work, it is important to know what to expect from your hardware. Mining use basic settings when I commands mine with a new card. The one I found how using your CPU was funnily enough one named cpuminer. It should contain the following information:

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11 Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Mac, Windows, Linux

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Running your own pool can be a daunting task for beginners, but it is well worthwhile with the knowledge you learn while building and maintaining it.

Stratum Proxy - http: It is now difficult with specialized hardware butterfly labs, kncminer By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

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How can I start mining Bitcoin? I don't care if I make only a small amount of bitcoins mining. I want to mine. Is it damn simple, or it's a damn-high-geek-setup?

How much should I expect in this simple system per month with my machine on all time? I advise you remove the last mini-question about how much can you expect, because it's already been answered - bitcoin. Also, I think you should specify Windows or Linux. Or perhaps answerers will provide a generic answer. I'll mantain the last part of the question, maybe someone have a similar system, just that.

If you read in my question " Anyway, truly thank you. It's a "CPU friendly" bitcoin fork that looks relatively promising. It's utterly and completely pointless. The effort alone of writing this post, let alone reading the answers and setting up a miner, won't even remotely be repaid by the ridiculously tiny amount of coins you'll generate. Oct 10 '11 at I strongly encourage the use of specialized machines, to reduce the costs generic hardware can be damaged easily and increase the number of mined coins.

Have a nice day. How can a system or someone tell that you are on a remote hosted machine if it is a dedicated server? VassilisGr hello, nice question. A remote dedicated server is in general in the cloud or on "bare metal". The latter uses specialized hardware sensors. Both of them are monitored at least from the network router a switch of the provider.

In general, specialized net nodes monitors the traffic to the router and sends a local warning email to the network administrator. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. This is because all Bitcoin mining software will ask you for a Bitcoin address that will be used to send your mining rewards and payouts.

Once you create or download a wallet you will be able to get a Bitcoin address from your wallet. There are many Bitcoin wallets , but these are the ones we recommend if you are just starting out:. If you expect to earn a lot of money through mining then it would be smart to purchase a more secure wallet: You can use Bitcoin Miner on Windows 10 and Windows 8. It has an easy to use interface, power saving mode, mining pool support and fast share submission.

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