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Monday, 1.3 July Sunday, 9 July orbitcoin Friday, 24 March orbitcoin Thursday, 26 January Sunday, 9 April Thursday, 2 February Wednesday, 1.3 August

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Saturday, 21 October Tuesday, 8 August We did some bug fixes, including the pauxpow error which was reported by a few community members, as well as some other UI bug fixes and a SegWit implementation. Friday, 26 January Tuesday, 17 October Tuesday, 29 August Patch for staking and combining for small inputs begins working too.

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1.3, 4 January Monday, 26 June Wednesday, 1 March Syscoin Shade beta 3 also feature these major new features: Monday, 23 Orbitcoin Patch for 1.3 and combining for small inputs orbitcoin working too.

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Orbitcoin 1.3

Bitcoin Forum February 01, , Please login or register. Electrum users must upgrade to 3. It is the only condition when txNew. The 1st vout is reserved always. This patch fixes this issue as well as stake splits to amounts below the combining threshold. This kind of fragmentation isn't necessary. Inputs less than 50 ORB won't be halved. You've got an expence. Hero Member Offline Posts: Hero Member Offline Activity: May 17, , If 1st vout is reserved then it is clear this check txNew. It allow to "glue" only very small inputs.

And "small" is dynamic criteria based on current PoS difficulty and mining activity not static limit. If input manages to generate PoS blocks before reaching max weight then it mean it is NOT very small. And if it exceed max coin age before generating PoS - then it is probable too small for current diff and better to combine few small inputs into larger one. Otherwise it can not create PoS block in principle - no matter how long it tries, and will only waste CPU resources in futile attempts generating PoS kernels but always fails at full blocks.

But your last patch should fix this too. Or may be better if someone tell what could be the cause of the error in my own compiled version: It compile OK but right after start and loading block database and wallet client produce such error: Can you upload recompiled binaries with this last patch? Yes, i re-download entire database from scratch after upgrading from 1. You already add partial multi-threading support? And your precompiled binary work fine on same computer with same datafolder.

Some of the project's other features include ShadowChat, a peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted messaging platform, and Cryptobrowser, an HTML-based wallet offering IP obfuscation and deep integration with the Tor network and the coin's other features.

The developers abandonned the cryptocurrency in March when they launched a decentralised marketplace project called Particl. Screenshot Shadow-Qt wallet, version 1. Shadow developer "rynomster" has announced the release of Shadow SDC 1.

This version brings minor feature enhancements to the wallet's built-in anonymous messaging tool: The source code is also ready: The new wallet client, featuring "the most advanced cryptocurrency GUI in the world", comes with an array of new features as well as a new name: The goal of the Shadow Project is to create an all-in-one software platform for a completely private, decentralized and free economy.

The Shadow project's software platform has a new name, Umbra. An umbra is 'a region of complete shadow resulting from a total obstruction of light. The development team behind Shadow SDC , a proof-of-stake PoS cryptocurrency with focus on privacy and anonymity of transactions, has released a major update to its client software.

This release, the first in the 1. One is planned for block ,, which will be created around March 15, The new Shadow wallet clients are available for download from GitHub: A new version of Shadow SDC , a cryptocurrency project that focuses on privacy and anonymity of transactions, has been released. This is a minor bug-fix upgrade which follows the recent switch to proof-of-stake PoS version 2: This implementation required a hard fork of the blockchain that took place on Wednesday.

The upgrade took a great deal of work from our developers and so we are pleased to inform you that everything went according to plan and was successful. We inherited a bug from the latest Bitcoin code base which under 'certain' conditions left users with new installations with less than five peers.

This has now been fixed in the latest release 1. This is not a mandatory upgrade. Shadow SDC , a project developing a decentralised and open-source cryptocurrency with focus on transaction anonymity, has announced the release of version 1.

This is a mandatory upgrade: PoSv2 will give the Shadow network extra security over the longer term as no one will be able to save up enough coinage in order to overpower the network. We've also merged in the latest BC codebase and all the code we wanted from the Bitcoin codebase, so we are officially up-to-date. ShadowMarket will be using BIP32 keys for the market categories, so we are moving ahead with the HD wallet development.

ShadowCash will be forking on May 6th to switch to PoS v2. This is a mandatory update, please update as soon as possible! Download the Linux and Windows clients from here: The major new feature of the release is the addition of the Shadow blockchain explorer to the wallet's user interface: A bootstrap file available that reduces sync times for full nodes.

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