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The Kinzcash Headband is really fun and colorful. On September 7, webkinz on the ad on the Webkinz Homepage to see if you won and that your prize! Remember me on this computer do not prints this option games public or shared computers. Voters are automatically entered into the give. Thanks for sharing your funny pranks! Squeakquel Click to Win. Our artists here at Most headquarters have been hard at work and I am the to show you the first set of concept drawings!

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January Webkinz January 1, at 3: There are 3 ways to try and win them: There are five parties to choose from and some great loot bag prizes to be won. When attempting to purchase an exclusive Item Amanda Panda kicks you out to the Arcade and upon return to the Wish Factory she will not open the doors even when you have the necessary amount of tokens. Play with designs, dress your pets in any clothes, have fun!

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I have the Mrs. What do you think of this the theme? It is deluxe day. May 22, at kinzcash He was a bit glitched games the table so you can't see his face lol Most will webkinz you a Jelly coin and when clicking on him again he says only once per hour and the he says he's "Fresh out of Colors" Congratulations to That Member kats07 for completing give Pot prints Gold.

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Webkinz Pretty Peacock | Peacocks | Pinterest | Peacocks, Babies and Nursery

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September 9, at 1: Pretty in Pink theme is returning to the W-Shop on September 23rd. Meet Mayor Cowabelle in the Kinzville Park from September 21 — 27 when she will be handing out gift boxes! Limited to 1 gift per account per day. NEW prizes in the purple boxes in your dock now.

Find floating leaves in Webkinz World and click on them to win fall themed prizes! Visit Sophie in a special themed Clubhouse room! Click on her to get a. September 8, at 6: September 6, at 8: September 5, at September 3, at 1: September 1, at The Camo Cow is on a super secret mission… what could it possibly be? If you know where she went and what she did… let them know! Tell Webkinz in characters or fewer and you could win one of 5 eStore exclusive Camo Cow codes! August 31, at August 31, at 6: August 29, at 1: The final names have yet to be chosen so please leave your ideas in the comments section HERE.

August 28, at 4: When members of Webkinz World work together to reach a common goal, we have a chance to earn cool prizes! August 28, at 3: During Webkinz Days of Play from August 28 through September 6, , there will be a Community Challenge for a chance to win an awesome prize! PLUS you get a daily prize just for participating. Upload a photo of one of your plush pets playing in a playground to the Share Center.

If Ganzworld members upload 50 photos by September 6, you can claim a bonus prize! August 27, at 9: When you find one of the ads, click on it to collect your prize. You can collect one Gold, Silver and Bronze Star prize per day. So you will have to give it your very best effort to earn all three stars every day! August 24, at Get ready to collect Acorns starting September 1st! Then ask your friends for more max 6 acorns on regular accounts; 7 on deluxe.

Collect all 50 acorns to win the grand prize, an Oak Tree Bed and other prizes along the way! Click on the icon to open your collection. August 23, at August 21, at August 19, at Cowoline is handing out prizes until September 4th.

The Acorn Collection Event is returning during the entire month of September! Visit your Map of Kinzville next month and click on the icon to collect Acorns. Collect all 50 to win Grand Prize!

August 19, at 8: August 16, at August 15, at Ella McWoof returns with more Freaky Forest concept drawings. The 3D artists will use these drawings as a guide when actually creating the final items that will be available in the W-Shop in October.

What are you looking forward to the most? August 12, at This weekend is going to be a Wacky one! Click on it to review your tasks and see what you can win! August 11, at Since then, players have enjoyed building and exploring mazes, participating in daily activities and winning prizes.

Unfortunately this plug-in is no longer supported by browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari, blocking access. On September 9 th , it will be closed for good and will no longer be accessible.

August 10, at 1: From August 10th — September 4th, players can log into Webkinz World to receive a special Kinzville Academy themed prize every day! What prize are you looking forward to the most? August 9, at 9: August 7, at Be sure to log in to Webkinz World every day between now and August 16 to check out a different Deluxe Game of the Day!

We finally got a formal announcement about the floating paw prints. August 6, at The entire Webkinz team would like to thank each and every one of your for your patience and understanding as we try to make Webkinz X the best place to play.

We understand that many players have been frustrated with some of the unexpected issues and downtime that occurred since the release of Webkinz X.

We would like to assure you that we are working hard to fix these problems and appreciate that you have remained a loyal player! As a result, we will be holding our first ever Player Appreciation Week in September! Your Gift Box will be awarded as soon as you log in to your Webkinz World account. August 4, at Want to get some sweet new prizes?

August 1, at Last month you voted for the Freaky Forest theme to be the new Halloween room theme. Our artists here at Webkinz headquarters have been hard at work and I am pleased to show you the first set of concept drawings!

This stone wall is meant to work with the columns. The idea here is that you can add a column to the edge of the wall to create a grand entrance to the forest:. I still think those eyes peeking out from inside the log are a great touch:. Another Deluxe Day is coming on Friday, August 7 th! August 1, at 1: July 30, at July 29, at WW floaties are giving away Doc McStuffins prizes. No official word yet from Ganz. Maximum 3 of each item per account per day total July 26, at Wacky Zingoz Celebration will be back this year from July August 9 with lots of fun events and prizes.

Look for the floating Wacky in WW and click him up to 3x a day to win a yummy prize: Can you hit Wacky feet or further in Wacky Zingoz? July 25, at 4: Congratulations to the wildly creative and enthusiastic pinky, AKA huggablehoneys4ever. Though you may see pinky commenting on WebkinzNewz. A wonderful photographer, pinky posts awesome original shots of their Webkinz, especially her beloved Googles.

She even hand-crafted her own Googles! July 24, at The Super School giveaway returns with 5 never before released items: July 23, at 4: Take your Webkinz room to the future past with this dynamic new theme!

July 22, at There is also an entire day of activities for Deluxe members to enjoy! Due to unforeseen downtime since the release of Webkinz X, we will be extending the Marshmallow collection event throughout August! Remember, on July 8th we moved the Marshmallow Collection icon from your room to the Map of Kinzville. Have you already completed your collection? It will be available to buy in the W-Shop in October. July 20, at Wacky Zingoz Celebration will be back soon! There will be several fun events to enjoy.

Look for the floating Wacky in Webkinz World and click him up to 3 times a day to win a yummy prize! Between July August 9, play WackyER Zingoz in the Arcade and earn 11, points or higher to receive a random prize from this group! July 18, at 3: To qualify for this contest, the entry must have at least one of each of 6 items:. July 16, at 1: July 22, is Deluxe Day: July 15, at Look over each concept drawing carefully because once the winning theme has been decided, the concept drawing will be used as inspiration for the rest of the items that will be included in the theme.

This theme would include items that you would see in a dark haunted forest including creepy looking trees, a gate, statue and this terrifying bench:. July 13, at July 11, at 5: I will highlight the eligible comments as we go. Click the image below to go to the share center.

Mark your calendar for this Thursday! It is deluxe day. You have all received a Clown Fish pet code! Thanks for sharing your funny pranks! The codes will be emailed out shortly. April 14, at April 12, at Here are the rest of the concept drawings for the new Party Time room theme. In order to make room for this new theme, 3 existing W-Shop themes will be retired to the Curio Shop.

This banner is the perfect way to wish your pet a happy birthday: This elegant column has been decorated with streamers and balloons: These presentable treats will change with each rotation to ensure your guests are well fed: This kitchen island seems like a great place to lay out snacks for your guests: April 9, at 9: Now you can earn rewards by sharing Webkinz with your friends on both web AND mobile!

Get a unique code that you can send to your friends. The more your friends play on Webkinz, and the more friends who sign up, the higher your Helping Paws Club score and the greater the rewards. April 6, at 9: The ganz eStore is selling the?? Box is a new kind of monthly mystery item box.

Each month will feature a new theme. Box you may find one of these items:. April 3, at 9: The Storybook Rabbit is the virtual only pet in the Ganz eStore. April 3, at 8: April 1, at 8: Happy April Fools day! To enter this contest, tell us about a prank you pulled on someone.

For another entry, tell us about a prank that was pulled on you. Bonus points if it happened today! March 30, at 1: Milk Chocolate Egg prizes: White Chocolate eggs are sold in the eStore and available on the Wheel of Deluxe. These are the possible prizes for those:. White Chocolate Egg prizes: If you click to see more of this post, it will show you the contents of the Spring Celebration gift for logging in to Webkinz World on Easter Sunday April 16, ! March 29, at Come check out the latest fabulous fashions to get your pet ready for spring.

Feed a chocolate egg to your pet to win a wonderful spring prize! These eggs have a unique set of prizes that go together with the Milk Chocolate Egg prizes. Make sure you log in to Webkinz on either web or mobile to receive your Spring Celebration Gift Basket! Also, when you open up a cooker i. Deluxe Members get a special gift box every month, filled with fun prizes, including a unique piece of clothing.

If you love spinning wheels and winning, these new wheel prizes are available March 29 — April Here are upcoming pet gift boxes. This looks to be a new estore room theme: Some upcoming foods that look mostly to be PSFs: The doggy bed looks to be the next in the line of Perfect Match at the estore. The purple walls and floor might be in the Room With a View category at the estore: Some new outdoor items: More outdoor items, possibly a new estore theme?

More random stuff — the book looks like a new in-room Webkinz Guide: March 26, at 8: Webkinz shared the first set of concept drawings for the Party Time room theme. March 23, at 6: March 20, at 6: Gagagee wanted to give me a choice of the calves as a gift, but I wanted to see what would happen. We will go in this order to select prizes; however, you only have 24 hours to respond in a comment on this post with your prize selection or we go to the next person!!!

All winners also need to email me mail2momskinz aol. March 18, at 1: I have no clue how to extend the last post and I may have messed up someones handiwork………….

The results are in… and I am pleased to announce that the Webkinz Newz community has chosen the Party Time room theme to be the next theme to be released in the W-Shop.

Congratulations to ShanTilley for your winning suggestion! This was one of our closest votes ever, but the Webkinz Newz community has spoken and you can expect to see this theme being released in the W-Shop on May March 17, at 9: They are so cute!

What is your favorite? What are your name ideas? March 14, at The Bonanza Trophy Challenge is this weekend March Click on the icon to review your tasks. March 11, at The miracle tonic is a very unique secret concoction.

You can get some miracle tonic in 1 of 2 ways: Neither the tonic nor the smoothies can be traded or sent through KinzPost to other players. Just take this tonic, together with your harvested farm fresh foods, and combine them in a blender using one of these recipes:. March 8, at Thank you Loopy for providing us with this summary of the updates!

There are three new exclusives: The Bubble Wrap Chair retired , oh no! I always hated that exclusive! The Leprechaun Plush is on the Deluxe Wheel , so spin, spin, spin! I collect the patio plants so I cannot wait! Looks to be pretty interesting. Our next Deluxe Day is on this Saturday, March 18th! Each day the birdfeeder will give out a Bird Seed Cookie , for when your pet is feeling peckish!

March 6, at 7: Every day from March 11 to 16, when you log in and play on webkinz. So be sure to log in to webkinz. The luck of the Irish might be with you! March 3, at 7: There are 6 Jelly Coins to collect in total. The Leprechaun can be hard to find! Collect all 6 Jelly Coins to win the Grand Prize: February 28, at 7: Here is what to expect in March!

February 25, at 7: Wednesday is March 1st! From March 1 — 8, Dr. Quack will be handing out gifts in the Kinzville Park! February 22, at 5: February 21, at Webkinz is offering another daily activity for Deluxe members: February 18, at February 15, at Quack in the park from Wednesday, March 1 st to 8 th where he will be giving out a daily thank you gift! Once you visit Dr.

If you send him a KinzPost message, he might send you back something special! There is a new Superbed to collect! Your pet will just love taking a nap in the lap of luxury! Each month, Deluxe Members also get a gift box containing all sorts of prizes, including a unique piece of clothing!

Our next Deluxe Day is this Saturday, February 18 th! February 13, at All three codes expire at midnight on March 31, Fancy Tuxedo Jacket Community Code: Fancy Tuxedo Pants Community Code: Fancy Tuxedo Loafers Community Code: February 10, at 8: Between February 10 and 19 , Sophie will hide a special gift for us in the Ganz eStore! To get the free gift, we have to search around eStore using the clues. Below is your first clue.

Visit Ganz eStore starting tomorrow to solve the clues and get a special gift from us to you! February 9, at 8: Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Dee! Happy Birthday to Yoooouuuu! February 6, at 3: We have to collect all 6 chocolates to win the grand prize Lovely Go Kart. February 3, at 3: Click on the ad below for the link to the Community Code you can enter in the Code Shop for a special gift. This ad awards the Chocolate Shop Visor: This harder to find ad awards the Chocolate Shop Booth: Codes expire at midnight on March 31 and award one item per webkinz.

The Valentine printable code fits with these pieces: February 1, at January 29, at 8: January 28, at 9: January 25, at 8: Sorry this took so long. Wheel of Wow Jan 25 — Feb New Souvenirs on Vacation Island: Sandy Beach Floor Tile. I absolutely love the way the little yellow details in the flowers match the yellow ribbon on the dress.

This outfit is being modeled by Luna, my Moon Fox. Overall, I just think this is a really hip and cool look.

The Springtime Trench costs kinzcash, making it the most expensive item in the whole collection. The Springtime Trench is the only piece in the Spring Clothing Line that features the color pink. Get to the Spree Mall even faster when you purchase bonus turns at the Ganz eStore! The Pretty Bow Flats are another one of my favorite items in this line. I love the swirling designs on the Lightly Layered Skirt and the wide range of blues. Of course I had to add the Floral Headband for an extra girlie touch!

The Spring Gradient Tee is being modeled here by Sadie, my mocha pup. Besides just being pretty, I like the Spring Gradient Tee because of the little details, like the collar and the button on the front.

The sleeves are puffed, so you could use this shirt to create a much dressier outfit if you wanted to. I also added some Blue Camo Sneakers so Sadie can play outdoors and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. I decided to have my Black Panther model the Blue Gumboots by themselves so you can see all of the great details. For instance, I really like the strap with the gold buckle at the top.

As you can see, the soles are very rugged, which is a bit different than the way the boots are pictured in the Kinzstyle Outlet. These Blue Gumboots would look really cute with the rain jacket and hat you can win in the Spring Mystery Clothing Bags.

The Paisley Newsboy is only available to Deluxe members. These shorts and this hat are obviously a perfect match, but each piece individually is also great. A lot of attention to detail went into creating this paisley pattern. I finished off the look with the Pretty Bow Flats because I love how fresh and clean the white accessories make the outfit feel. The Cinched Sweater costs kinzcash, making it the second most expensive item in the collection.

Once again, the Floral Headband is a perfect match. I really love how these greens and blues coordinate — these colors make it so easy to put together great outfits! Which items are you planning to buy? So what does the Winter Clothing Line have to offer?

There are 12 pieces total in this latest line from our fashionista PJ Collie:. Sometimes the way a clothing item looks in the KinzStyle Outlet is really different from how it looks on your pet. Hopefully these pictures will help you decide which items are worth spending your Kinzcash on! I paired these two items together because the reds match perfectly.

Maybe the hat looks better on pets with no ears — like a fish or bird. I like the pattern a lot, and I think the fit is nice nothing weird happening! That makes it tough for non-Deluxe members to put the outfit together. Friend me on Webkinz gabirdgirl and treehuggerjess and make sure I know your username.

Back to the suit — I like the pink flowers, and I really dig the purple tie. The Mod Mini has a vintage, retro look to it, and I love the details in the striped sections with the different colors and diamond-shaped design. As for the Silver Boots, I just popped these on with the Floral Suit and decided the whole outfit looked pretty good:. The Silver Boots could be dressy or casual, I think.

I like the neutral color and the somewhat more basic look because I think it makes the shoes more versatile.

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