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The Classical Economists looked out on a world of small state, basic capitalism in the 18th and 19th Centuries and observed it. It's well worth a play in entirety. He spoke of the finite supply of Bitcoin and how the number of Bitcoins minted is ever-decreasing. Instead, these foppes scream for war. Replying to maxkeiser FutureMoneyTren.

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If they succeed in throwing him up getting him impeached or assassinated , the cancer is still in place, eat away the country from the inside out. Elaine Moore March 3, at 6: If you have a fairly powerful computer that is almost always online, you can help the network by running Bitcoin Core. I was a Bernie supporter and then voted Green. Replying to maxkeiser FutureMoneyTren. Your conclusion that all the people have is each other is right on and why we see so much division among the people being instigated by the various corporate sponsored NGOs, while the MSM tries to keep the vast majority as confused as possible as to which way is up. It's a bold train of thought, Thu, 30 Nov

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Those of bitcoin who have lived the right way with our eyes wide open know that America died a long time ago. Ludwig von Mises in his library Photo credit: There is much better informational news reporting max from the Democrat and Keiser tail-spinning arguments that are usually rooted in confusion and hate. The Dems seem determined nominations keep Sanders or someone like him oscar ever winning the nomination. Small state, basic capitalism existed in the 2013 and 19th centuries, it gives nothing freely. 2017 sooner Trump supporters realize that, the better.

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Max keiser bitcoin 2013 oscar nominations 2017

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Aileen Douglas on Dear Celebrities: Aileen Douglas on Holidays. So therefore he has to be authoritarian and you are missing the message. Your expectation is that it all should be a lot more perfect. This is what there is, Bub. Help make something positive instead of complaining about the pebble under your mattress.

An endless pile of mattresses will never bring you relief from the pebble. Finally we are all jaded, obsessed with our comforts, and suspicious of any action meant for change. I tried to have a reasonable dialogue with you, and you immediately resorted to high school level retorts. Yes, Hillary would have been even worse.

This is an excellent article. I quit looking at The New Yorker several years ago when the cartoons started to deteriorate. Thanks to Max Keiser for telling us about Liberty Blitzkrieg. The Van Jones interview was inspiring.

The rise and fall of nations and empires, an endless procession throughout 5, years of human civilisation. What were the chances of the US being the first nation to maintain this position in the history of human civilisation? The pie has been carved and an established elite look to pull up the drawbridge to keep themselves in the very comfortable position they are in now.

Social mobility is at the same atrocious level as the UK and they use the same mechanisms for social stratification, private schools and universities they take no chances in the US. The generations that made fortunes fade into the past to be replaced by generations that inherit fortunes. Capitalist dynamism is replaced by rent seeking as the idea now is to conserve fortunes rather than make fortunes; the world of finance dominates to meet this goal. Finance allows the wealthy to use their money to make more money.

Where can they get the best return on their investments? In the new dynamic nations of Asia, not in their own country. To conserve fortunes they move taxes off themselves and onto labour making their own nation internationally uncompetitive. They even look on the existing businesses, that are now on the stock market, as a revenue stream and these businesses are there for them to cannibalise for personal gain.

An interesting study into the rise and fall of empires civilisations: Enough of the ancient virtues of courage, energy and patriotism survive to enable the state successfully to defend its frontiers. But, beneath the surface, greed for money is gradually replacing duty and public service. Indeed the change might be summarised as being from service to selfishness. Each generation is born into a different part of the cycle that shapes that generation and leads to the next. This summation covered an array of logical thought processes.

I agree with this writer, completely. It would behoove the incoming presidential administration as a mandatory reading ,as well as all politicians! Only the charade of the power holders changes slightly to accomodate new organs of propaganda. If there is a desire for justice but those who hold power apply an unobjective version of it then no true peace results. Unless you know what justice means and are virtuous enough to live it then the power squabbles continue unabated.

Selfish, narcissistic leaders reap a whirlwind of misery due to their selfish, egomaniacal methods. Virtue is overlooked in leadership roles. True virtue, not ersatz versions pumped by media slouches. Very good article, Michael.

Although, I think you are a bit rough on Trump and too easy on Bernie, you are spot on with Killary, Sessions, and Munchkin! I was a Bernie supporter and then voted Green. I loved that you gave a shout out to Jimmy Dore on youtube who I follow regularly because he says stuff that I find myself saying before I see it on his show. I always thought Brokaw was a stuffed shirt, especially with all that BS about the greatest generation.

That generation came of age in a golden era of American capitalism with a rising standard of living and consumer innovations that transformed daily life. First with their blind support for Hillary and now with Trump and the Russians. So disappointing because they do publish many interesting essays. The Dems seem determined to keep Sanders or someone like him from ever winning the nomination. Maybe that goes back to Their strategy of hoping Trump implodes seems lazy and reckless.

We are sleepwalking into a disaster. Maybe Morris Berman is right. See member lists at cfr org. This is an moment, when the dominant Whig party became defunct.

There is no other way out of this quagmire…. Sir, you miss the role Trump has to play. Nothing more, nothing less. If he can gum up the works, make the deep state sweat, bring down some of the clowns in Congress, well then he gets my vote again.

Also America is not in trouble. Its going to be around for a long, long time. What is in trouble is the US Govt. America is not the US Govt. One is a place the other is a concept that a long list of leaders have screwed up royally on.

And corporate media is doubling down on ignoring these issues brought up like the imminent debt ceiling being broken, keeping the Volcker Rule in effect to discourage real investment, and facing the Obama status quo head-on that puts real strain on proposing a balanced budget.

Both sides are hellbent on their own polarized agenda and pushing irrelevant social issues into the spotlight while not even mentioning real implementable policy changes. I will focus on the Russian hysteria because it seems primary to me. If anyone from the administration had illegal dealings with Russia the answer is to be found in our courts system. Instead, these foppes scream for war.

We have a criminal justice system. They want it subverted. They also want a war, badly. They destroy both the rule of law and get that longed for war in one try. Ordinary Democrats have now taken to utterly rejecting the criminal justice system. Until November , Keiser anchored On the Edge, a program of news and analysis Replying to maxkeiser FutureMoneyTren. If u all think that governments What if your entire net worth is less than a single bitcoin like most people these days?

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss net worth enemas and monetizing bulimia in an economy in which the central bank QE Ludwig von Mises in his library Photo credit: Wikipedia It's been confirmed now that economist Sandeep Jaitly has been forced to resign his position from The Gold Standard Institute following his on-air remarks about Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand.

Jaitly, a follower of Antal Fekete, originally tweeted that In my part of American society we don't discuss money, except to complain about taxes. He makes you laugh. I like Stacy Herberts too. They are both attractive people with nice personalities, apart from Max getting a bit lifted up sometimes. But hey, if you knew as much about money as he does, then you… starrynews.

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