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Did the banking cartel secretly buy up millions buyers Bitcoins leading up bitcoins the Dec 17 CME futures contract. This company, buyers to Italian research, is related to Valter Lav? The GiFiles, Files released: One online poll asking who should serve as Moscow's next mayor showed him blanqueo first place. No casualties were reported in the blast, but walls of the building had been bitcoins with slogans blanqueo red calling for independence for Tibet, and leaflets had been scattered in the area, sources said. Escrito por Estela Henr? More people should have her honesty and passion.

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Thanks Amber, Ever Since the first JRE podcast I thought that there is something special going on with you and I am glad that has come into fruition in such a way. Y, como se ha vuelto costumbre, aprovech? We expect that the Lebanese authorities will take all necessary measures to avoid the recurrence of such incidents,? Foto "EL PRI ha cambiado de manera natural y hoy lo veo despertando nuevas expectativas y confianza en la poblaci? There is evidence that points to the conclusion but there is no proof..

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Ele aposta numa atua?? On offer were products that allow users to track hundreds of cellphones at once, read e-mails by blanqueo tens of thousands, even get a computer to snap a picture of its owner and send the image to police or bitcoins else blanqueo buys the software. Correa has asked all his ministers and close advisers to resign several times since he first took office in Sin embargo, nunca fueron construidas. Denying rumours that 2, soldiers bitcoins been sent to Cajamarca, the chief of the armed forces joint command, General Luis Howell Ballena, stated that "if the police feel they are being overwhelmed, they can buyers to the buyers for military support. Awesome write up Amber.

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The Global Intelligence Files - CTDigest Digest, Vol , Issue 1

Stock exchanges may also provide facilities for issue and redemption of securities and other financial instruments, and capital events including the payment of income and dividends. Securities traded on a stock exchange include stock issued by listed companies or quoted companies , unit trusts, derivatives, pooled investment products and bonds. No hay duros a cuatro pesetas. Chicken feed a very small amount of money. Big fish in Spanish: The highest-paying field of financial translation A rising tide lifts all boats.

Tax haven or tax shelter. All that glitters is not gold. A promise is a promise. Square deal A fair agreement. Durante esta ceremonia se cont? Commission to release report by end of December Message-ID: The Bild newspaper reported on Thursday that experts with the Federal Criminal Police Office believe in the event of a US military action against Iran, the Iranians would attack US military airfields in order to disrupt supply and logistics operations.

Federal prosecutors have launched an espionage investigation against a German businessman possibly connected to the plot who they believe has maintained conspirational contact with the Iranian embassy in Berlin, Bild reported. A report on November 8 by the United Nation?

And on Wednesday Berlin temporarily recalled its ambassador to Tehran following the storming of the British embassy there by hard-line protestors. Western diplomats have said that Iranian authorities could have prevented the overrunning of the embassy but failed to do so.

A series of mysterious explosions has also recently bedevilled Iran? Leave your comment below. Lead in German Terror Probe http: Der Spiegel magazine cited head federal prosecutor Harald Range as saying prosecutors are investigating whether Iran may be planning attacks on US military facilities in the event of an American attack on Iran.

Range confirmed the Bild report saying authorities were investiating a German businessman suspected of espionage for the purpose of sabotage. The businessman was alleged to have secretly met with Iranian diplomats Bild speculated that Iranian agents were preparing to attack US airbases in Germany to disrupt airborne logistics operations if the United States took part in any kind of attack on Iran, which the West suspects of making nuclear weapons.

Federal police head Joerg Ziercke, however, sought to assure the public there is no immediate danger. Neither Range nor Ziercke's office would comment further on their inquiries.

US Embassy and military officials said they are aware of the German investigation but would not comment on it as a matter of policy. Germany is home to many US military installations, including the Ramstein and Spangdahlem air bases. Following an attack by Iranian protesters on the UK embassy in Tehran, German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle pulled the country's ambassador out of Iran. France and the Netherlands also recalled their envoy's to Iran, while Italy called on Tehran's envoy in Rome to explain his country's actions.

British foreign minister William Hague openly accused the Iranian regime of giving "some degree of consent" to Tuesday's protests, when demonstrators stormed the British embassy in Tehran and burned the Union Jack and looted diplomatic documents.

I won't go to Kosovo barricades Message-ID: German prosecutors are investigating information authorities received that Iran has been planning attacks on American targets inside the country, but has no indication of anything in the works, a spokeswoman said Thursday. Germany is home to many U. A search turned up no evidence, however, and there have been no arrests, the prosecutors' office spokeswoman said on customary condition of anonymity.

She would not say where the search took place, or how authorities received the information that led to the investigation. The Iranian Embassy could not be reached by phone and did not return an email request for comment. He said the Obama administration takes the allegations seriously, and that it is working with the German government. Army Europe spokesman Joe Garvey said: Gen Retd James Jones, who was Obama?

Agreeing with the interviewer that the ISI has relationship with the Haqqani network, Jones argued that the Pakistani spy agency does not do things which are not approved by Gen Kayani. So therefore the buck stops with him Kayani ,? To this, Jones said: For reasons that they should explain perhaps at some point, the military influence in Pakistan on the destiny of the nation is very high in relation to the position that they occupy. In other words, we don?

So I know that people point at the ISI. Jones said that he had many conversations with Kayani in this regard when he was the National Security Adviser. And during these conversations Kayani, according to Jones, defended their support to extremist elements. What it is, what it isn't, and what you need to know Message-ID: British embassy storming bares rift in Iran elite Message-ID: Fri, 02 Dec Nasser bin Ghaith was one of five arrested in April on charges of disrupting public order and calling for protests.

They were sentenced to up to three years in prison on Sunday and pardoned one day later along with more than others given amnesty ahead of the UAE's national holiday. The UAE, the world's third biggest oil exporter, has not seen the kind of protests that have rocked Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria, partly thanks to its generous cradle-to-grave welfare system.

But the case of bin Ghaith and his colleagues has been seen as a gauge of how the state, which allows no political parties, responds to political dissent. Bin Ghaith told Reuters in an interview he was still amazed at how they were treated for criticising the government's moves to raise social spending in a bid to prevent the eruption of popular unrest. To stop what I do in the field of human rights, in defending personal freedoms and pushing for political reforms, I think that will be a step back in my love for my country.

Fellow blogger Ahmed Mansoor was back with his family on Thursday, celebrating the public holiday marking the 40th anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates. It would have been a victory not just for us but for the country as a whole," he said. Friday, December 2, 2: Along the way these events have earned an evocative nickname: The products of what Lucas calls the "lawful intercept" industry are developed mainly in Western nations such as the United States but are sold throughout the world with few restrictions.

This burgeoning trade has alarmed human rights activists and privacy advocates, who call for greater regulation because the technology has ended up in the hands of repressive governments such as those of Syria, Iran and China.

The list of attendees for this year's U. None would comment on their participation in the event. Representatives of 43 countries also were there, Lucas said, as were many people from state and local law enforcement agencies. Journalists and members of the public were excluded.

On offer were products that allow users to track hundreds of cellphones at once, read e-mails by the tens of thousands, even get a computer to snap a picture of its owner and send the image to police or anyone else who buys the software. One product uses phony updates for iTunes and other popular programs to infiltrate personal computers.

The Commerce Departmentregulates exports of surveillance technology, but its ability to restrict the trade is limited. Intermediaries sometimes redirect sales to foreign governments, even those subjected to economic sanctions, once products leave the United States.

But such restrictions do not follow products when they are sold overseas. Industry officials say their products are designed for legitimate purposes, such as tracking terrorists, investigating crimes and allowing employers to block pornographic and other restricted Web sites at their offices. Several years of industry sales brochures provided to The Washington Post by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, and released publicly Thursday, reveal that many companies are selling sophisticated tools capable of going far beyond conventional investigative techniques.

Sophisticated surveillance technology "is facilitating detention, torture and execution," he said, "and potentially smothering the flames of another Arab Spring. The surveillance industry conferences are in Prague, Dubai, Brasilia, the Washington area and Kuala Lumpur, whose event starts Tuesday. They are invitation-only affairs, and Lucas said he bars Syria, Iran and North Korea, which are under sanctions, from participating.

The most popular conference, with about 1, attendees, was in Dubai this year. Middle Eastern governments, for whom the Arab Spring was "a wake-up call," are the most avid buyers of surveillance software and equipment, Lucas said. Any customers who come to the event are free to buy the products there. Some are going to defend themselves. Some are going to commit crimes. About 15 of the vendors for the conference in Bethesda were based in the United States, said Lucas. Of the 51 companies whose sales brochures and other materials were obtained and released by WikiLeaks, 17 have secured U.

Federal agencies declined to comment on the use of surveillance technology. But Lucas said that the Fish and Wildlife Service uses monitoring gear to catch poachers, the Agriculture Department to investigate abuse of grants and the IRS to search for evidence that tax filers have understated their income.

Trade in surveillance technology raises worries "The IRS love to find people filing zero income on their tax returns with photos of Ferraris on their Facebook pages," Lucas said. An IRS spokesman declined to comment. Privacy experts say the legal framework governing the industry has not kept up with its growth, and products sold for legitimate purposes, such as blocking access to certain Web sites or investigating sexual predators, can easily be adapted for broader surveillance purposes.

Far-reaching tools The brochures collected by WikiLeaks make clear that few forms of electronic communication are beyond the reach of available surveillance tools. Although some simple products cost just a few hundred dollars and can be purchased on on eBay, the technology sold at the trade shows often costs hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Customization and on-site training can provide years of revenue for companies. One German company, DigiTask, offers a suitcase-sized device capable of monitoring the Web traffic of users at public WiFi hotspots such as cafes, airports and hotel lobbies. A lawyer representing the company, Winfried Seibert, declined to elaborate on its products.

That's a secret between the company and the customer. A company spokesman confirmed that it provided cellular tracking devices for "bona fide law enforcement agencies worldwide. The Wall Street Journal reported on this product, and several other surveillance tools described in sales brochures, in an article last month. Apple said it altered iTunes to block FinFisher intrusions Nov. A Gamma spokesman, Peter Lloyd, said that FinFisher is a vital investigative tool for law enforcement agencies and that the company complies with British law.

The WikiLeaks documents, which the group also provided to several European news organizations and one in India, do not reveal the names of buyers. But when "Arab Spring" revolutionaries took control of state security agencies in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, they found that Western surveillance technology had been used to monitor political activists. The proposed legislation mandates that suspected members of al Qaeda and other militant groups be detained by the U.

American citizens, however, are exempted from the mandatory military detention requirement. The Democratic-controlled Senate voted to reject an attempt by Senator Dianne Feinstein to limit the military custody requirement to suspects captured outside the United States. The detainee provisions, which are opposed by the Obama administration, are part of a defense bill that is expected to pass the Senate on Thursday or Friday.

The House of Representatives has passed similar legislation. Once differences in the legislation are worked out, the bill will be sent to President Barack Obama, who has threatened to veto it. The debate is part of a long battle between Obama, a Democrat, and some lawmakers over whether terror suspects should be prosecuted as "enemy combatants" before military commissions, or as criminal suspects in federal courts. The Obama administration has sought to prosecute terror suspects in civilian as well as military courts.

Republicans and some Democrats have urged that only military courts be used, and Congress repeatedly has voted to limit transfers of detainees from the U. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and FBI director Robert Mueller, as well as intelligence officials, have written to Congress to express their opposition to mandatory military custody for terrorism suspects.

The legislation contains waiver provisions giving the executive branch the right to place a prisoner in the U. Law enforcement officials, including Mueller, have argued that this procedure is too awkward, noting the waiver has to come from the U. Feinstein, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, argued against the proposed strictures on handling of terror suspects, noting that ordinary criminal courts had produced lengthy sentences for convicted terror suspects.

Otherwise, "we're laying out a welcome mat, to say, that if you make it to America, you won't be held in military custody," Ayotte said.

Jeh Johnson, Defense Department general counsel, said on Thursday the detainee provisions would actually hinder the pursuit of terrorism suspects.

Marceliano Teofilo, commanding officer of the Army's 68th Infantry Battalion, said the rebel returnees operating in the town of Tulunan in North Cotabato province have also surrendered 36 assorted weapons when they were formally accepted by Mayor Lani Candolada. Teofilo said the government under the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process will provide livelihood development, food and shelters to the returnees.

They decided to give up their struggle to live a normal life in their communities," the military official said. Von Al Haq, spokesman for the rebel group, said they will verify if those who surrender were legitimate members of their organization.

The Philippine Government and the MILF members will resume their peace talks anytime this month in Malaysia to find a " political solution" to the decades-old conflict in the region. Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Quintos- Deles remains hopeful that government's efforts in the negotiating table will soon bear fruit, citing the peace negotiations with the MILF are still on track.

In September this year, formal peace talks were stalled following the rejection of the MILF on the government's proposed comprehensive peace compact with the Muslim rebels.

The government has been offering enhanced autonomy to the MILF, while the rebels have been seeking for creation of a sub-state that will end the decades-old conflict in Mindanao. The MILF has been fighting with government troops for decades to establish a self-rule Muslim sub-state in the south of the predominantly Catholic country. A final peace deal with the government will touch the issues of autonomy and the civil settlement of the rebel group's 11, strong guerrilla fighters.

The state-run New Light of Myanmar newspaper said the high-level delegation met Tuesday with six representatives of the Kachin Independence Organization led by its chairman Zaung Hara also known as Zawng Hkra in Ruili in China's Yunnan province.

The report said both sides agreed at the meeting to continue the initial peace talks aimed at a cease-fire and political dialogues. Myanmar for decades has been at odds with ethnic minorities living in border areas who seek greater autonomy.

A military junta that took power in signed cease-fire agreements with many, including the Kachin, whose state is in the north. In recent years, however, as the central government has sought to consolidate its power, some of the pacts have been strained, and sporadic warfare broke out with the Kachins in June this year as the government tried to break up some of their militia strongholds.

Kachin sympathizers have circulated accounts of government brutality, but the remote area is mostly inaccessible to foreigners and the allegations are difficult to confirm. The government had reported little on the fighting. A website sympathetic to the ethnic rebels, The Kachin Post, confirmed Tuesday's talks and said the meeting was the fifth between the sides.

The meeting took place a day before U. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived on a visit to encourage the political and economic reforms started by the new nominally civilian but military-aligned and elected government. A report released Wednesday by the U. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to make their plight a priority in talks with the Myanmar government.

Clinton on Thursday challenged the Myanmar's leaders to continue and expand upon the reforms, calling for the release of all political prisoners, an end to violent campaigns against ethnic minorities and a breaking of military ties with North Korea. Clinton made her comments ahead of a meeting with Myanmar pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was released from house arrest last year after two decades of on-and-off imprisonment. She last month expressed concerns over the hostilities in Kachin state and said she would be willing to help with peace negotiations.

Their blurred photographs were issued by police last night as five of the 34 people injured in the Fa Yuen Street blaze remained in critical condition in hospital. Eleven are in stable condition.

The men were filmed walking separately in the space of about five minutes at the junction of Fa Yuen Street and Bute Street about the time the fire broke out. He also promised to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of death of the nine victims in the city's deadliest fire for 15 years. Police have identified eight of the dead - two men and six women. Many residents were trapped as two lines of hawker booths on each side of Fa Yuen Street caught fire at the same time, at about 4.

More than firefighters took about eight hours to douse the flames and rescue trapped residents. The nine victims were found collapsed on the staircase of an eight-storey tenement at and Fa Yuen Street.

The building had two stairways, with one at the back leading to another street. But survivors said they did not have access to the back stairway or did not know about it. One man, a tenant of one of four cubicles in a subdivided sixth-floor flat, said he was the only one who had access to the back staircase and used it to escape. An inter-departmental working group chaired by the chief secretary was set up to investigate the cause of the blaze, offer help to residents and improve public safety.

Among solutions discussed at a meeting between officials and two hawker associations yesterday was dismantling market stalls after trading hours, which provoked a hostile reaction from traders. Last night, more than affected residents were still not allowed to return home as the six buildings remained cordoned off by police. Police said it would take another day for them to finish examining the site. Anyone with key information on the fire is urged to call police on or Previous 1 of 4 Next Many flats in Mong Kok are often subdivided into cubicles and rented for a cheap rate.

Tsang pledges tough action after inferno 2. Arson probe as inferno kills 9 3. Arson suspected in fatal Mong Kok fire 4. Mong Kok tragedy raises same issues 5. Luxury cars wrecked in firebomb attack 4. Stalls ablaze Click here to find out more! Click here to find out more! Clarifies the alleged cyber attack the IL public water facility.

Cybersecurity, Hacks and Cracks http: Photo courtesy of Jim Mimlitz. It was the broken water pump heard? Cyberwar watchers took notice this month when a leaked intelligence memo claimed Russian hackers had remotely destroyed a water pump at an Illinois utility. The report spawned dozens of sensational stories characterizing it as the first-ever reported destruction of U.

Some described it as America? Except, it turns out, it wasn? Within a week of the report? In truth, the water pump simply burned out, as pumps are wont to do, and a government-funded intelligence center incorrectly linked the failure to an internet connection from a Russian IP address months earlier.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Threat Level, the contractor behind that Russian IP address says a single phone call could have prevented the string of errors that led to the dramatic false alarm. I could have straightened it up with just one phone call, and this would all have been defused,?

They assumed Mimlitz would never ever have been in Russia. His company specializes in SCADA systems, which are used to control and monitor infrastructure and manufacturing equipment. Mimlitz says last June, he and his family were on vacation in Russia when someone from Curran Gardner called his cell phone seeking advice on a matter and asked Mimlitz to remotely examine some data-history charts stored on the SCADA computer.

He also logged in during a layover in Germany, using his mobile phone. Mimlitz told Threat Level. But five months later, when a water pump failed, that Russian IP address became the lead character in a 21st-century version of a Red Scare movie. Courtesy of Jim Mimlitz. The water district passed the information to the Environmental Protection Agency, which governs rural water systems.

Why we did that, I think it was just out of an abundance of caution,? If we had a problem we would have to report it to EPA eventually.? Instead, the center released a report on Nov.

Public Water District Cyber Intrusion? And at that point? Whoever wrote the fusion center report assumed that someone had hacked Mimlitz? A spokeswoman for the Illinois State Police, which is responsible for the fusion center, pointed the finger at local representatives of DHS, FBI and other agencies who are responsible for compiling information that gets released by the fusion center. We did not create the report,? The report is created by a number of agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, and we basically are just the facilitator of the report.

But DHS is pointing the finger back at the fusion center, saying if the report had been DHS-approved, six different offices would have had to sign off on it. Because this was an Illinois [fusion center] product, it did not undergo such a review,? The report was released on a mailing list that goes to emergency management personnel and others, and found its way to Joe Weiss, managing partner of Applied Control Solutions, who wrote a blog post about it and provided information from the document to reporters.

The hack was news to Mimlitz. He put two and two together, after glancing through his phone records, and realized the Russian? I worked real close with the FBI and was on speakerphone with the fly-in team from CERT, and all of them were a really sharp bunch and very professional,? DHS investigators also quickly determined that the failed pump was not the result of a hack attack at all. The system has a lot of logging capability,? All of the logs showed that the pump failed for some electrical-mechanical reason.

Mimlitz said there was also nothing in the logs to indicate that the SCADA system had been turned on and off. He cleared up another mystery in the fusion report as well. The report indicated that for two to three months prior to the pump failure, operators at Curran Gardner had noticed?

But Mimlitz said the remote access system was old and had been experiencing problems ever since it was modified by another contractor. They had made some modifications about a year ago that was creating problems logging in,? It was an old computer? Joe Weiss says he? When you read what? How could DHS not have put something out saying they got this [information but] it? Asked if the fusion center is investigating how information that was uncorroborated and was based on false assumptions got into a distributed report, spokeswoman Bond said an investigation of that sort is the responsibility of DHS and the other agencies who compiled the report.

Our internal review is looking at how did this information get passed along, confidential or controlled information, get disseminated and put into the hands of users that are not approved to receive that information. Two contractors working for foreign forces have been killed in an armed attack. According to a report, three contractors working for foreign forces came under mojahedin's armed attack in the Kobi area to the west of Kandahar city at around [local time] this morning.

Two of the contractors were instantly killed, and another one was seriously wounded during the attack. Two armoured tanks of invader soldiers have been blown up by mines in Janikhel District of Paktika Province. One of the tanks was blown up by a landmine and was totally destroyed in the Loye Ade area at [local time] this morning. The other tank was also blown up and destroyed in a landmine explosion in the same area at [local time] today. The report says three soldiers were killed and four others were seriously wounded in both explosions.

According to a report from Manogai District in Konar Province, an armed attack with heavy weapons has been carried out by mojahedin of the Islamic Emirate on a military centre of joint enemy forces.

According to the report, the above mentioned centre was hit with 11 shells of 82mm artillery and mortar during the attack which took place at [local time] today.

The report says the shells hit the intended target. However, no precise information has so far come on any enemy losses. According to details, some miscreants overnight assailed at a security check post located in Tasakhel area of Upper Orakzai Agency, injuring a troop.

On this, security personnel forcefully retaliated, killing six terrorists. Show me where it happened if it did happen and at what time by whom and how many of them. The names of TNI members are put clearly on the uniform," he said to newsmen here on Thursday. He said in the company of National Police Chief General Timur Pradopo and the chief of the National Intelligence Agency BIN , Marciano Norman that "until now there has been no report about it while news about it has so far been spread by way of communication technology.

But if it is population registration all will be affected including Papuan students and it is done by city administration police," he said. Djoko said "it is no more time for things like sweeps and what is the correlation between what happens in Papua and "sweeps" in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Makassar.

I made the statement so that it would be clear and people understand," he said. It was reported on Friday November 11 a sweep had been carried out against Papuan students, which was suspected to be done by TNI and police personnel. The students have reported it to the National Commission on Human Rights meanwhile the government has also stated before the parliament that it has issued no such policy.

An armed attack was carried out on a supply convoy of foreign forces on the Kandahar-Herat highway near the Shorab market in Washir District of Helmand Province at [local time] today. The report says one supply vehicle of the enemy was seized intact during the attack which took place as an ambush while the rest of the convoy's vehicles managed to escape the area. It has been reported that two drivers of the vehicle were also detained and taken by mojahedin to their centres for further investigation.

A former Buddhist monk in Tibet has been hospitalized after setting himself on fire, the latest in a series of apparent self-immolation protests against Chinese rule, a human rights group said.

Most of the protesters who set themselves on fire are calling for Tibetan freedom and the return of their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, who fled to India during an abortive uprising against Chinese rule in The attempted self-immolation reportedly occurred near the Karma monastery in Tibet's Chamdo region. The group cited exiled Tibetans in India whom it did not identify by name.

A woman who answered the telephone at the propaganda office of the Chamdo regional Communist Party denied the incident occurred. Nothing like that happened in Chamdo," said the woman who would not give her name. If confirmed, at least 12 monks, nuns, and former monks have now set themselves on fire this year in what are seen as acts of desperation in the face of tightening Chinese controls over Tibetan life and culture. All but the latest occurred in heavily Tibetan areas of China's Sichuan province.

China says Tibet has always been part of its territory, but many Tibetans say the Himalayan region was virtually independent for centuries. Chinese authorities routinely deny Tibetan claims of repression, although they have confirmed some self-immolations and accused supporters of the Dalai Lama of encouraging such acts. The Dalai Lama and representatives of the self-declared Tibetan government-in-exile in India say they oppose all violence.

An armed attack has been carried out on a supply convoy of foreign forces in the Pazakai area of Bakwa District in Farah Province. According to a report, the supply convoy came under mojahedin's armed attack while it was travelling on the Kandahar-Kabul highway at around [local time] this lunchtime. Two vehicles of the enemy were hit by rockets and were totally destroyed, and another was damaged in the attack.

It is said that two Kalashnikov rifles, a communication device and a large quantity of ammunition of the dead soldiers were seized by the mojahedin at the end of the fighting. Teuku Nyak Arief in Banda Aceh, injuring three motorists. The motorists were immediately taken to Zainoel Abidin hospital. On Tuesday, an unidentified man threw a grenade at the office of gubernatorial hopeful Irwandi Yusuf in Lampriet, Banda Aceh.

However, nobody was injured in the incident. Aceh Police says it is investigating the two incidents. Gustav Leo said Thursday as quoted by kompas. Investigators of the Russian Federal Security Service directorate for Novosibirsk Region have detained a drug dealer with a large batch of Afghan heroin, Interfax-Siberia reported on 2 December, citing the directorate's press service.

The employees of the directorate have found over 15 kg of heroin inside the consignment whose weight was kg," the press service was quoted as saying. A criminal case has been launched against the man under Article In a separate incident, employees of the transport police detained a drug dealer with a large batch of heroin in a shuttle train on 30 November, RIA Novosti reported on 2 December, citing a source in Moscow Region's law-enforcement agencies.

Police officers found over 7 kg of heroin on him," the source was quoted as saying. South Ossetian opposition website allegedly comes under hacker attack Message-ID: She said that earlier the website's operation had already been disrupted in South Ossetia. The opposition website has been working erratically in Moscow since Dzhioyeva's supporters started staging civil disobedience rallies in Tskhinvali, demanding that her [Dzhioyeva's] election victory be acknowledged. Marzoyeva said that disruption today was not caused by a large number of people visiting the site.

The attack happened in Muhammad Agha district of Logar province and an AFP reporter in the area said the blast could be heard several kilometres miles away. Invader soldiers suffered heavy casualties and material losses during an armed attack in Surobi District of Kabul Province. The attack took place in the form of an ambush by mojahedin on a motorised patrol of invader soldiers in Sherkhana and Band-e Barq areas of this district on the Kabul-Jalalabad highway.

The report says the attack took place at [local time] today and lasted about half an hour during which an armoured tank was hit and totally destroyed. Six foreign soldiers also lost their lives in the attack. The report says the mojahedin were not harmed during the fighting. Fri, 2 Dec The border checkpoint Zaramag on the border between North Ossetia and South Ossetia was suspended over the failure of equipment, a border guard officer Alexander Solod told Itar-Tass on Friday.

All equipment failed at the border checkpoint over the power outage and the border checkpoint will be closed until the election power supply is restored, he said. All vehicles, which were driving to South Ossetia, are staying in Alagir,? Solod could not say when the border crossing to South Ossetia will be resumed. The attacker used an explosive-laden truck to set off a powerful explosion just outside the entrance to the base on Friday morning, local authorities reported. The majority of those wounded are civilians , Logar?

Seven of the wounded are Afghan security guards from the base. The suicide attacker wanted to ram his explosive-laden vehicle into the coalition forces base, but he was stopped at the gate and detonated the truck outside the base,? The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the terrorist act. US officials blamed the attack on the Haqqani network, an Afghan Taliban faction, which Washington says has strong ties with Pakistan.

There are currently , international troops in Afghanistan. The number is set to decrease by the end of , but a substantial presence is expected to remain in an effort to train Afghan security forces. Friday, December 2, 9: He further said that tens of foreign troops had been killed, and a large number of others had been wounded in the attack.

Mojahed said that the headquarters of foreign forces had been completely destroyed and that the district building and police headquarters had also been seriously damaged.

Failure of a potentially huge attack, if it was a real truck bomb. Thinking kg and above of bang. Wala sigurong mabigat na implication ito [Kato's death], walang negative impact ito sa ating [I don? Von Al Haq said. Hindi siya patay, unless makakuha tayo ng ebidensiya, ang masasabi lang namin hindi siya patay [He? He added that he has contact with Kato?

The military on Saturday claimed that Kato had allegedly died due to a stroke. Kato is wanted for atrocities he and his men conducted in after the Supreme Court ruled that the memorandum of agreement on ancestral domain was unconstitutional. The bomb, fashioned from a 60mm mortar, was safely detonated after it was found at a packing section of RFN Industries Corporation in the village of Tambak, acting Philippine Army spokesman Major Harold Cabunoc said.

He cited the possibility the foiled attack was a handiwork of Moro rebels as 60 newly-surrendered members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front are now working in the banana plantation. The 60 MILF rebels, who surrendered Thursday in Tulunan town, handed over 32 firearms in the ceremony witnessed by local officials and non-government organizations. Meanwhile, troops belonging to the 68th Infantry Battalion have been secured to ensure the safety of the employees, Cabunoc said.

On November 26, one was killed and two were wounded in an attack by about Moro rebels led by a certain Commander Jun Pananggulon Commander Bhoto Mantol and Commander Gani Saligan, against their former comrades who were working in a farm in Sitio Pedtad, village Dungos.

It accused the rebel group of perpetrating violent attacks during the implementation of the ceasefire agreement, Cabunoc said.

A leader of the former rebels claimed that a Jemaah Islamiyah-- trained bomber whom he personally knew was among the attackers, he added. The competent authorities in Hama on Thursday killed 5 armed men and arrested 35 others during a clash with armed terrorist members in Hama countryside. The authorities also seized different amounts of weapons and ammunition including 27 Kalashnikov rifles, machine guns, 9 pump action rifles, grenades, pistols and explosives weighing more than 50 kg with remote detonators.

Moreover, advanced communication equipment and a large number of stolen cars with fake number plates were also seized. The authorities also released a citizen who was kidnapped a few days ago by one of these armed terrorist groups.

Earlier in the day, Military engineering units dismantled two explosive devices, 12 kg each, planted on the road linking between the villages of Tal Dahab and Kfarlaha in al-Houleh area in Homs countryside. On a different note, SANA correspondent said that an armed terrorist group tried to force shopkeepers in Hama into closing their shops, but they brushed off its threats. This is the second blast in Afghanistan in a single day on Friday. In the previous violent incident for which Taliban outfit claimed of responsibility, a suicide bomber detonated his explosive-laden lorry in Logar province 60 km south of capital Kabul this morning, killing himself and wounding five others including a civilian and four policemen, according to local media.

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said Thursday that this week? At least one rocket was fired into Israel from south Lebanon in an attack claimed by suspected Al-Qaeda affiliate the Abdullah Azzam Brigades.

It prompted Israel to return a volley of artillery, although no one was injured. Unfortunately, people are putting the Syrians in every single incident and we reiterate that the incident is far from it,? Mansour told the Central News Agency. It is simply an individual incident.

We also denounce what Israel did in retaliation. Lebanon respects and will continue to respect United Nations Security Council ,? We expect that the Lebanese authorities will take all necessary measures to avoid the recurrence of such incidents,? He declined to comment on the incident, before heading to the Naqoura headquarters of the U. Interim Force for meetings with senior officials.

The rocket attack was the first in two years. The Abdullah Azzam Brigades have claimed responsibility for previous similar attacks. Team to submit report on unrest late February Message-ID: It said the attack took place on Thursday in Idlib province, between the towns of Jisr al-Shughour and the Mediterranean city of Latakia.

The Observatory and other activists also said at least 20 civilians were killed by Syrian security forces across the country on Thursday, mainly in the provinces of Hama and Homs. According to a labor union representing these guards, about of its members have refused to sign the deal with the British firm G4S. Army recently signed a deal with the company, ending its five-year tie with a Korean company named Joeun Systems Corps.

AP - 8 mins ago PARIS - French authorities have increased security for Syrian opposition members based here who have come under threat, the interior minister said Friday. Claude Gueant did not specify the nature of the threats or of the new security measures. Speaking to reporters in Paris, he said the measures would affect members of the Syrian National Council. That would include the opposition council's Paris-based leader, Burhan Ghalioun. France, Syria's one-time colonial ruler, has strongly endorsed the council and holds a tough diplomatic line against the deadly crackdown by Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime on an anti-government uprising.

The organisation, which was formed in October, is Syria's foremost opposition group. I very much regret that Serbia has so far not met those expectations adequately. I say that is not acceptable,' Merkel said. Separatists Friday blew up a major installation of India's premier oil exploration firm Oil India Limited OIL in Assam, triggering a massive fire leaping up to more than metres. The attack is part of our campaign to strike at vital installations as we believe the Indian government is exploiting our natural resources," a rebel statement received by IANS read.

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If you are really as curious as you say, George, you will do more research. Check out all the work that Johns Hopkins is doing nowadays. Stop telling people how they should live their lives. You have no clue what people go through nor the benefits they gain from a psychedelic experience.

I have done some research on this subject. The Harvard School of Medicine wrote something similar to what Amber has been advocating. These medicines have been used for decades but only used under strict supervision of doctors. She claims they are illegal which is true but not by mental hospitals and other health care facilities. If these drugs were the solution to all our lives problems we would have none today. She boasted on the Russia Today RT propaganda channel about having used these drugs in Mexico and other parts of the world but not under medical supervision which is grossly irresponsible.

As what happened to the young followers of Charles Manson there could be harmful side effects due to excessive long term use.

Since we came out of caves and grunted humans have been looking for a happiness pill and so far nobody has found it. Sadly, you are the victim of propaganda and you are speaking on a topic that you seem to have no personal experience with.

If we had proper education about psychedelics along with legal facilitated use, our world would most definitely be a far better place to those who choose to partake of course. You apparently have no earthly idea what it is actually like to have your life profoundly changed in a positive way by a psychedelic experience. All the propaganda and research in the world is no match for personal experience. The idea somehow these are miracle medicine that are being kept hidden for some unknown reason ridiculous thank you for sharing your views.

Fact is these miracle medicines work for thousands of people, as evidenced by nearly everyone on this board. I am not denying, I am simply saying the research is inconclusive in particular the long term effects of prolonged use and nobody should mess with these drugs unless under the supervision of a doctor. I recall reading serial killer Ted Bundy was one under some kind of therapy using LSD and some other drug as part of some kind of scientific experiment.

It did not cure him or help reduce his psychotic problems such as his narcissistic urge to kill. For the rest of us who simply must deal with the ups and downs of life I love this quotation and have lived by it. Gift Ideas for Her. Psychedelics Can Cure Depression: Bobby Joyner bobbyjoyner Pearltrees. Muay Thai Martial Arts So while you get to not pay taxes and fees etc, all other users of safer and more effective drugs should?

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