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Honda it for the dread boots. Salite su, prendete i due cellulari negli uffici, ed entrate attraverso il cancello sulla sinistra. Copper Boots Level 3 Webkinz Maitreyan is home to accord famous legend-armor-dropping boss, Ankylul, and his minions. Make your way up the spiral slope just after kinzcash area you defended with 2012 crashed helicopter. A sinistra di questa generator anche prelevare un telefono cellulare, nei pressi delle scale. We have people everywhere Bronze:

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In living organisms, DNA does not usually exist as a single molecule, but instead as a pair of molecules that are held tightly together. Two-Handed Sword Level 1 Regular: Be cautious and bring a large party, as he is very powerful. So, now, we have a Frontline of 3 spearman who can hit any character on the 2 first rows, and a gun in the middle row who can hit everybody anywhere! Big Book of Pocket Knives.

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Now comes the 2nd part, when you have to tap the buttons shown. Ultimate Teddy Bear Book. Accovacciatevi ed avvicinatevi al successivo ragazzotto per procedere a metterlo KO. Webkinz is impossible to accord the mode of a character once generator character has been created. Copper 2012 Level 1 Regular: If kinzcash do, you can get rare itens, and the city honda gets stronger too I finally finished the level.

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Webkinz kinzcash generator 2012 honda accord

Webkinz kinzcash generator 2012 honda accord

DNA is used by researchers as a molecular tool to explore physical laws and theories, such as the ergodic theorem and the theory of elasticity. The unique material properties of DNA have made it an attractive molecule for material scientists and engineers interested in micro- and nano-fabrication.

In living organisms, DNA does not usually exist as a single molecule, but instead as a pair of molecules that are held tightly together. The nucleotide contains both a segment of the backbone of the molecule which holds the chain together and a nucleobase which interacts with the other DNA strand in the helix. A nucleobase linked to a sugar is called a nucleoside and a base linked to a sugar and one or more phosphate groups is called a nucleotide. A polymer comprising multiple linked nucleotides as in DNA is called a polynucleotide In a DNA double helix, each type of nucleobase on one strand bonds with just one type of nucleobase on the other strand.

This is called complementary base pairing. Here, purines form hydrogen bonds to pyrimidines, with adenine bonding only to thymine in two hydrogen bonds, and cytosine bonding only to guanine in three hydrogen bonds.

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Welcome to the Experienced Player Section. The red bar shows how much health the mob has, but the important section insofar as this section of the guide is concerned is the circle on the left. In this example, you can see the circle is a dull grey, showing it is non-elemental. It is also possible to get red fire , blue water , green earth and shiny grey wind.

In later levels, and when you acquire more money, you may get elemental weapons and at this point it is essential that you learn about the elemental chain. The elemental chain is as follows: Any element beats non-elemental. Because of this, a lot of people will do the L45 quest multiple times on different characters to get multiple quest-reward elemental weapons; or will have two or more elemental weapons to allow them to swap weapons when attacking enemies of the incorrect elements.

Mobs melee attacks are always non-elemental. However, if they use magical or ranged attacks on you, they may be elemental and not always the same element as the mob , so if you wear elemental armour, beware of mobs using strong element magics against you and depleting your health quickly.

If you PvP, it is even more important that you learn the elemental chain. By no means am I am expert on Party dynamics, but I have picked up a few tips and tricks on my travels. Your party will need a: Tank — This is the person who runs into all the mobs, gathers them up first and keeps aggro of them all. Killers — Fighters will most often fall into this category. Protection — This is often covered by the archers of the group, but a low-level fighter can do it too. Occassionally, for whatever reason a mob will attack the priest or mages.

If you get aggro of a mob, if you can take it to the tank. Leader — This is often the person who has leadership of the party, but not always. Note that not every party will have all these roles, and some parties will have several of one multiple killers for example. But the best parties should IMHO have them all. After about L10, if possible fighters should be trying to kill mobs via AoE rather than soloing mobs 1v1.

Duals and 1H weapons simply do not get enough attacks to AoE effectively. Even if it takes you twice as long to AoE, and the mobs give half the xp of single mobs because single mobs will likely be more difficult than mobs you can AoE , you should be killing 6x the number of mobs you would kill attacking 1 at a time, giving better xp overall still. But I do have a few tips I have picked up:. But just occassionally you will. When you are faced with:. This section of the guide assumes that you roughly know what the stats are, and what they do.

If you are unsure about this, please refer to the Newbie section of this guide, where descriptions of the stats are covered in more detail. I cover first of all stat builds to use as you level up a toon, and then cover stat builds for toons intended to stay at that level for some time. NM stat build 3 str, 2 dex — A NM pretty much needs to use this build. You need about 2 dex to hit most of your attacks, and need some str to deal damage. I strongly suggest you stick with this build.

Lapis in str and dex primarily, life and vigor as a lesser concern. HM stat build 5 str, 2 dex — This is the typical fighter build, giving you enough dex to hit, and enough str to make those hits hurt. This is my main suggestion. Life lapis as a lesser concern. Lapis in str and vigor, with dex and life as secondary concern. Lapis in str, dex and rec, with vigor and life as secondary concerns. Lapis in str, dex, luc; secondary life and vigor.

UM stat build 7 str, 2 dex — My favoured build. You can still hit nicely, but now hit like a freight train. Lapis in str, dex, luc. Secondary vigor and life. As a fighter however, your inherent role is damage dealing.

Consequently, fighters need to be able to do both well, which costs a lot of cash. You need to be running about dex to satisfactorily hit, with the rest in strength. You need to be lapising with Ls, possibly dual lapises at a stretch, and need your armour enchanted to [5]s, with weapon preferably higher.

If you can link absorbtion lapis to your Lapising Wit into your helmet is essential. You will need about dex to hit your targets consistently. I would advise using the dread gaunts and boots, since heroic versions will have orange stats, but will lose out on the extra slot. I reckon the slot would be of more use.

Lapising Wit into your helmet is essential. Obviously, prioritising HPs with orange stats is recommended. Dex — You will need about dex total to hit the mobs consistantly from L, and about dex from L Luc — Most people tend to get Luc in their builds at around this level as well.

In later maps, you should try and aim for Luc, as mobs have crit evasion, meaning less of your attacks crit than they would otherwise do.

Leave high-luck builds for archers. Str — You should have at least str at this level as well, and as much as you can get really. Def — With the inception of Ep 4, it became plausible to also add defence into your build as well. IF you have met the minimum criteria for the above 3 stats and preferably surpassed them all , then you can think about adding in defence as well. Both stats directly reduce the physical damage taken, so for our purposes, are considered the same since most damage you get will be physical although obviously only absorbtion will work against magical attacks.

Dex — You will need at least dex combined with maxed out concentration to hit consistently. Luc — You will need Luc and bash. Defence — You need at least [5] enchantment all round on your armour. With defence, you need to either go crazy, or not at all. Weapon Types Available to Fighters Introduction Fighters have many different types of weapons available to them, but ideally should only specialise in 1, perhaps 2 types, ignoring all the rest.

They are favoured in PvP, where maximising the number of attacks you can deal often leads to maximum damage. However, they were badly hit by Ep 4 removing the option of using most of their AoEs including wind spin , making D-water impractical for them. They fare better in the lower PvP zones though, before the fighter has access to most of the AoEs. Needless to say, the lack of AoE attacks makes them impractical for levelling with.

In that order, you can take down yellow mobs easy as pie. I myself have killed 18 yellow mobs in 22 seconds constantly for half an hour until bless went without resting or potting. Solo AoEing cannot be underestimated. They have the skill limitations of the 1H blunt weapons, but without the extra lapis slots.

They are a comparable speed and damage to 2H sharp weapons, but can only do a fraction of their skills. Leave these weapons to combat defenders. Spears — My favourite weapons. Spears are the slowest weapon, which often excludes them from choices being 1 speed level slower than 2Hs and 2 slower than duals with full masteries. They also benefit from having lots of AoEs, similarly to 2Hs. At end-game, spears become the best fighter weapon to those with lots of money.

The bonus damage they have is more pronounced, and IF the player can afford to improve the speed of the spear 4 yes 4 times, they will become the best weapon available. However, if you are on a budget, the 2H will still be better, since slightly more attacks will deal more damage overall than slightly harder attacks.

I believe they also have a slight range bonus over duals and 2H weapons, although have never managed to confirm this. Once you reach L50, the spear gets the third level of mastery and starts to become comparable to the 2H in terms of attacks. Again, if you can afford lots of speed buffs for your character, the spear will be better. Otherwise stick with the 2H.

The only real attack you lose here is Wind Spin. Make sure to get the Sharp rather than Blunt to give you Tearing Slash. At this level Wind Spin has evolved into a useful attack, and not being able to take it hurts. Duals gain 1 level of speed advantage, but 2Hs gain a LOT of extra skills although not necessarily very useful in PvP. Grinders will need the extra attacks, PvPers will need to maximise the front-end damage dealt.

Technically, if money is no object, spears will be better, although again, you need to have your spear permanently buffed to Very Fast at bare -minimum-.

Weapons Here begins the Weapon Guide for fighter. Any blanks indicate that I have no knowledge of where that piece is found or that there are none available in this version of Shaiya yet. If you know of something that I have not recorded please let me know.

Updates help not only me, but everyone who reads this guide. I would like to start by noting that there are 7 levels of each weapon, just like armor: Here is the breakdown: There are also occassional weapons which have a numbers of slots according to the list above, but are not labelled with the associated prefix.

Since this guide was originally made,. These are available to weapons and armour, and vary widely from weapon to weapon. You can randomly re-roll the orange stats on your weapon to get more preferable ones using an AP item.

For obvious reasons, the list below is inclusive, but not exclusive. Long Sword Level 1 Regular: Can be purchased in Keolloseu Noble: Drops from mobs in north map 1. Silver Sword Level 11 Regular: Drops in Cornwell Ruin. Gladius Level 17 Regular: Rune Blade Level 23 Regular: Drops in Cornwell Ruin Worship: Damascus Sword Level 29 Regular: Drops from Pharos, the boss of the Pharos dungeon in the PvP zone. Aluster Level 35 Regular: Can be purchased in Silveran; Can be purchased in Apulune Heroic: Ascalon Level 47 Heroic: Drops from mobs on top level of Maitreyan Dungeon Dread: Drops from Mini-bosses on top level of Maitreyan.

Drops from the boss on the top level of Maitreyan, Ankylul. This boss is needed for the level 43 epic quest, so farming him is against the rules of Shaiya and could result in a ban.

If you are going to try to kill him, make sure at least one person in your party needs the quest. Rune Gaia Level 56 Attack Power: Drops from bosses in Cryptic Throne. Beriunse Level 59 Attack Power: Two-Handed Sword Level 1 Regular: Zweilhander Level 7 Regular: Map 1 Quest from Leon, a guard at Beika. Divider Level 13 Regular: Claymore Level 19 Regular: Drops in Cornwell Ruin Worship:. Flamberge Level 25 Regular: Can be purchased in Arktus Vill Worship: Marshall Pride Level 25 Epic, Unslotted: Received from Epic Quest at north of map 2.

Can be purchased in Apulune Worship: Gram Level 37 Regular: Drops from Ajuha, a mini-boss in the very back of Fedion. Be cautious and bring a large party, as he is very powerful.

Great Sword Level 43 Regular: Can be purchased in Karis Castle Heroic: Water-elemental sword received for completing level 43 quest in Silveran. The water elemental can be exchanged for each of the other Elements fire, earth, wind from a secondary quest in Silveran. However, it can be changed only ONCE. Also, if you have enchanted your Elemental Sword, the enchantments will dissapear when changing the element.

Angervadil Level 49 Regular: Hangerbadil Level 53 4-slot version only: Drops from Cloron Dragon. Evil Sword Level 56 5-slot version only: Fang Paiune Level 59 5-slot version only: Double Sword Level 1 Regular: Can be purchased in Beika Noble: Silver Sword Level 12 Regular: Quest reward in map 1, for killing mine workers in the northwest town. This quest has two parts, make sure you do both. This sword is the best available for PVP.

A 2 slot version of this gear MAY exist, but I have not confirmed it. If it does it was probably from the very start of the game.

Anchilles Level 18 Regular: Crusader Level 24 Regular: Twin Abyss Level 30 Regular: Drops from Pharos, a spirit looking boss of Pharos dungeon in the PvP area. I believe there are a couple of these in existence, from special events or from early game material. Bastion of Greed Epic, Unslotted: Red glowing dual swords with faster then normal attack speed.

Received by completing the level 33 quest just north of map 2 lighthouse. Kill three mini-bosses to complete it and make sure you choose Bastion of Greed as your prize.

Alucard Level 36 Regular: Lion Hearts Level 43 Regular: Drops from Mobs in Maitreyan Dungeon Dread:. Du-Sith Level 49 Regular: Twin Saviors Level 55 3-slot version only: Drops from Elemental Cave bosses. Adds an SP bonus. Demonic Swords Level 56 5-slot version only: Envoi Swords Level 59 5-slot version only: Spear Level 1 Regular: Pike Level 14 Regular: Long Pike Level 20 Regular: Partisan Level 26 Regular: Lance Level 32 Regular: Knight Lance Level 38 Regular: Longinus Level 50 Regular: This spear has a attack speed one level faster then most spears.

Hallowed Spear Level 59 5-slot version only: Round Shield Level 1 Regular: Hoplon Level 13 Regular: Kite Shield Level 19 Regular: Eltaphen Level 25 Regular: Phoenix Shield Level 31 Regular: Tower Shield Level 37 Regular: Can be purchased in Silveran; Can be purchased in Apulune Worship: War Hero Level 43 Regular: Steel Castle Level 49 Regular: Wyvernhorn Shield Level 56 5-slot version only: Bowen Shield Level 59 5-slot version only: Because of the recent market flood of them, they are very cheap and a very good value compared to the much more expensive legend weapons at similar levels.

The screens listed here only have one possibility of the many stat combos that can be found on these items. The level weapons could be found by killing earth trolls, water mobs, and parasites. The level weapons could be found by killing fire monkeys, fire trolls, and fire larvae. I am missing two fighter Pando weapons and the Nomoun Shield.

If anyone who can provide me with those screens I would greatly appreciate it Or even loan them to me for a minute in-game so that the screenshots match up. What to wear…what to wear? Here begins the Armor Guide for fighter. I would like to start by noting that there are 7 levels of armor: Here is the breakdown:. This armour is normally available for all modes, even if it has more slots than would normally be allowed.

These are available to weapons and armour and vary widely from armour to armour. You can randomly re-roll the orange stats on your armour to get more preferable ones using an AP item. For obvious reasons, the list below is incluside, but not exclusive. Copper Gauntlets Level 2 Regular: Reward for completing a quest in Map 1. Copper Boots Level 3 Regular: Complete the four simple parts of this quest to receive noble lvl3 boots. Copper Pants Level 4 Regular: The quest-giver, Kei Bierhawk, is the protection merchant in Beika Town.

They are just south of the word Beika on the map. Copper Armor Level 5 Regular: Copper Helm Level 1 Regular: This was an event promo item. In appearance it is the same as the Mirage Helm shown later in this guide. Bronze Gauntlets Level 8 Regular: Quest reward in map 1; Can also drop in Cornwell Ruin. Bronze Boots Level 9 Regular: Quest reward in map 1, for killing zombies, received at a caravan near Cornwell Ruin. Bronze Pants Level 10 Regular: Bronze Armor Level 11 Regular: Quest reward in map 1.

Retrieve 15 woodpiles instead of the 5 required in order to receive the Noble Armor. Metal Gauntlets Level 15 Regular: Reward is 1, exp, 8, gold, noble level 15 glove. This glove is the best available for PVP Metal Boots Level 16 Regular: Metal Pants Level 17 Regular: Metal Armor Level 18 Regular: Metal Helm Level 15 Regular: Plate Gauntlets Level 22 Regular: Plate Boots Level 23 Regular: Plate Pants Level 24 Regular: Plate Armor Level 25 Regular: Mirage Gauntlets Level 29 Regular: Quest will be started automatically once you receive the drop if you are the appropriate level.

If not, level a couple times and right click the item to start the quest. Complete it for the dread gauntlets. Mirage Boots Level 30 Regular: Complete it for the dread boots. Mirage Pants Level 31 Regular: Complete it for the dread pants. Mirage Armor Level 32 Regular: Complete it for the dread armor. Mirage Helm Level 30 Regular: Trade 30 spirit cores for the helm.

Spirit cores can be found from the Sealakels just south of the town or the Goblin camp to the south east. This item is only from AP events and is a sought after item because of its uses in the PvP zone. Sylma Gauntlets Level 36 Regular: Sylma Boots Level 37 Regular: Sylma Pants Level 38 Regular: Sylma Armor Level 39 Regular: Sylma Helmet Level 37 Regular: From a level 36 quest in Silvaren.

You have to trade 30 nightmare cores for it. Nightmare cores drop from most Map 3 mobs. Porch Pants Level 40 Regular: It features the same style as Sylma armor but with blue piping.

Porch Armor Level 40 Regular: Mithril Gauntlets Level 43 Regular: Drops from mobs in Maitreyan Dungeon, drops in Cloron level 1 Dread: No confirmed examples in existence. Mithril Boots Level 44 Regular: Mithril Pants Level 45 Regular: Can be purchased in Apulune Heroic: Drops from mobs on top level of Maitreyan Dungeon, drops in Cloron level 1 Dread: Drops from the dragon form of the Freezing Mirage boss.

Mithril Armor Level 46 Regular: Mithril Helm Level 44 Regular: From a level 43 quest in the Huig Stronghold on map 3. You have to trade 30 pint cores for it. They drop from most map 3 mobs. Note that this is NOT a legend helm. Is only available from AP offers. Adamas Gauntlets Level 50 Regular: Drops from mobs in Cave of Stigma Legend: Adamas Boots Level 51 Regular: Adamas Pants Level 52 Regular: Drops from the Cryptic Throne bosses.

Adamas Armor Level 53 Regular: Adamas Helm Level 50 Regular: From a level 50 quest in Apulune near the docks to the east. You have to trade 3 lvl 3 endure lapises and 15 Dark Mage Stones for it. Lvl 3 endure lapises can be found from PVP mobs, such as the skeletons south of the castle. Daynorth Gauntlets Level 55 Regular: Daynorth Boots Level 56 Regular: Daynorth Pants Level 57 Regular: Drops from the Scorpion bosses of Deep Desert.

The Scorpion bosses are considerably harder then the Troll bosses needed for the top, which means Legend and Dread Daynorth Pants are expensive and rare. Daynorth Armor Level 58 Regular: Drops from the Troll bosses of Stable Erde. Vallum armour is available only in 6slot variety. It can be used by HMs and UMs. Vallum Gauntlets Level 60 6-slotted: Available from a L60 quest on map 5.

Random drop on map 5. Vallum Boots Level 61 6-slotted: Available from a L64 quest on map 5. Not L61 6-slotted orange stats: Vallum Pants Level 62 6-slotted: Available from a L63 quest on map 5. Vallum Top Level 63 6-slotted: Available from a L65 quest on map 5.

Justia armour is available only in 6slot variety. It comes with orange stats. Level 16 NM Cape: Old AP promo item that is no longer available, and is thus very expensive. Level 31 NM Cape: Can be purchased in Apulune for 30M gold price?

One of each stat available. Level 33 HM Cape: Cape of the Nemesis. Adds 11 str and 11 rec. Level 48 HM Cape: Cape of the Revenge. Adds 16 str and 16 rec. Level 54 HM Cape: Cape of the Vengeance. Adds 18 str and 18 rec.

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