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These are the luckiest birds in history. Facebook is really keeping a close watch on expenses. Fujifilm will take over Xerox, cut 10, jobs. The Empire Strikes Back Toys. The Rabbit Vibrator Pingback:

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Fun with Tether and Bitcoin price manipulation: Let's make sure the timelines are now correct in everyone's heads: Academics found evidence that Bitcoin's big run in was artificially driven by a single actor on Mt.

Traders worry something similar has been happening recently on the largest exchange today. Tether, which is pegged to the dollar, has been key to stabilizing cryptocurrency exchanges. Its collapse would almost certainly have major ripple effects http: The problem of stocks and flows, a Tweetstorm So I've highlighted in the past that Bitcoin needs a significant inflow of actual money to maintain the price, as a large amount of the newly minted coins need to be sold off for power bills.

A growing number of virtual currency investors are worried that the prices of Bitcoin and other digital tokens have been artificially propped up by a widely used exchange called Bitfinex https: Instagram used to be a haven from things that made Facebook annoying and creepy—then the photo-sharing app started using some of the social network's powerful digital tricks http: Instagram used to be so clean. Very disappointed to see it becoming facebook.

I wonder what Instagram would've been like for its users without Facebook. Different, but in what ways? FB certainly helped it grow, but is obsession with aggressive and never-ending growth for growth's sake worth it? It's ownership of Instagram has masked Facebook's decline in engagement.

Its revenue pressures, though, may force Instagram to own Facebook's problems. This seems straight out of kashhill report.

This likely ends under the new EU privacy regulations. Expand More For Next. Unexpand More For Next. Users around the world who infrequently log in to Facebook say it has been increasing re-engagement prompts via emails and text messages recently. Mark Zuckerberg confronts the fake-news paradox: Users are noticing that Facebook is getting more and more aggressive at sending you alerts in order to goose engagement. Facebook is getting increasingly aggressive with asking people who don't log in very often to log in, sometimes with tricky messages about account security.

People used to think Facebook's fall would be due to the rise of a rival. But what if we just drift away from it? When you think your product is good for people, the lengths you'll go to re-engage users can be staggering http: Arun Jaitley has just killed India's cryptocurrency party. Stop us if you've heard this before: Bitcoin is tanking right now. India signals cryptocurrency crackdown.

India's government wants to kill bitcoin, but it loves blockchain. Bitcoin's plunge continues; Ether threatens to overtake. Microsoft's Q2 FY earnings: What about that cash and Cortana? Microsoft's Q2 strong, but commercial cloud sequential revenue, bookings growth slows. Microsoft takes big tax charge, stock falls. Microsoft's earnings continue to rise as growth ceiling begins to shorten on Q2 results. Microsoft's Surface PC business is barely growing, despite launching 3 new products.

Microsoft delivers another solid quarter as cloud revenue nearly doubles - again. Microsoft's cloud bet continues to pay off in latest earnings - The Verge. Xbox Live grows to 59 million active users. Microsoft's cloud business just keeps growing. Microsoft FY18 Q2 earnings: Microsoft's cloud bet continues to pay off in latest earnings. Microsoft's cloud business still growing strong in its fiscal Q2, led by Office and Azure. Microsoft's Azure revenue nearly doubled year-over-year in its second quarter.

Microsoft reports loss on tax charge. Microsoft Q2 FY18 Earnings: Continued cloud growth helps Microsoft again beat expectations. Microsoft modestly beats Wall Street expectations on earnings, stock goes nowhere. Xbox division's hardware revenues up 14 percent. Software and software services up 4 percent. You can feel Xbox wanting to grow, and Microsoft just needs the content to enable that to happen.

Past the one-year mark for the LinkedIn deal; feel great about growth. Microsoft's Surface PC business is barely growing, despite launching 3 new products http: Microsoft's Q2 strong, but commercial cloud sequential revenue, bookings growth slows: Microsoft reports better-than-expected quarterly revenue, profit. Senior executives at oil giant Saudi Aramco and Google parent Alphabet have been in talks for months on potentially teaming up on a tech hub in the Mideast http: Turns out people really like podcasts after all and now we have numbers to prove it.

Media Metrics Roundup for January 31, One month of Apple Podcast Analytics: Let's all get that sweet sweet podcast money http: The podcast business didn't really need precise listener behavioral data. If you think there are too many podcasts now, just wait until advertisers find out how engaged listeners really are http: N , China's biggest e-commerce company, reported a 56 percent increase in third-quarter revenue …. ATT reports , directvnow net adds to reach nearly 1.

Qualcomm shares dip despite upbeat earnings, Samsung deal. New deal with Samsung makes Qualcomm a little less isolated on the antitrust front. Qualcomm share prices drop despite rosy earnings, new Samsung deal. Today, partners around the globe are trying …. Who's Hiring In Tech? Building the future of finance. Work that empowers a better life. Talented People Thrive Here.

This is what fitness sounds like. Empower Yourself -- and the World. Toys are preludes to serious ideas. Come as you are. Do what you love. In , China gifted these two pandas to Taiwan as part of its panda diplomacy. Which seems a little lame. This year-old Shih Tzu rescue dog with a vestibular disease that caused a hearing impairment and an adorable head tilt, is owned by some MTV-show creating hipster. So all these celebrities posed with it: Marnie has more than a million Instagram followers.

Queen Elizabeth has been queen for so long, and likes corgis so much, that there have been like ten generations of these things around the royal palace. People like to give the Queen stuff and, just like you give that old lady who likes pandas all those panda salt and pepper shakers and panda statues, the Queen has all kinds of corgi stuff, only bigger and more expensive.

The male Scottish Fold cat that lives in Japan has made YouTube videos that have gotten more than million views. This dog is famous because it always looks happy. The cat, which was the runt of its litter, is beloved for its adorable disabilities, which includes a bone disorder and some thing that keeps its tongue out at all times. It has more than two and a half million Facebook likes, a stuffed animal, books, a calendar, and a web series. And probably some slightly less important, but still pretty important, chukkers.

The following is all true. There was a stray Calico cat named Nama, who was adopted by this failing little train station in some remote city in Japan. She was so beloved, She was made the station master of the Kishi stop, which crucially included wearing a tiny conductor hat. Tama reportedly increased passengers by over 10 percent, bringing in an estimated 1. Eventually Tama was made the first feline executive of a train station company. Tama died last year. Her funeral was attended by 3, people and a bronze statue was built at the station.

He followed him to tube stations where he busked and other British words. With nearly 3 million Instagram followers, this five-year-old adopted Siamese and Tabby mix wears hats and is cute and I have no idea what human beings are like anymore. With a San Francisco address, an owner who works at a startup and a streak of white fur over his mouth that looks exactly like a handlebar moustache, Hamilton is everything other cats loathe.

When the Suzuki Tobacco Shop closed in October, that meant that the dog famous for working there, Shiba-San, would retire. Still, Shiba-San serves as an icon of hard-work and friendliness and habits that can lead to cancer. Someone in Japan owns a hedgehog as a pet, and that someone likes to make paper masks for that hedgehog and take photos of said masked-hedgehog.

But not as weird as the fact that , people signed up on Twitter to see these pictures. Both Miley Cyrus and her pet pig appeared nude on the cover of Paper magazine, one of which people found shocking. Bubba Sue helped convince Miley to become a vegetarian. Or maybe it was when coyotes ate her dog. Or a blowfish she met. A retired psychology professor taught his Border Collie to identify 1, toys by name and retrieve them, proving two crucial scientific facts: In an email about Dorothy, which was part of an email about a lot of specific chickens she wanted on this list, Newkirk wrote: The vets and vet techs are hard nosed bastards but they were smitten.

Nick has a lot of attitude, but also a heart of gold. He learns some valuable lessons by the end of the film. One could have made a case for Crystal Deal, the Bucking Bull of the Year, but runner-up Long John is the most fearsome bull in bull riding. Yes, Crystal Deal bucked off all 10 of its riders, but Long John is in three years on the pro circuit.

And yeah, Crystal Deal averaged Tough call, and we understand if you argue with this one. Bernie Sanders was speaking to a huge crowd in a stadium in Portland, Oregon when a bird flew onto his podium. And everyone stopped because they thought it meant world peace or whatever stoners like to believe.

Portland puts a bird on everything, so it was not going to pass up a chance to put one on Bernie. My mom bought my six-year-old son a stuffed animal dog wearing a bathing suit. I have no idea why. When you have a kid you wind up with all kinds of crap.

It turns out this is indeed a stuffed representation of a Facebook-famous Pomeranian, with more than million likes, four books, a Gund stuffed animal, a fake-death hoax and a job as the Official Pet Liaison of Virgin America. Boo is owned by a Facebook employee and is known for having short hair and being cute.

But Esther grew to be pounds. They decided to keep her, raised money to open an animal sanctuary and became vegans. More importantly, a few weeks after I moved into my house, my mom and her husband were watching our son while we were in Spain when two guys from Fish and Wildlife knocked on our door holding a gun and told them not to leave the house because a mountain lion was in our backyard.

Then they never came back. Nobody left the house for a long time. Then, just when we thought it was safe, P broke into the Los Angeles Zoo and mauled a koala bear. Yet people still love him. A very popular YouTube video shows this bulldog that really wants to bring a kiddie pool in the house. The lion that saved Disney is still one of the top draws on Broadway. And it led to a whole business of musicals for kids.

And that led to the cleaning up of Times Square. I may be stretching here. The Swiffer one is the only one that makes sense.

Humaid Albuqaish, the only person Young Thug follows on Instagram, has just shy of , followers who see his lions, monkey and cheetah live it up with him in Dubai. How do you get two million Instagram followers? Be a dog that looks like a teddy bear.

Also, he can walk really far on two legs. But you can probably already do that. The other part is going to be harder. She's the French bulldog on Modern Family. I have no idea what they do on that show anymore. I stopped watching several seasons ago. For no good reason, really. In March, near Hawaii, about 2. None of that matters. The is a fixed focal length prime that can focus from 4m to infinity, which makes it almost a macro lens.

There is in-built image stabilisation that combines with the 5-axis in-body stabilisation in the E-M5 MkII and the E-M1, provided they have the latest firmware installed. It comes with a removable tripod mount and an in-built lens hood, plus a cosmetic cover for the rear section of the lens when the tripod mount is removed. It is well sealed against moisture, dust, heat and cold, as is expected of a unit with a PRO designation.

This is a very sharp lens. Combined with a rapid auto-focus and the effective dual image stabilisation system, plus the fine optical quality, it can render the finest detail in sharp focus even when it is handheld. Contrast is excellent and colour is neutral.

And it has a fraction of the weight of similar lenses from Canon and Nikon, the advantage inherent in the micro four-thirds system. If you photograph birds or sport, this lens is as good as it gets. Every feather is sharply defined and every drop of sweat pops out of the picture. At this price no one is going to buy it for occasional use — but for those who need a super telephoto every day, this one is superb. It's not easy to locate small birds with a super telephoto.

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