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My default Blessing is the Steed Stone for the extra carry weight and unhindered movement in Heavy not. Just hit them, and they'll The way out is Something in the code that is happening behind the scenes working I can't see it. Aetherium nothing that special about not staff, I mean, even forge conjured forge are almost as good, and plus there's other working you can easily get that summon more aetherium creatures.

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Save changes Preview Cancel. Aug 29, Messages: They are in my inventory, though. The author suggests that the Dwarves found a considerable amount of Aetherium and started experimenting with forging it into weapons with a newly constructed "Aetherium Forge". You must log in or sign up to post here. We have to prove this actually works.

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A few feet into the ruin, the aetherium place will shiver, and an unidentified female voice will echo through the halls, saying: Forge left to search for the other shards and the Forge itself, and urged me to do the same. You may now register with your Facebook or Steam account! The shards we collected Working eastern gate has a path that circles around to an apprentice level chest. Games Movies Not Wikis.

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Skyrim:Lost to the Ages - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)

Aetherium forge not working

Just for others that see your post and have the same problem. This isn't mandatory, it would just benefit the others that post and answer here. If playing in the PC and using mods, please indicate which mods you are using and their load order. Some issues may be mod-specific. Try disabling half your mods and run Skyrim again. Rinse and repeat until you find the offending mod. Opening the menu and selecting the Circlet to forge, the quest updates but the circlet does not appear in my inventory, the stairs to not come up, and Little Miss Ghost Lady has become extremely fond of the phrases, "Yes?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. And then you get to the real danger. We can discuss that when the time comes.

Use the fallen pipe to reach the ledge and you will find that it is Katria's body. Katria will sadly comment: Pick up Katria's journal and search the underground area for a Dwemer chest. From the ledge, head west, past a dead Falmer. As you make your way through the tunnel, two Dwarven spider workers will jump out of the pipe in the ceiling and attack. The next room is flooded, with an unlocked chest underwater in a corner, but another pipe makes a convenient, although narrow, bridge to the northwestern passageway.

At the end of the tunnel is a door opening and closing and, behind it, a strange device. Once again, Katria will be helpful: Dwarves called them 'Kinetic Resonators'. Don't see them very often, least not among the clans in Skyrim. Just hit them, and they'll The northern doors will swing open and reveal a staircase leading up.

Before long, you will arrive in the central chamber, on one of the ledges above your starting point. Kill the Falmer enemies and keep an eye out for two chests. Proceed upstream along the waterfall using the tiny ledges and bridges and kill all the Falmer you meet. When you reach the top, the bridge will turn into a narrow passageway in the stony wall. Beware of the next chamber and watch your health, as you will be attacked by numerous Falmer, chaurus , and chaurus hunters.

You can take a detour for a bit of extra loot by heading through the southwestern tunnel, but your target tunnel is the one to the northeast.

It leads to a naturally lit cavern, with huge trees reaching towards the blue sky. However, a huge hole in the center, with your starting point a long way below, hints at the destruction caused by the earthquake. A sad Katria will confirm it: Feels like ages ago. There, out on the log. Wondered what happened to it. Locate the northeastern slope and proceed forward until you reach the summit of the ruin, a very large chamber with a huge Dwemer construction to the north, seemingly the best preserved part of the city-state of Arkngthamz.

A huge task is obviously ahead, and all Katria will say is: As you approach the huge construction, Katria will finally explain the real danger she spoke of earlier: Simple, and very, very deadly. See the Resonators up there? Strike them in the right order, and the doors should open. Get it wrong, and You've seen what happened when I tried it. When asked for advice, Katria will say: My notes should still be in my journal, if you can read it.

Additionally, Katria's journal will have another drawing, depicting what she managed to figure out before the earthquake hit the ruin. The order of the first three Resonators is clearly marked on the two maps, while you will have to guess the last two. The traps still work, as predicted by Katria. Each time you hit an incorrect Resonator, a new trap will trigger and cause mayhem, resetting all Resonators in the process. If you lack a ranged weapon or a spell, get the bow and some arrows from the deceased adventurer.

When you choose the wrong Resonator, the various traps will trigger as follows:. The first three Resonators are easily discernible from the journal and the scrap of paper, but the last two are unknown.

You can experiment yourself, or click here for the solution. Once you have hit the right combination, the two side doors will swing wide open and you will have access to the treasury of Arkngthamz without interference from the imprisoned Centurion.

In the hidden room behind the Tonal Lock, you will find plenty of Dwemer scrap metal, a few Dwarven metal ingots , and the biggest treasure of all—the Aetherium Shard , located on a small podium. When picked up, an overwhelmed Katria will say: Look, on the edge here.

This has been cut, precisely cut. If you had another piece, about the same size, it would I saw a drawing of this once. A key made of pure Aetherium! The key to the Forge! There should be, hmm One for each of the four cities that worked on the Forge. I had a map, in my journal. That's where we should start. I had a lead on that, too. There's so much to do. I'm going to head out and start tracking things down.

We'll meet again, I'm sure of it. For the first time in a long while, I think I - we - may actually be able to do this. The easiest way is to locate the small tunnel in the water in front of the Tonal Lock, then make your way to a small ledge above the huge main chamber where you met Katria for the first time. You will need to make a running jump to clear some rocks and hit the water.

If you are unable to do this then the Whirlwind Sprint or Become Etheral shouts will help; if these are unavailable, then you will need to walk the long way back to the entrance. When you surface from Arkngthamz, up to three map markers will have been added to your map if you've already discovered those locations, matching Katria's scribbling in her journal and the number of shards still in need of uncovering.

You will have no choice but to travel to all three destinations, in no particular order. Katria will have numbered each spot on her own map in the journal, along with some quick thoughts, so it's worth reading through. This is located just north of Bthardamz , specifically a landmark known as Deep Folk Crossing , a bridge over a waterfall with two watchtowers of Dwemer architecture. Head north up the hill from the bridge and you will find a large podium, with yet another Dwemer Convector.

Placed on the other side is the Aetherium Shard. When you pick it up, Katria will appear and thank you, then disappear once again. The shard here is in the huge Dwemer ruin of Raldbthar , which is located between Lake Yorgrim and the White River , southwest of Windhelm.

Members of the Dark Brotherhood may have visited the ruin beforehand as part of the quest Mourning Never Comes if not, see this section for potential bugs , as it is the hideout of infamous bandit leader Alain Dufont. The Aetherium Shard is located at the very end of the ruin, in Raldbthar Deep Market , so get ready for a long trek. Even if you have already cleared the ruin, the elevator may be shut tight due to the exterior cell respawning after in-game days.

As a result, no easy access to the final chamber of the ruin will be available and you will have to go through it all again. For good measure, jump up to the elevator and see if it is accessible — otherwise, click the show button to the right for a full dungeon walkthrough. Dispose of the three bandits guarding the exterior area and enter through the main gate.

Down the tunnel will be another bandit, ready to go to sleep on one of the bedrolls, so approach carefully and kill him. At the next intersection, the residing bandits have made good use of a constantly burning flame spout trap , cooking a charred skeever in the flame. You can either dodge the trap and proceed straight ahead or take the longer route to the east; the latter option will net you several more encounters with patrolling bandits but will also provide an opportunity to kill Alain Dufont and his companions with the lever-operated Dwemer ballistae on the ledge above their camp.

In either case, open the gate southeast of the camp and search the next room for the Sneak skill book , Last Seed, v8 , right above a locked Dwemer chest. The southwestern corner has a master-locked gate blocking a bit of worthwhile treasure, while your target is behind the huge door to the southeast. Follow the corridor as it twists and turns, then open another set of doors into a huge chamber guarded by numerous Dwarven spiders and spheres.

Use the oil on the floor to your advantage, then proceed southwest. To do that, open the console, and type the following:. This will get you into the Forge. Kat will auto-follow after a moment. There is an "elevator lever" to get out to Skyrim, but if you leave there is not one go back down to the Forge. If you leave the Forge, you will have to use the 'coc' method again.

Having an issue with this quest as well. I'm in the ruins but the door with the path on the other side. It won't let me open that door. I have tried reloading from previous save. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Entrance to Aetherium Forge will not appear. I tried google to solve the problem but it seems im maybe the first. Can anybody help me? Edited by Khaleesi Zhavorsa Save changes Preview Cancel.

Reloading a previous save will fix this.

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